Class of 2018 Newsletter
January 2018

First semester grades matter! Once exams are graded and term grades computed, the college counseling office will be loading and sending what are called "MidYear Reports" to colleges. These are required wherever an application is pending. It is in the senior's best interest to post his very best work during the final weeks of the first semester. Regrettably, modest or weaker performance for the first term can make it very easy for an admission office to render an unwelcome decision. Seniors, please stay focused and finish the semester strong.

Monthly Focus


Decision Notification

Please remember to keep your college counselor updated on your admission decisions - we only know this news if we hear it from you.

ED Acceptance

Reminder: If you were admitted ED, you need to notify the other schools where you have applications pending to cancel those apps; this can easily be accomplished by an email to the admission office with your name and date of birth stating that you've been admitted elsewhere and need to withdraw your application. This is necessary as it is required and expected by the colleges, and it potentially frees up space at those schools for someone who truly wants to attend.

ED/EA Deferrals

If you are deferred early, your file will be reviewed again during the Regular round. There are two influential steps you might take:

  1. Finish the term strong with your very best performance on papers and exams. First semester grades are sent to colleges as soon as they are ready, and the admission offices will eagerly review this grade report so that April decisions can be made.
  2. After consulting your counselor, send an email to the admission office that includes three elements:
    1. Explain that this school is still your first choice and that you will enroll if admitted.
    2. Include an academic update that reflects your success and details your excitement about what you are currently studying.
    3. Describe your continued engagement in extracurricular, athletic, service, and community endeavors.


Sending SAT/ACT Scores

Remember that schools require official score reports be sent by you from your College Board or ACT accounts. Please remember to send your test scores to schools that you have or will be applying to in January.


Financial Aid

Parents, please complete and submit all financial aid forms. All schools will require the FAFSA and many will also require the CSS PROFILE. The college counseling office stands ready to assist families as acceptances and financial aid packages arrive. Please feel free to reach out to your son's college counselor with any questions regarding financial aid.

For Your Consideration


In the spirit of Seinfeld's infamous "Festivus," Deerfield Director of College Counselor Brennan Barnard and Rick Clark, Director of Undergraduate Admission at Georgia Tech, air their grievances about the oft stressful and frustrating college admission process in this funny but informative Huffington Post article.  

Can you tell? We love Rick Clark. Seniors, this is a must read. As you look to the final semester of your senior year, heed his advice: "Don't Cheat Yourself."

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