Twelve Students Inducted in The Cum Laude Society

Headmaster Henry P. A. Smyth gave opening remarks at the Cum Laude Society induction ceremony on Tuesday, April 12. Founded in 1906 in Maryland, the society aims to recognize scholastic achievement in secondary schools, focusing on areté (excellence), diké (justice), and timé (dignity, true worth, and honor).

Justin Yichen Wang ’22 played a delightful rendition of Bach’s “Prelude, Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major” on the violoncello before president of Gilman’s chapter and teacher Joseph N. Duncan introduced the guest speaker.

Dr. Lisa Lockerd Maragakis, M.D., M.P.H., a past parent, professor of medicine, and senior director of infection prevention at The Johns Hopkins Health System, began by congratulating the students. She shared how she worked in a different profession before deciding to become a doctor, and it was her brother who helped her with resources for her to make that move. He also gave her a sculpture that depicts people standing in a circle and holding up other people on their shoulders, a visual reminder that people find success with support from others. “Whatever the sources of support that you have received, we all stand on the shoulders of others,” she said. “Your success shines brightly.”

Maragakis also spoke about the Gilman Five — and how the excellence the inductees had achieved is deeply embedded within the other four virtues of honor, integrity, respect, and humility. “These virtues support and reinforce one another and provide you with the moral standing to make truly great contributions to your communities and to the world,” she said, and then encouraged them to cultivate these values just as much as they have already cultivated excellence.

Duncan read the names of the members inducted in the fall of 2021, followed by Thomas H. Broadus III, secretary of the chapter, who read names of those newly elected this spring as they received their certificates. Jacob Poe Doub ’22 played musical selection “Melodious Etude No. 4” on the trombone before Director of Community, Inclusion, and Equity Johnnie Foreman led the group in a benediction.

Head of Upper School Robert Heubeck gave closing remarks about the learning process and transitions the students have gone through over the past two years. “This has been a journey that we’ve all taken together.”

Elected in the spring of 2022

Aidan Daniel Feulner
Marco Petrou Karakousis
Edward Bennett Mosk
MacFadyen John Nichols
John Clark Nuermberger
Nathaniel Hasbrouck Perry
Joshua David Peters
Johannes J. Qian
Blake Tyler Vogel
Justin Yichen Wang
Alex Qiyu Xie
Kidus Yibas

Elected in the fall of 2021

Connor Grant Basham
Jacob Poe Doub
Matthew Reid Grossman
John Joseph Guerrerio
Pieter Stanley Maria Heesters
Henry Xuezhi Liu
Bryce Nicholas Lloyd
Aaron Meng
Rohan Dev Milak
Theodore Robert Ochs III
Manav Chirag Parikh
Caleb King Ying Woo

Watch the ceremony below.