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Cultural Arts Festival

Peace on Earth: celebrating our diverse community

Hosted by the CIE Parent Committee and the Office of Community, Inclusion, and Equity (CIE)

This event highlights the rich diversity of the Gilman community and celebrates art, music, history, and customs of cultures from around the world.

A special thank you to all of the volunteers who make this treasured Gilman tradition possible! Our 2024 event could not have been a success without you!

The 2024 theme of “Peace around the World” was our call for the great diversity of Gilman to come together and acknowledge how all cultures value and deserve peace. It also reflects the process of the coming together of many different peoples to organize and carry out such a grand and multifaceted experience for the students and their families. 

“The Cultural Art Festival is one of our family's favorite Gilman events. It always reminds me that it does truly take a village!” said 2024 event co-chair Chinonso Ebo. “That village, for my boys, is the diverse Gilman community showcased each winter at the Cultural Art Festival. We have enjoyed sharing our clothes, food, music, games and fun facts about Nigeria while learning from the other cultures that make our Gilman community. The time and effort put in by parents, exhibitors, participants and the CIE Office is truly heartwarming. I am honored to be a part of it.”