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Jennings '11 and Copeland '09 exchange jerseys

Brandon Copeland '09 and Darius Jennings '11 exchanged jerseys -- with bookend numbers! -- after they played each other on December 2, with the Tennessee Titans getting the win over the New York Jets 26-22.

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Richard Tucker '47 as a Gilman lacrosse player

The contributions of STX founder Richard Tucker '47 to the growth of lacrosse is the subject of this WJZ-TV story. Tucker created the first plastic lacrosse stick.

Wiggins and Simms at podium

Two of the Class of 1968s "Fantastic Four," Willard Wiggins and Stuart Simms, recalled their experiences at Gilman School during the earliest days of integration in this Baltimore Sun article.

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Wolfgang Drake '16

Wolfgang Drake ‘16 earned a spot on the starting line of the 2018 Ironman World Championship, where he had the distinction of being the youngest competitor at the race. He represented the United States Army, United States Military Academy, and the West Point triathlon team in Kona. His efforts to join the West Point team are featured in this story.

J.D. Kameen '10 US Assembly

J.D. Kameen ’10 recently presented an assembly to the Upper School. During his visit J.D. had lunch with seniors and reconnected with a few of his former teachers. Fun fact: J.D., an executive officer in the Marine Expeditionary Force, is one of at least four Gilman men from the classes of 2010 through 2012 who are currently among the few and the proud: Jay Brooks ’10, Andrew Mighty ’10, and Connor Hankin ’12, are all Marines.

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