BRiDGES at Gilman Summer Volunteer Application

Thank you for your interest in serving as a Bridges volunteer.

The Bridges Summer Institute runs from June 24 to July 26, and all volunteers must work at least two weeks, preferably consecutive weeks.  The commitment is nine hours a day, five days a week.  Volunteers must be present each day during their assigned hours.

Student volunteers will work as classroom assistants, record keepers, and playground supervisors.  In addition, volunteers are expected to be role models for the younger Bridges students by demonstrating exemplary behavior and being fully engaged in all activities.  

Please take some time to complete this application fully and carefully.  The process is competitive and involves a one-on-one interview with Dr. Harris or Mr. Menard.  After we receive your application, you will receive and email or text message from one of us about scheduling that interview.  

What are your strongest academic subjects?​
What extra-curricular activities are most important to you? Please elaborate.​
Have you completed your Community Service Requirement for graduation?​
What other work experience (if any) do you have?​
Have you ever applied to Bridges in the past?​
Are you a certified lifeguard?​
Each summer volunteer must serve for at least two weeks during our five-week program. Please check all of the boxes during which you are available to serve:​​​​​​​​
Choose at least two​ weeks​​​​
After submitting this online form, you will receive an email message confirming that it has been received.

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