Gilman Glossary

Learn the lingo.

Administrative Council

Includes the Headmaster, Assistant Headmaster, Heads of the Lower School, Middle School and Upper School, Director of Development, Enrollment Director, Academic Dean, Athletic Directors, Business Manager, Director of Community, Inclusion, and Equity, Director of College Counseling, Director of Libraries, Director of Marketing and Communications, Director of Technology, Director of Plant Operations and the Director of Building and Grounds.


The Association of Independent Maryland and D.C. Schools. Gilman is a member of this organization, which also gives us our accreditation.

Alumni Association

Volunteer organization of Gilman alumni that sponsors and promotes events throughout the School.

Alumni Weekend

Held annually in the spring, Alumni Weekend features class reunions as wells as alumni events on campus.


The large gymnasium at the southeast corner of the campus, sometimes referred to as the Finney Center or the Athletic Center. The formal name is the Redmond C.S. Finney Athletic Center. This is where events are held, both athletic and social.

ASP (After School Program)

Gilman's extended day program, held in the Lower School.


Terms referring to the period in the middle of the day (10:50-11:15) when the entire Upper School meets.

Bailliere Room

Conference room directly across from the Headmaster's office in the Upper School.

The Blue & Gray

MS student newspaper.

Blue/Gray Weekend

The early November weekend surrounding the annual Gilman-McDonogh Football Classic, featuring events for alumni, parents and students.

Bull Roast

Annual event sponsored by the Alumni and Parents Associations. Held in late February or early March, the Bull Roast is an evening of silent and live auctions, games of chance, and great food.


The Gilman Bulletin, the School's alumni magazine, published in the fall and spring each year.

Bump Day

The day that a particular Upper School course has a class in 4th period. Those classes are often called Bump classes.

The Cage

Located on the main corridor of the gym near the locker rooms, the Cage is where students go for athletic equipment, towels, uniforms, or laundry.

Callard Hall

Official name of the Lower School building, named in honor of Henry H. Callard, Gilman Headmaster from 1943-1963.


A learning platform or course management system used by Gilman teachers to communicate with students.

Carey Hall

Formal name for the Upper School Building is Carey Hall, named in honor of the School's founder, Anne Galbraith Carey. The building reopened in December 2007 after renovation and celebrated its 100th anniversary in October 2010.

Centennial Hall

The large room in Carey Hall at the end of the south corridor (corridor where Headmaster's Office is located.) It is used as a study hall for the 10th grade during 5th period and for various community events.


A gathering of Middle School and Upper School teachers in their respective faculty rooms during the morning recess period.

Chariot Race

An annual event sponsored by the MS Latin teachers. MS boys build their own chariots and stage a race on the athletic fields.

The Class of '61 Room

Small conference room located on the second floor of the Arena lobby.


Quite often students will refer to their teachers using the name "Coach" such as Coach Foreman or Coach Sheets. It is used interchangeably for Mr. or Mrs.

College Counseling Office

Located in Carey Hall, where boys and parents go for advice relative to the college application process.

Convocations (All School Convocations)

Assemblies that include the entire School, faculty and staff. There are several throughout the year: the opening of school, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King's Birthday, Thanksgiving, and on other occasions if the need arises.

Daly Lobby

The front entrance lobby and staircase of the Middle School building.

Drop Down Day

Another term for the US 4th period class (Bump Day).


The Extended Day Supervision Program in the Middle School provides students with a teacher monitored after-school environment for quiet study, homework completion, or relaxation with friends. The program runs from 4:15 p.m. - 6 p.m. every day.

Enriched math

In the Middle School math curriculum students are ability grouped into either the enriched or regular math program. The enriched program is not a accelerated one, but it parallels the regular curriculum with some detours and greater depth.


The Educational Record Bureau's Comprehensive Testing Program IV, a battery of standardized tests given in the fall to students in grades six and seven as well as in the Lower School.


During the year, each Middle School grade goes on Expedition. Eighth graders go in October for a week's excursion and adventure with the Mountain Institute in Spruce Knob, WV. Sixth and seventh graders have three one-day excursions at the end of the school year while eighth graders are taking final exams.


Monthly electronic newsletter sent to alumni and parents who have provided the School with a valid e-mail address.

Fenimore Library

Upper School library.

Finney Hall

Official name of the Middle School building, named in honor of Dr. John M.T. Finney, illustrious Board President of the School (at the same time he was president of the McDonogh School Board).


The company that runs food service for Gilman.


This is another term for grade, based on the English school system where First Form meant grade 7, Second Form, grade 8 and so on. It is common to hear the grades in the US referred to as Third Form (grade 9), Fourth Form (grade 10), Fifth Form (grade 11), and Sixth Form (grade 12).

Form Chairs

Teachers who are in charge of one of the four grades in the Upper School (grades 9-12).

The Founders' Society

The School's annual giving leadership giving society recognizing contributors of $2,500 or more to The Gilman Fund ($1,000 or more for alumni who have not yet celebrated their 15th reunion).

fourteen YEAR MAN

A graduate who attends both Gilman Kindergarten and prep one. The first 14-year men are members of the Class of 2023.

The Gilman Five

Honor, Respect, Integrity, Humility, Excellence.

The Gilman Fund

The School's annual giving program.

Gilman Gazette

LS student newspaper.

The Gilman News

US student newspaper. Also called "The News."

Gilman Room

The Upper School faculty room. It is located just beyond the student mailboxes on the main floor of Carey Hall. It used to be the library.


Faculty housing, which sits on the northeast end of the campus, behind the Northern Parkway Bridge.

Grandparents' Day

Prep one, first, second, and fourth grade students invite their grandparents to come to school with them. It is held in November of each year.

Harris Terrace and Lawn

Patio and grass area directly behind the football stadium.

In the Middle of Things

MS newsletter.

Lord Library

Middle School library, named after one of Gilman's most illustrious authors and alumni, Walter Lord.

Lower Lot

Parking lot that is directly below the Arena. It is where the students and some faculty park.


Lower School (grades Pre-K through 5th).

Lumen Center

An extension of Carey Hall, the building includes a beautiful 400-seat cafeteria used by all three divisions, ten large classrooms, an improved lecture hall, the School Store as well as office space for other programs.


Middle School (grades 6-8).

McCarthy Room

Classroom/conference room that is located on the second floor of the Arena lobby.


Given to students throughout the year to recognize service and helpfulness to the Middle School. Students receive merits for doing cleanup, helpful classroom behaviors, student hosts and guides, effort grades, etc. Merits are the legal tender for the quarter raffles and Faculty Auction.

Old Gym/New Gym

The Old Gym is the smaller gymnasium which was constructed over 60 years ago. Located between the Middle School and the faculty houses, its entrance is framed by big white columns. The New Gym is a term used for the Arena.

Parents Association

All parents and guardians of students in the school are Parents Association members. This group organizes volunteers, serves as class parents, and sponsors events such as the Bull Roast.

Passano Library

Lower School library

Pill Ball

A game that the boys invented and play with relish. It resembles 4 square and is most often played on the Harris Terrace or on the blacktop located just east of the Middle School. The game is played with an 8" diameter plastic basketball. Elaborate rules make it a local favorite and next to impossible for adults to play.


Signed honor code statement related to copying on a test or quiz. Students include the pledge on all papers: "As a gentleman I have acted honorably on this paper."

Polar Bears

A MS winter athletic alternative. Students continue to play outside even in the toughest winter weather. They compete in many intrasquad activities such as street hockey, rugby, ultimate Frisbee, capture the flag, and snow sculpting.

Senior Speeches

Members of the graduating class can elect to give a speech to the entire US. It is a very old tradition at Gilman.

School Store

Located on the lower level of the Lumen Center, the School Store sells textbooks, school supplies, snacks and Gilman related items.


The Design and Woodworking studio located in the lower level of the Lumen Center. The shop is used by all three divisions and has a terrific collection of machines and tools.

The Stadium or sotir stadium

Concrete stands that face the football field are referred to as the Stadium. The stadium was named in honor of former athletic director and coach Alexander Sotir in 2014.

The Stevens Room

Big assembly room on the second floor of the Lower School, named after Helen K. Stevens, a long time Lower School teacher.

Study Hall

A class period monitored by the teacher for a student to study, do homework, or read. It is a quiet time with no interruptions. Students have some study halls during the school day, but many have a large-group study hall before athletics.

Super Gras

MS celebration in May combining events like the Homeroom Book bag Rally, the Tug-o-War, the Latin Chariot Race, homeroom picnics, and the Faculty Auction.

Support Services

The room, located in the Upper School, that provides mailing services for the entire school. The room also has a photocopier that is available for use by all divisions (although each division has its own copy machine).

"The Tech"

A nickname that refers to Gilman. It is often heard in cheers at athletic contests.

Ten (10) Day Cycle (or just the Cycle)

Scheduling practice used in all three School divisions. It consists of a rotation of 10 numbered days. Four such cycles constitute a quarter of the year. This replaces the days of the week as a reference for when a class meets. If Wednesday is a Day 5, then the following Thursday is a Day 6.

Thirteen Year Man

A graduate who began Gilman in Pre-First and remained all 13 years. With the advent of kindergarten in 2009-10, it's possible that a "Fourteen-Year Man" could be in Gilman's future.

Twelve Year Man

A graduate who began Gilman in grade 1 and remained all 12 years.


Upper School (grades 9-12).