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Resources for Students and Families

Gilman's College Counseling Office exists not only to help you identify the college best suited to your unique talents and needs but through the entire college application process, from writing your college essay to applying for scholarships or other financial aid.

We have compiled the following resource lists from trusted internal and external sources and hope you find them helpful in your college journey. Have a resource you think other students and families could benefit from? Reach out to our office for potential inclusion on this page.



Recommendations and Processes for Students Seeking to Play Athletics in College

The athletic component to college admission has been both overrated and underrated, all too often at the expense of the prospective student-athlete. It is true that significant athletic ability and the capacity to contribute to an athletic program can be a component in the college admissions process. It is also true that many college applicants invest all of their (college admission) hope in their athletic prowess, which is often nullified by the peer competition or, more likely, by the lack of academic performance.

In almost all cases, selective colleges and universities in the U.S., no matter what anybody says, are looking for student-athletes, young men and women who can do the academic work with success.