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From the Archives: Brood X through the Decades

While it would be unfair to blame 2021’s Brood X cicadas on Gilman’s Class of 2004, it is worth noting that 17 years ago, the Class of 2004 thought ahead to 2021. In their Senior Will published in the 2004 Cynosure, the Class of 2004 bequeathed “Cicada Brood X” to the year 2021. Brood X held a special place for the Class of 2004. As the 2004 Bulletin noted, “The 105 members of the Class of 2004 will always remember Maryland’s first cicada appearance of the 21st century. Gilman’s youngest alumni celebrated the 107th Founders Day, not from the traditional Old Gym steps, but from within the Redmond C. S. Finney Athletic Center—sent inside by Brood X.”

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