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Planting for Future Generations

It took a village to replenish Gilman’s tree canopy when 30 new trees were planted around campus on a cold and sunny fall Saturday. Alongside the hard-working Building and Grounds crew, 13 students assisted with digging, planting, and mulching. Equipment and additional manpower was provided by Baltimore Tree Trust.

“What an amazing day to be part of the Gilman family,” said Plant and Operations Director Wes Hummer. “We encountered many obstacles beneath the soils as we found new homes for our trees. We witnessed boulders as big as the root balls that took a Herculean effort to remove. We cut through old existing roots as thick as a dictionary to properly place our trees.”

Student volunteers included: Brandon Ahern, Sam Bloomberg, Andrew Diehl, Will Godine, Hunter Hamer, Noah Klein, Isaac Lee, Kendall Manns, Matt Meittinis, Thomas Muhly, James Schloeder, Billy Smyth, and Simon Warfield.