Dining Services

Building Community, Forkful by Forkful

Just as family dinner is one of the important times of the day, lunch at Gilman is one of the most integral parts of the school day. Our community strengthens as students in each division—Lower, Middle and Upper—share lunch each day with their peers, teachers and staff. The opportunity for boys and adults to casually interact, chat about a book or movie, current or sporting events, is invaluable to building the relationships we all cherish. The dining hall and the nutrition program adds another dimension to our abiding mission to educate boys in mind, body and spirit, bringing us even closer to the vision that Mrs. Carey had for her son and all the sons of Baltimore.

With tray-less food service and an established composting effort, the dining program models sustainable practices, teaching boys important lessons each day. The daily menus pass a nutritionist's scrutiny, ensuring balanced choices and health and wellness with each bite.

Kitchen Corner



For more information or to speak with the catering manager, please send an e-mail to the address below.


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