Sawyer in the State House

Sawyer Lynch ’18 is serving as a page in the Maryland Senate this spring. He was one of 105 students selected for the Maryland Page Program during a competitive statewide selection process. In January Sawyer spent a week at the State House, where he served senators by keeping senators’ bill books up to date, distrbuted materials to members on the floor, assisted visitors, and more. In March he will complete a second week of service.

“I find it fascinating that such a small group of individuals have so much control over the daily lives of American citizens. This is why I applied -- I wanted to have a first hand experience of what occurs in our state legislation,” said Sawyer. 

The days are long, but since he lives in Annapolis, the trip to the State House is much faster than his daily commute to Gilman. His teachers and lacrosse coaches have been flexible with his school commitments, which, he said, “really helps make my time as a page more enjoyable.”

Sawyer hopes to make politics his career. “America is on the verge of major change, and my generation will decide if that change will be positive or negative. I would love to be a part of the group that moves our country forward,” he said.