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Welcome to our school community.

A typical Gilman day matches the spirit and energy of our boys. The dining hall buzzes daily with conversation among teachers and boys. Clubs in each division reflect the diversity of student interests, and any given afternoon, students may be playing chess, building robots, participating in a drumming circle, or making sandwiches for the homeless.

Gilman is, and always will be, a school dedicated to community service and social action, and service to our community is ingrained in all levels of the Gilman experience. From their first school days, boys learn the enduring principles of charity, kindness, and helpfulness to others. We believe empathy and compassion develop through deed. Through action, boys learn how to lead, and how to follow.

senior retreat

capstone to the gilman experience

gilman startup experience

jumpstarts the entreprenurial experience in boys

Weekly student-run sandwich-making for the homeless