We Did It!

In July 2019, Gilman announced that the generosity of our donors allowed us to exceed our $60 million goal, achieving a historic milestone for the School. First Things First: Endowing Gilman’s Promise and People, an endowment-focused campaign that spanned six fiscal years (2014-2019), was structured to move Gilman's legacy forward, ensuring that the School and its students continue to thrive and lead far into the future. 

Read the First Things First: Endowing Gilman's Promise and People - Campaign Report

Campaign Celebration Photos

First Things First Campaign Priorities




Financial Support & Opportunity

FTF called for an investment in endowed funds dedicated to Gilman’s financial aid budget. This focus was a critical component of the School’s strategy to cover increasing financial aid needs while keeping the tuition growth curve under control.




The Gilman Fund

The campaign provided recent alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends—many of whom were first-time donors—with opportunities to experience the rewards of effective philanthropy via a special emphasis on The Gilman Fund. Annual gifts to The Gilman Fund had a direct and immediate impact on the experiences of current students.




Teaching & Learning

FTF called for an investment in endowed funds to recruit and retain Gilman’s superb teachers, to put essential resources in their hands, and to equip them to inspire and challenge students through new offerings and methods of teaching.




Unrestricted Endowment

FTF focused on adding funds without restriction to the School’s endowment to create a corpus of unencumbered funds. Without a specific designated use, the unrestricted portion of the endowment generated revenue and affected changes that had immediately benefited the boys.


Our Deepest Gratitude to Campaign Leadership

Strong leadership made the campaign’s collective success possible. First Things First was chaired by Trustee Charlie Fenwick '66 and supported by the Campaign Steering Committee. The campaign was launched under Headmaster John Schmick '67 and Board President Paul McBride, gained momentum under Headmaster Henry P. A. Smyth and Board President Scott Wieler, and came to a strong conclusion under current Board President Mark Fetting. The leadership of M. Kate Ratcliffe, Gilman’s former Director of Development whose tenure spanned 29 years, and the support of her remarkable team, also played a huge part in the campaign’s success.

“...my heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to this campaign and also those prepared to support our future needs as they develop. Never has capital been more essential to the success of Gilman to fulfill its mission of educating boys in mind, body, and spirit. Thank you for doing your part to help Gilman put First Things First."

Mark R. Fetting ‘72
President of the Board of Trustees