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Reasons to Give

You want to:

Make an immediate impact. Gifts to The Gilman Fund give us the flexibility to address immediate needs as they arise: making a great hire or funding a teacher workshop, improving and updating our expansive campus, and sustaining a diverse and deserving student body.

Provide opportunity. Support of The Gilman Fund helps our commitment to make a Gilman education accessible to bright students regardless of financial resources or zip code. An average of 25.8% of Gilman School families benefit from need-based financial assistance each year.

Enhance school programs. Key programs that support teaching and learning depend on gifts to The Gilman Fund. These gifts help to maintain libraries, keep up with the latest technology, and introduce innovative academic programs.

Attract and nurture the best faculty. When we invest in teachers, we strengthen their influence on the boys they teach, coach, and mentor every Gilman school day and beyond. Gifts to The Gilman Fund provide funding for teachers’ salaries and professional development opportunities, ensuring the School is able to attract and retain the best educators for our boys.

Invest in promising students. In a world where global awareness, personal resiliency, and adaptability are crucial to success, the core of a Gilman education remains steadfast: strength, courage, character, heart, determination, integrity, honesty, and soul. Support for The Gilman Fund is an investment in our students’ successes - ensuring they may go on to share the best of Gilman with the world as bold, honest, and thoughtful leaders.

Support the budget and full cost of a Gilman education. While very large, Gilman School cannot fund all of its operating expenses from its endowment. Tuition alone does not cover the total cost of providing a first-class education to each student. The Gilman Fund helps to alleviate the school’s overall financial burden and ensure all students benefit.

Honor a teacher, student or alumnus. There are several naming opportunities that allow you to honor a teacher, student or alum who made a difference in your life or is currently making a difference in the life of your child.

Leadership Giving

The Founders' Society recognizes donors who give a total of $2,500 or more to Gilman in one fiscal year in one of five recognition levels.

Did you know?

In 2020-2021, 77 percent of all unrestricted gifts made to The Gilman Fund came from leadership-level gifts of $2,500 or more.