Health & Wellness

Balanced Choices

As they move through the service line, boys see artfully and professionally presented choices. What they won't see is that culinary-trained chefs prepare these foods from scratch, limiting the use of processed foods and avoiding artificial colors, flavorings, M.S.G. (monosodium glutamate), preservatives and trans fats. They use only meats graded "choice" or higher, choose fresh ground beef and hamburger that is 80 percent lean, roast deli beef and turkey on site and make every effort to use seasonal fruits and vegetables grown by local farmers. This dedication to fresh, healthy cooking lets us meet a wide range of nutrition requirements and standards, and our food service staff are allergy aware in a continuous effort to help implement a safe dining environment for all students.

Our Commitment to You:

Sourcing fresh yogurt and milk that is free of artificial growth hormones.

Science and experience have clearly demonstrated that the use of artificial bovine growth hormones in dairy cows is detrimental to the well-being of the animal. The medical community has expressed apprehension that the use of rBGH hormones may also be harmful to human health. Because of these concerns, we serve only fresh fluid milk from Cloverland Dairy and fresh yogurt from cows that have been certified to be free of the artificial growth hormones rBGH/rBST.

Purchasing poultry produced without the routine use of human antibiotics.

The non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in animal production is a growing public health concern because it decreases the effectiveness of antibiotics to treat diseases in humans. Therefore, we only serve chicken and turkey that has been produced with restricted use of these drugs, especially as a growth additive in feed. Our contracted suppliers are required to provide products which adhere to specific criteria developed in partnership with The Environmental Defense Fund.

Buying local products to support American family farms.

Supporting the preservation of the American family farm, reducing the carbon foot print of our supply chain and giving back to the local communities are central to our core values. In collaboration with our partners at the Institute for Agricultural Trade policy, we are seeking to reduce our dependence on factory farming and to partner with local and regional growers to develop relationships with local farms, bringing the freshest food possible to our boys.

Promoting Certified Humane cage-free eggs.

Because of our commitment to the humane care of farm animals, we offer only HFAC certified Cage Free shell eggs.

Providing a large variety of healthful options and educational tools encouraging our boys to make healthier choices.

We recognize that the food we serve can have a significant impact on the health and wellness of our students. Our menus provide a variety of healthful options to help the boys make healthier dining choices. We are also committed to influencing our supply chain by working with our supplies to improve the nutrient content of food we purchase with specific targets for eliminating trans fat, reducing saturated fat, reducing sodium, increasing whole grains, moderating portion size and providing nutritional information.