Have questions? We have answers.

Q: Will my son's dietary needs be met?

The daily menu is designed to meet various dietary needs.

Vegetarian. If your son is a vegetarian or vegan, he won't go hungry at lunchtime. One of our food stations offers a hot vegetarian option daily. There is always a vegetarian soup selection and our gourmet salad bar from which to choose.

Gluten-free. There are salads, soups and other options to accommodate gluten-free diets.

Allergies. If your son has a food allergy or intolerance, ask to speak with the food service director, chef or school nurse. We have simplified a special station in the dining hall with a knowledgeable staff member to assist. We also keep documentation of all of our ingredients for students to review. On most days, the school nurse is present throughout the Middle and Lower School lunchtimes to assist students in making safe choices.

Q: How healthful is the food?

We emphasize the use of fresh, whole, locally grown ingredients and hire executive chefs to prepare healthful, high-quality meals from scratch. We make our own dressings, most deli meats, all sauces (including pizza sauce), soups, and more.

We use only fresh herbs and spices to season food without the use of MSG and other preservatives.

We have two Johns Hopkins intern rotations a semester in the dining hall to showcase and train healthy eating habits for students.

We also have a corporate nutritionist who will answer any question that cannot be answered on site.

Q: How "green" are the services?

Green and sustainable initiatives are a huge practice in our kitchen and dining hall.

• We compost all organic waste in the kitchen and in the dining hall
• We purchase from vendors who provide farm to table products
• We do not use cafeteria trays to conserve energy and water
• We do not use disposable products
• We utilize products from some local farms
• We recycle our fryer oil for bio-diesel
• We conserve the use of electricity whenever possible in the kitchen and dining hall

Q: What beverages are offered at lunch?

Middle and Upper School students may choose from 1% chocolate, 1% white and skim milk, real lemonade, decaffeinated iced tea and dispensed enhanced or filtered water.

Lower School students may choose from 1% chocolate, 1% white and skim milk and dispensed filtered water.

Q: Who is Gilman's food service provider?

We work in partnership with Flik Independent School Dining, one of the leading food service providers to independent schools and universities nationwide. Food is prepared in accordance with Flik's Balanced Choices program: food prepared fresh from scratch each day, limited use of processed foods and artificial colors, M.S.G. (monosodium glutamate), preservatives and trans fats, meats graded "choice" or higher, fresh ground beef and hamburger that is 80 percent lean, deli beef and turkey roasted on site, use of seasonal fruits and vegetables, preferably grown by local farmers, and seafood purchased in accordance with the Seafood Watch guidelines for sustainability. Learn more by visiting the Flik website.

Q: May a student tour the kitchen?

Yes, students may tour the kitchen with advance notice to the food service director and approval from your homeroom teacher and advisor.

The Food Services Manager and School Nurse offer tours of the kitchen and dining facilities each summer before the start of school. The first is designed for students with special food needs such as food allergies, diabetes, or any other food-related concerns, the second introduces the dining facilities to rising second graders and boys new to Gilman.