By submitting below I understand and accept the After School Music Program’s attendance and tuition policy.
  • Gilman students’ tuition will be billed twice yearly via their Gilman Business Office account. Full year tuition is $1050; $525 will be billed twice yearly.
  • Non-Gilman students’ tuition will be billed separately.
  • Missed lessons due to school activities and student absences are not excused.
  • If more than two lessons are missed due to weather, they will be made up or refunded.
  • If I choose to withdraw my child from the After School Music Program, I realize and agree that there will be no refund credited for unused lessons.
  • Books and all other materials will be billed separately, by your assigned instructor.

Please note: after you submit this form, you will remain on this web page. A link that enables you to print your submission will appear above the After School Music Program Registration headline.