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College Counseling

Your College Journey Begins Here

Gilman boys and their families have the advantage of a strong College Counseling Office staffed with four full-time counselors to guide them through the college application process. Throughout a boy's years in the Upper School, our college counselors aim to nurture and expand their relationship with both him and his parents.

All research shows that undergraduate success is the result of a demanding high school curriculum with abundant opportunities to research, analyze and write. We are committed to the ideal of making lifelong learners of our boys, and, as such, Gilman graduates become successful undergraduates.


Overview of the College Counseling Process at Gilman

The College of William & Mary once called the Common Application "the most humane invention of the last quarter century." But that doesn't mean that applying to college is easy. It's a process.

At Gilman, the formal college admissions process begins in January of the junior year, with the Junior Class College Night and the assignment of the college counselor. In reality, the process begins the moment a student steps foot on campus, as the Gilman experience is an all-encompassing one, preparing each student to become a life-long learner. Though the boys are a few years away from submitting that first application, they are given early advice on how to best prepare for college and the college application process.

Juniors are assigned to their college counselor in the winter of their junior year and begin meeting regularly to build their college lists and prepare for the application process. Juniors are also enrolled in a College Seminar where they will learn about all aspects of the college process, from researching colleges, interview expectations, financial aid, and writing the college essay.

The senior year begins with The Francis J. Carey, Jr. Lecture Series featuring a keynote address from a college admissions professional, giving attendees perspective on the singular year ahead.

Most importantly, our excellent college counselors provide support every step of the way.



Gilman Graduates and Matriculations

Our graduates attend an array of the nation's most specialized and renowned institutions, from Oberlin's Conservatory and Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science to Princeton, Harvard, and Yale. On average, over the past decade, 83% of Gilman graduates have matriculated at colleges and universities defined as the "Most Competitive" or "Highly Competitive" by "Barron's Guide to the Most Competitive Colleges."

Our college counselors work closely with each student and his family to find the school that will best meet his academic needs and goals for his future, yet another step in their journeys from boys of promise to men of character.



College Counseling Newsletters: 2023-2024

10th Grade (Class of 2026)
11th Grade (Class of 2025)
12th Grade (Class of 2024)



Meet the College Counseling Team

Our team is ready to help you with any questions you may have throughout the college counseling process!
Our main office numbers are 410-323-3800, ext. 396, or 410-323-3800, ext. 238.

Sarah Ross

Sarah Ross

Director of College Counseling
Justin Baker

Justin Baker

Associate Director of College Counseling, Upper School English Teacher, JV Baseball Coach
Shreya Filardi

Shreya Filardi

Administrative Assistant for College Counseling
Anna Follensbee

Anna Follensbee

Associate Director of College Counseling
Matt Herman

Matt Herman

Associate Director of College Counseling, Upper School History Teacher, JV Golf Coach
Anne Mickle

Anne Mickle

Upper School College Counselor