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Lower School

Channeling Curiosity in Grades PK-5

Young children are intrinsically motivated to learn. They look at the world around them with wonder and a desire to understand all they experience. Our goal is for Lower School boys to head off to Middle School with their internal drive to learn intact. The Gilman Lower School curriculum helps boys develop the foundational knowledge, learning skills, and personality traits to prepare them for success in school and beyond. We nurture each boy's innate curiosity, wonder, and desire to learn.

Our curriculum recognizes the unique needs of young boys and channels their natural energy, curiosity, and exuberance into learning activities at every age. The kindergarten program bridges the pre-school and primary school years, engaging boys in an enriching and age-appropriate academic program that meets their specific developmental and educational needs. The prep-one class offers a singular transition for those not quite ready for the rigors of an academically oriented first grade. The overall Lower School program is challenging yet warm, friendly, and supportive.

Early Childhood Program & Curriculum

For students in grades PK-1.

Lower School House Program

Learn how we build community with one another.

Upper Elementary Program & Curriculum

For students in grades 2-5.

Apply for Admission

Learn about the Lower School admissions process.

Lower School Calendar

5A MS Visit / Placement Testing
all day
LS Cycle Day 2
all day
5B MS Visit / Placement Testing
all day
LS Cycle Day 3
all day
5th Grade Parent Night in the Middle School
Middle School
5C MS Visit / Placement Testing
all day


Learn All About Gilman Lower School with Our ABC Book!

Student-Teacher Ratio
Pre-Kindergarten 5:1
Kindergarten 8:1
Prep-One 8:1
Grade One 16:1
Grade Two 16:1
Grade Three 16:1
Grade Four 16:1
Grade Five 16:1







You can call the Lower School's Front Office at 410-323-7281.