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Spring 2018

Mark Your Calendars: On Monday, April 16, at 8:00 a.m., in Centennial Hall, the College Counseling Office will be hosting another parent coffee and information session. Phil Pine, founder and president of Capital Educators test prep, will be presenting information on standardized testing. Please RSVP with Ms. Sawyer if you plan to attend.

Monthly Focus


Beyond the Curriculum

When it comes to what are commonly called "extracurriculars," we encourage sophomores to pursue a commitment to, rather than simple involvement in, a few different nonacademic activities. Commitment to a few areas, over time, that reveals growth, depth, and responsibility is far more important than what is often referred to as "building a resume." Gilman has a wide range of literary, musical, political, and athletic offerings that will broaden interests as well as develop other valuable personal qualities.

Gilman Summer College Tour: Virginia and North Carolina

Only two spots remain for the college tour through Virginia and North Carolina hosted by Mr. Herman and Mr. Baker. The bus leaves on Wednesday, June 13, and returns on Saturday June 16. Reserve your spot on the bus and learn more about the tour here.

Standardized Testing

For a full timeline of standardized testing please see the fall newsletter. While we recommend taking the first SAT and/or ACT in winter of junior year, a handful of sophomores will take SAT Subject Tests and/or an AP test this spring. A number of highly selective colleges recommend or require SAT Subject Tests. All students in Honors Latin III will sit for the Latin Subject Test per departmental policy, and students in Honors Chemistry may consider taking the Chemistry Subject Test while the material is fresh. Unlike the PSAT, for which the school registers students, SATs and SAT Subject Tests require individual student registration. Registration may be completed online at the College Board website. Students may also opt to sit for the AP European History exam if they're doing well in their history class. Students can sign up for the AP exams in the College Counseling Office. The deadline to sign up for APs is March 8. If you have questions about standardized testing, feel free to contact any of the college counselors; our contact information is listed at the end of each newsletter. 

Standardized Test Prep

As this recent NACAC survey confirms, the most important factor in college admission is a student's transcript. Right now, then, students should be focusing their energy on doing well in their courses and developing relationships with teachers. Also important, however, will be standardized testing. Most students will elect to do some form of test prep often starting in the summer or fall of their junior year. Capital Educators, OmniTest Prep, and C2 Education are fee-based test prep companies that Gilman families have used. Our Learning Specialist Dr. Dennis recommends Monument City Tutoring for students with testing accommodations. There is likewise comprehensive, free online SAT prep offered through Khan Academy and free online ACT prep as well.  

Testing Accommodations

If you are a student who has a diagnosed learning disability and who has been approved to receive testing accommodations (such as extended time) at Gilman, please note that you do not automatically qualify for those same accommodations on the SAT or ACT. There are separate procedures you must follow if you are requesting accommodations from The College Board or the ACT. To learn more about the process of requesting extended time, please visit the College Board's website on Services for Students with Disabilities and/or the ACT Accommodations page. If you have any questions regarding the process of applying for extended time, please contact directly our Upper School Learning Specialist, Dr. Stephanie Dennis.

Counselor Spotlight

Mr. Baker had the opportunity to visit Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Did you know? Lehigh offers several interdisciplinary programs including the Integrated Degree in Engineering, Arts and Science (IDEAS): a four-year honors program focused on interdisciplinary arts, science and engineering that allows students to get a bachelor's degree with heavy concentrations in both colleges.


Ms. Follensbee recently ventured down to Wofford College in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Did you know? At just over 1,500 students, Wofford is one of the smallest schools in the country to compete at the Division I level in athletics. Wofford also offers 67 majors and minors.

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