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Performing Arts

Music at Gilman

The strong music program at Gilman opens boys' ears to music — its many genres, nuances, and methods of creation — and gives them a lifelong gift of appreciation for it. Boys are offered a wealth of diverse opportunities to explore the kinesthetic, creative, collaborative, and just plain fun aspects of making music, mastering a musical instrument, collaborating with other students in a performance group, writing or arranging music for a vocal ensemble, or studying the development of music.

Programmatic Objectives


Vocal Performance Groups

Singing is an important part of the Gilman music curriculum. Boys learn the basic elements of music through singing, and everyone is a performer at some point during his school days. Boys who love to lift their voices in song have opportunities to participate in various vocal performance groups at different division levels throughout their time at Gilman.


Instrumental Performance Groups

In playing an instrument, boys have a platform for expression, and various instrumental groups at Gilman offer myriad opportunities for musical articulation. For a musician, "game time" comes during public performances, and Gilman boys have the opportunity to bring their "A" game at winter and spring concerts, assemblies, convocations, and other various events throughout the year.



Theater at Gilman

Theater thrives at Gilman. Through dramatics, students forge a shared sense of purpose and become an indissoluble team working together to mount a production. Theater is about much more than just storytelling, and it is also about much more than a celebration of the self and one's own abilities. To paraphrase Sophocles, dramatics reflects a spirit moving through a community, both in the audience and onstage, a shared sense of understanding and experience, and an unparalleled unity.

During the school year, the tri-school community produces five plays at the Upper School level — two at Gilman, two at Roland Park Country School, and one at The Bryn Mawr School — not including student-directed plays. Middle School thespians mount two productions annually, and even Lower School boys get into the act with various class plays each year. Whether on the stage or behind, each performer, musician, or stagehand shares the spotlight.


Upper School Theater Productions in Recent Years

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Something Rotten!

Spring 2024 Musical

The Matchmaker

Winter 2024 Staged Reading

Into the Woods

Spring 2023 Musical

See Rock City & Other Destinations

Winter 2023 Staged Reading

Bright Star

Spring 2022 Musical


Winter 2022 Staged Reading

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown

Spring 2021 Musical

Crazy for You

Spring 2019 Musical


Spring 2018 Musical


Spring 2017 Musical