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Community, Inclusion, and Equity (CIE)

Building Community at Gilman and Beyond

At Gilman, we believe that our community is strengthened by the vibrant exchange and courageous conversations that occur when individuals with different backgrounds, abilities, and heritages have the fortitude to share their various perspectives with one another. We recognize that we have important work ahead of us to increase belonging among all sectors of the Gilman community.

Part of our charge in preparing our boys to thrive in the world is ensuring that they are able to recognize injustice and build an anti-racist society. Silence is unacceptable, and so we ask you to join us in these efforts because now is the time for action. We understand that this is uncomfortable work. Now is the time to lean in to that discomfort, listen, and do what is right. Thank you for your continued support and engagement as, together, we each do our part to create an anti-racist culture at Gilman in which we can all feel safe and included, and that will serve as an example to our larger community.

A tolerant and respectful community engenders a culture that encourages the free and open exchange of ideas, and it cultivates personal independence as well as intellectual growth. Inclusion and equity in all their forms — among students, faculty, and staff — are the cornerstones of a healthy, functional school.Excerpt from Gilman's Statement of CIE



CIE News and Events

Latest CIE News


Upcoming Events


Signature Events, Programs, and Initiatives

The focus of our CIE work is to strengthen the community from within by offering events, programs, workshops, and/or professional development opportunities helping students, faculty, and families to build relationships and skills, and cultivating the notion that people can learn and grow together, regardless of differences.



Community Connections

Gilman has a long history of community engagement and we are tethered strongly to our home city of Baltimore. By connecting our boys to students from different schools, we seek to break down barriers that cause conflict and injustice, and to equip the next generation with the tools to help them become concerned and involved citizens.

The Work Ahead

The Work Ahead is a newsletter from the Office of Community, Inclusion, and Equity (CIE) that provides the Gilman community with updates on long- and short-term goals, information about upcoming CIE-related events, profiles of members of the community involved in CIE work, and more.

Meet the CIE Team

In addition to the office's director and administrative assistant, who coordinate CIE efforts for the entire School, the Office of CIE is supported by divisional coordinators in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools.