Ad Astra

Our Giving Society for New Grads

Ad Astra is Gilman’s leadership giving society for graduates of the past 15 years. By joining Ad Astra, you will give Gilman’s promising young men and future leaders the same incredible experiences you had as a student and ensure that Gilman will flourish for generations to come. Make a gift and join Ad Astra, today.


Ad Astra members receive advanced communications about important school news, invitations to exclusive events, including the annual Founder's Society dinner, and special recognition in Gilman's annual report.

Giving Levels

Class of 2006                        $1,000+

Classes of 2007-2010          $500+

Classes of 2011-2015          $250+

Classes of 2016-2020          $100+


The list below represents members of Ad Astra since 2017.

Mr. Victor I. Abiamiri '03
Mr. Adam Hamilton Aist '14
Mr. Julian B. Alexander '15
Mr. Wesley A. Baire '11
Mr. Joseph H. Barrazotto '09
Mr. Jeremy A. Batoff '05
Mr. Justin A. Batoff '03
Mr. Adam M. Belzberg '10
Mr. Christopher K. Bendann '03
Dr. Patrick J. Benitez '05
Mr. Matthew L. Berger '10
Mr. Daniel Leander Blair III '15
Mr. Matthew P. Bressler '05
Mr. Tobin Maurice Bromberg '15
Mr. Gifford W. Brooks '08
Mr. Gustav E. Brunn '17
Mr. Charles L. Buppert '06
Mr. Mitchell M. E. Butler '15
Mr. Kevin R. Carroll '06
Mr. William King Carter, Jr. '11
Mr. Duncan Arthur Caslow '09
Mr. Abraham N. Choi '04
Mr. Daniel A. Citron '12
Mr. David Clark '13
Mr. Nicholas R. Daly '08
Mr. Austin Howard Dase '11
Mr. Donal Morgan Doyle '15
Mr. Michael R. Dunbar '12
Mr. Peter R. Fallon '07
Mr. Redmond M. Farha '05
Mr. Anthony Ferguson, Jr. '10
Mr. Redmond C. Finney '10
Ms. Scott Milling Finney '15
Mr. Thomas A. Griswold '03
Mr. Jonathan M. Hall '03
Mr. James Clayton Hebert '17
Mr. Thomas Kidder Hebert '15
>Mr. Darius L. Jennings '11
Mr. Bowen Jiang '18
Mr. Walter G. Kidder '08
Mr. Jacob I. Klein '05
Mr. Tyler E. Kolle '10
Mr. Daniel L. Latshaw '04
Mr. Fitzhugh Dickinson Lee '14
Mr. Edward M. Lewis '03

Mr. Edward B. Lough '03
Mr. William Constantine Mallas '18
Mr. David Ethan Elkin Mazer '17
Mr. Patrick McCormick '19
Mr. Maxim Mendelson '06
Mr. Christopher D. Merwin '03
Mr. Thomas V. Monahan III '13
Mr. John H. Mooney '03
Mr. Spencer R. Morris '15
Mr. Charles P. Obrecht '13
Mr. Kyle John Ogden '16
Mr. Thomas J. O'Neill '12
Mr. Franklin Wade Oursler '17
Mr. Timothy John Oursler, Jr. '15
Mr. Liddell J. Parchman III '04
Mr. Ethan Ewon Park '15
Mr. Spencer Farrall Perry '15
Dr. Jeremy Stephen Pollock '03
Mr. Matthew T. Pope '04
Mr. Alexander Stephen Puthumana '14
Mr. Benjamin G. Roytenberg '13
Mr. Harry P. Rudo '09
Mr. Tyler Robert Ruhl '14
Mr. Soren J. Saggi '18
Mr. John M. Sanders '08
Mr. Jeffrey H. Seibert, Jr. '04
Mr. Jonathan D. Shapiro '17
Mr. Leonard J. Shapiro '16
Mr. Gavin C. Sheets '14
Mr. William J. Shikani '06
Mr. Richard J. Shock '08
Mr. John L. Silberstein '10
Mr. Benjamin C. Small '05
Mr. Maxwell Strome '16
Mr. Conrad Charles Sutter '13
Mr. Frederick T. Sutter, Jr. '11
Mr. John A.S. Tilghman, Jr. '06
Mr. Kevin Christopher Walker '15
Mr. Albert Y. Wang '08
Mr. Kyle D. Waters '03
Mr. Edward H. Welbourn IV '05
Mr. Edward W.S. Wiese '08
Mr. Robert J. Wiese '06
Mr. Arthur F. Worthington '09
Mr. Joshua Woojung Yang '12

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Ad Astra proudly draws its name from the Gilman shield and seal. “Ad Astra” is an abbreviated version of "Ad astra per aspera," which means "to the stars through difficulties.”

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