School President Quinn Beagle '19 Says Farewell


What a year it has been! For seniors, it is a bittersweet time as we try to come to terms with the fact that the chapter of our lives that is Gilman is finished. I am incredibly proud of how the seniors carried themselves throughout the school year and the leadership that they showed in all of the facets of Gilman life. From the clubs to sports teams and everything in between, I’d say it was a successful year.

To the students: I sincerely hope that his year is one that you can look back on and be happy and proud of. Seniors, I implore you all to stay in touch with me and the rest of our grade. Everyone says that graduation is the last time that we will all be together, but I don’t want that to be true. Our class is special and will accomplish great things no doubt, but don’t forget about the group you spent years with on Roland Avenue. This is said all the time, but high school really does go by quick.  Everything seems to be catching up to me now, and the feeling that it is over has set in completely. Cherish your time as a Gilman student. Go out of your comfort zone to allow you to encounter new things that pique your interest. Be outgoing, get to know your peers, and most of all, work hard. At times you might feel as if there is too much work you have to do to succeed. Just know that all the hard work does pay off and that it gets better as time goes on. Finally, appreciate what everyone does for you to be a Gilman student. Thank your parents, coaches, teachers, and everyone around you because a lot of people would love to be in your shoes.

To the faculty: Simply put, we do not give enough gratitude to the faculty here at Gilman. Behind all of the grades and college placements, there are the teachers that teach us the material. It is safe to say that at Gilman, we receive a top-notch education because of how dedicated our teachers are to educating the next generation. 

In closing, I want everyone reading this to know that you are a part of something special. Gilman is no ordinary school, and I am sure that everyone who is a part of it recognizes that. Make the most out of what the school has to offer, and that goes for faculty and staff too. Be yourself, be gracious, be Gilman.


Quinn Beagle ‘19