Endowed Funds

Gilman School manages 295 named endowed funds in support of scholarships, faculty development, and other programs. The minimum gift to launch a named endowed fund is $100,000. The principal is invested for long-term growth to serve present and future generations of boys, while a percentage of the income is used to support the School's annual budget.

Naming and Allocating Funds

Donors may recognize an individual, faculty member, family, friend or colleague through the creation of a named endowment. Such gifts may be designated for a particular division, program or area of interest. 

Gilman School Endowed Funds

Scholarship Endowment

A.C. & Kathryn George Family Scholarship

Abell Foundation Scholarship

Alban Family Scholarship

Alfred H. Weems, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Alvin J. Myerberg Family Scholarship

Andrew W. and Anna B. Merle Scholarship

Anton Vishio Endowed Scholarship Fund For Faculty Children

Arthur E. Davis Class of 1961 Memorial Scholarship

Building Character Scholarship

Campbell Family Endowed Scholarship

Cathy E. Miles Scholarship Fund

Class of 1951 Memorial Scholarship - Robert E. Russell II Fund

Class of 1952 Henry H. Callard Scholarship

Class of 1960 Scholarship Fund

Class of 2009 Financial Aid Fund

Douglas G. Carroll, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Earl P. & Martha Wheelwright Galleher Scholarship

Dr. George G. Finney Memorial Scholarship

Dr. William H. Woody Scholarship

Edward E. Ford Foundation Scholarship

Edward J. Gallagher III Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Barrett Rosen Memorial Scholarship

Evelyn Mockard Cortezi Scholarship Fund

Farber Family Scholarship

Frank Woodworth Pine and Mabel Durand Pine Scholarship

Frederick T. Wehr Scholarship

Frederick Wayne Lafferty Memorial Scholarship

G. Maxwell Armor, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Hearst Foundation Scholarship

Henry H. Callard Scholarship

Hoffberger Foundation Scholarship

Howard M. Bank Memorial Scholarship

Hyman & Minnie Steinhorn Memorial Scholarship

J. Adam Hitt Scholarship

James L. Sinclair Memorial Scholarship

John Gaino Scholarship

Johns Hopkins Town School Scholarship

Julia C. Baker Scholarship Fund

Julie S. Lee Scholarship Fund

Latimer Small Stewart, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Lawrence T.P. Stifler Scholarship

Margaret and Johnson Garrett Scholarship

Mark M. and Caswell J. Caplan Scholarship

Mildred H.F. Deering Memorial Scholarship

The Lumen Scholarship

Nick Schloeder Scholarship

Noell-Davis Family Scholarship

Nudelman Family Scholarship Fund

Ralph L. & Marion DeGroff Scholarship

Ralph N. "Bo" Willis Scholarship Endowment

Reader's Digest Endowed Scholarship

Redmond C.S. Finney Scholarship

Redmond C.S. Finney Scholarship (2)

Redwood Memorial Scholarship

Richard E. Bowe Memorial Scholarship Fund

Robert G. Merrick, Jr. Scholarship

Robert R. Perkins Scholarship Fund

Samuel W. Wiley Family Scholarship Fund

Scott B. Deutschman Memorial Scholarship Fund

The John M. Nelson, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The Keith Kormanik Honorary Scholarship

The Walter Lord Scholarship

Theodore C. Waters, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Thomas H. Broadus III Scholarship Fund

Thomas Wilson Sanitarium Scholarship

Thomas Worthington Brundige IV Memorial Scholarship

Timothy P. Lekin Scholarship for Science Achievement

Unrestricted Building Character Campaign

Unrestricted Challenge of Leadership

War Memorial Scholarship

William Campbell Foundation Annual Scholarship

William S. Merrick, Jr. Scholarship For Faculty Children

Faculty Endowments


Allen F. Maulsby Teacher/Coach Endowment Fund in Memory of Edward Russell and Tyler Campbell

Baetjer Faculty Fund

Brent A. Rosenberg '05 Fund for Teaching and Learning

Broadus-Hubbard Award

Building Character Faculty Support Endowment

Cary Woodward Exchange Program and Young Faculty Development Fund

Class of 1947 Fund for Meritorious Teaching

Class of 1955 Henry Callard Teaching Interships

Class of 1957 Faculty Summer Sabbaticals and Professional Development Program

Class of 2003 Faculty Award for Family Education

Class of 2004 Faculty Strategic Planning Fund

Dawson L. Farber Faculty Award and Development Endowment Fund

Edward K. Dunn Memorial Faculty Fund

Edward T. Russell Faculty Chair

Faculty Compensation Endowment Fund

Faculty Development Endowment Fund

Fajardo Technology Endowment for Faculty

Frank C. Wright, Jr. Faculty Development Fund

Frederick R. Williams Science Faculty Development Fund

Gallagher Art Faculty Fund

General Faculty Support Endowment

George H.C. Arrowsmith Memorial Faculty Support

Gilman Advisor Fund & Award

Gilman Fund for Faculty Support

Henry Callard Faculty Support Fund

Hess Faculty Fund

I. Ridgeway Trimble Biology Faculty Support Fund

Jacob & Annita France Foundation History Fund

Linehan Family Travel and Study Fund

Louis B. Thalheimer Faculty Development Fund

Matthai/Legg Faculty Development Fund

Michael Howard Cooper New Teachers Development Fund

Owen & Clinton Daly Faculty Development Fund

Paternotte Travel & Study Fund

Richard & Nancy Fryberger Faculty Development Fund

Riepe Family Sabbatical

The Ober Family Faculty Grant for English Studies

The P. Meredith Reese Memorial Fund

Unrestricted Building Character Campaign

Unrestricted Challenge of Leadership

Walter Lord Faculty Development and Sabbatical Fund

William G. Baker III Memorial Faculty Support Fund

William H Porter Fund for Science, Technology,

Wilma Mason and C. Huntley Hilliard Faculty Development Fund

Unrestricted Endowment

William W. S. Dancy Endowment

The Carey Room Fund

Robert G. Merrick, Jr. Fund

Programs and Other Funds

Carey Dividends

Centennial Technology Fund

Class of 1939 World Geography Fund

Class of 1954 Technology Classroom Fund

Class of 1975 Reginald S. Tickner Writing Center Fund

Class of 1992 Redmond C.S. Finney Headmaster's Fund

Class of 2000 Redmond C.S. Finney Special Financial Aid and Mentoring Program

Class of 2002 Peer Leadership Program

Class of 2005 Visiting Artists Fund

Edward E. Ford Foundation Fund

Edward R. Fenimore, Jr. Memorial Library Fund

Ensign Markland C. Kelly, Jr. Foundation Library Endowment for Technology

Ford Foundation Technology Fund

Francis Callard Memorial Fund

General Endowment Fund

George E. P. Mountcastle Memorial Lecture Fund

Grandparents Reading Fund

Harry Hardie Anglo - American Prize Fund

Headmaster's Innovation Fund

Hugh P. McCormick Design Center Technology Fund

J. Gilman D'Arcy Paul Library Endowment Fund

Janet Family Lectureship Fund

Milch Family Technology Fund

Obrecht Fund for Character Education

Philip O. Rogers, Jr. Memorial Fund

Riepe Family Exchange Program

Schweizer Family Drug and Alcohol Counseling Program

The Class of 1977 Community Service Award

The Semmes G. "Buck" Walsh Fund

Tommy Hardie Project Endowment Fund

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