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Living Our Mission


Gilman School is a diverse community dedicated to educating boys in mind, body, and spirit through particular emphasis upon academic excellence, athletic participation, and aesthetic appreciation. Gilman seeks to produce men of character and integrity who have the skills and ability to make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live and work.




To devise a uniform code of ethical conduct, we polled students, faculty, and staff about what it means to "Be Gilman." There were many suggestions, but the same five words continually emerged: Honor, Integrity, Respect, Humility, and Excellence. Today, these words and what they mean with respect to behavior are emphasized in all divisions, providing a framework of expected behavior.

In the Lower School's House System, each Gilman Five value corresponds with a house, color, and mascot.


Never lie, steal, or cheat and do not tolerate those who do. Set a good example and encourage others to follow you. Make Gilman a community of honor.


Be the same person at all times and adhere to your values regardless of the situation. Always be someone of whom you are proud.


Always treat others with kindness and civility. Remember that words can be uplifting and healing or very hurtful. Act with empathy.


Never brag about or draw attention to your successes; rather, make an effort to point out the success of others.


Strive for excellence in all that you do — academics, arts, athletics, and character. Do not settle for less than your best effort.




The pursuit of academic excellence at Gilman begins with our shared belief that boys experience transformative learning when they connect disciplines, people, and ideas in ways that deepen their sense of self and serve the needs of others. We believe excellent teaching and learning prepares boys for the rigors of each successive step in their academic journey and, over time, fortifies their efforts to improve the communities in which they play, work, and live.