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Inside the Sculpture Project

The fact that a sculpture is a three dimensional piece of art and exists in an environment is a new concept that, as sculptors, the students need to understand. Boys studied the concept of space and how it relates to sculptural artwork before they went to work designing a sculpture that activates the space around it. The class then voted on the three that they want to make into large scale public sculptures, which will be displayed in the Becker Family Sculpture Garden on the Gilman campus. Students are now in the process of fabricating these pieces. In the days to come, students will update their progress here, so please check back! ~Sculpture Teacher Michael Chamberlain

January: Today, we finalized our materials list, drew our final sketch, and continued working on our Gilman School Becker Family Sculpture Garden Proposal Form. ~Oliver M.

February: We worked on drawing for the outdoor plans and drilling the holes for the bolts to go through. Applied layers of finish to the wood.

March: We finished all eight of our boxes. Since all of the boxes have been assembled we now have to focus on how we will attach them. Also we will paint one group white and the other will have just finish on it. ~Oliver M.

Sketching the Sculpture