Wellness at Gilman

Holistic wellness for every stage of your son's Gilman experience.

At Gilman, we strive to support the mind, body, and spirit of every boy. The goal of the Wellness Program—to ensure that students receive the appropriate support to nurture their physical, emotional, and academic well-being—recognizes the essential relationship among these different components of overall student success.

Furthermore, we recognize that the wellness of faculty and staff is integral to the high-quality education, care, and holistic experience, from facilities to programming, that Gilman is able to provide for students.

Typically, when we think about school, we think about educating the mind. But we know that supporting the whole child — academic, as well as physical, emotional, and social — best promotes educational learning. The great thing about Gilman is that these values are in our mission statement. At Gilman, we take a comprehensive approach to holistic well-being and promote a culture of wellness for all members of our community.Christina Kim, Director of Wellness and Support


Wellness News

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Our Approach and Signature Programs

From our approach to knowing and caring for boys at every stage of their journey through Gilman to our health and wellness facilities to our general social-emotional and academic support offerings and initiatives, health and wellness at Gilman is an integral part of the student experience.


Meet the Wellness Team

The Wellness Team works closely with school leaders, teachers, advisors, coaches, parents, and outside professionals to support the unique needs of each boy during their time at Gilman. Our team includes staff from traditional physical and mental health backgrounds and academic support and athletics backgrounds.