The Roland Parkers versus the Farmers. The Blue and Gray versus the Orange and Black. The Greyhounds versus the Eagles.

No matter what you call the annual gridiron clash of one of the Baltimore area's most notorious and intense — albeit friendly and respectful — athletic rivalries, there is not a Gilman or McDonogh fan who is not going to feel the absence of this year's game. The weekend of October 31, 2020 would have marked the 105th installment of the long-attended, always-hyped, much-anticipated, Gilman-McDonogh football game.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the schools' responses to MIAA guidelines, our celebration of what has, in recent years, been referred to as Blue-Gray Weekend, will be brought to you virtually. Read on for the opportunity to revisit the rivalry's biggest games, the most notable football — and historic — moments, and exciting images, videos, and team documents from eleven decades of spirited football.



Click each tab in the timeline to reveal highlights, photos, records, video footage, and more from each decade. A special thanks to Mac Kennedy, author of "Gilman Versus McDonogh: The Football Rivalry," the source of many of the highlights featured on this webpage.  



Biff Poggi '79

Biff Poggi '79 was Gilman's longest-tenured and all-time winningest coach. Between 1997-2015, his teams amassed 139 wins against only 40 losses. His tenure included 19 match-ups in the annual series with McDonogh, in which Gilman won 13 and lost six.

Sherm Bristow '67

Sherm Bristow '67 is Gilman's second longest-tenured coach, who from 1981-1996 tallied an overall record of 99-45-2. This included 16 match-ups with McDonogh, in which the Greyhounds prevailed eight times to the Eagles' eight.

Alex Sotir

Alex Sotir was the head coach from 1972-1980, presiding over most of the longest winning streak in the Gilman-McDonogh rivalry, which ran from 1971-1978. In his nine seasons, Gilman held a record of 65-18-1.


Sherm Bristow '67 (head coach 1981-1996) played for Coach Finney and served as an assistant for Coaches Sotir and Poggi.

Tim Holley '77 (head coach 2016-2017) played for Coach Sotir and served as an assistant for Coaches Bristow and Poggi.

Biff Poggi '79 (head coach 1997-2015) played for Coach Sotir and served as an assistant for Coach Bristow.



All-time Gilman-McDonogh meetings


Greyhounds' all-time record against the Eagles


Years the game was not played, each time due to a health crisis (1916, 1918, 2020)


Points for Gilman in all meetings


Points for McDonogh in all meetings


Longest winning streak for Gilman (1971-1978)


Longest winning streak for McDonogh (five times)



In the March 3, 1961 edition of the News can be found the question: "What one thing does Gilman lack? The Cardinals of Calvert Hall have one. The Dons of Loyola have one, The Engineers of Polytechnic have one. The Cadets of McDonogh have one. And yet Gilman does not have a nick-name."

The News offered a $5.00 prize to the student who could come up with the best nickname. John Sheldon '62 took home the win with his entry of "Greyhounds," the June 2, 1961 year-end issue of the News announced. The first News headline using the new moniker appeared in the October 13, 1961 edition.

When asked "Why Greyhounds?" John recently shared that he remembered thinking that the Greyhound was a natural pick, because of the School’s colors and the animals’ speed.


Gilman legend Redmond C. S. Finney '47 served as head football coach from 1960-1967, leaving behind a memorable legacy and a slew of entertaining Gilman football treasures.

Goal 42 Play

1961 Offensive Playbook

First page of the PDF file: 1961VFootballOffensePlaybook

1961 Scouting Report

1965 Letter