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Your Support Makes a Difference

Director of Development Heather Harlan Warnack
A Gilman education gives each graduate the skills needed to make the world they inherit the best version of itself. Whether our boys enter Gilman as pre-kindergartners or ninth graders, they are provided with a transformative learning experience that allows them to think critically and expansively about our complex world; communicate effectively with diverse audiences; collaborate to solve problems; and create works of self-expression that serve and inspire others. This world-class education, and the first-rate faculty and top programs at the heart of it, would not be possible without you—our loyal donors. Gilman relies on the support of our alumni, parents, and friends who give to the school each year. Thank you for your continued generosity, which is transforming today’s learners into tomorrow’s leaders—one student at a time.

Heather Harlan Warnack
Director of Development