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Global Programs

Experience the World with Gilman: At Home and Abroad

At Gilman, we are committed to the idea that in order to prepare students for the world we live in, we must educate them to be competent and compassionate problem-solvers, empathetic communicators, and ethical leaders in an ever-changing global environment. The challenge of building a better tomorrow will be undertaken by those who see themselves as citizens of an international community, who are knowledgeable enough to understand their own perspectives and appreciate the perspectives of others, and who can work across and through cultural barriers to bring about meaningful change.

Ultimately, we aim to best prepare our boys to become citizens of the global community, 7.9 billion strong and growing.

Opportunities for Students

  • Our robust Global Immersion Trips — offered annually over spring break and throughout the summer — endeavor to engage students in the world beyond Baltimore through national and international group experiences typically lasting around 7-10 days. These groups often bring Middle and Upper School students together and are just one way Gilman fosters brotherhood and mentorship across grades.
  • Our International Exchange Programs offer unique study-travel, athletic, and/or service learning experiences for individual students or smaller groups and the opportunity to more deeply immerse themselves in another culture for a few weeks or months.
  • Additionally, our partnership with Global Online Academy (GOA) brings unique learning opportunities and connections with teachers and peers from across the world right here to Roland Avenue.


For questions about any Global Programs at Gilman, please get in touch with Director of Global Programs Robby Ford at or 410-323-3800, ext. 628.

Students pose for a picture on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Portugal during spring break 2023 (Photo: Austin Lansey '24).

The Freedom Rides Museum was one of many impactful stops during Gilman's inaugural Civil Rights Tour trip in the summer of 2023.

The ruins of Paestum were one of many sites students took in on their trip to Italy over spring break 2023.

Volleyball players prepare to take flight during their summer 2023 competitive and service learning tour trip.



2024 Global Immersion Trips

Over spring break (March 9-18, 2024) and throughout the summer, Gilman will have several groups spread across the country and globe engaging in meaningful learning, cultural exchange, and fun. The memories are sure to last a lifetime! In 2024, we are offering the following four trips:

  • Civil Rights Trip
  • Classics Trip
  • 8th Grade STEM Trip
  • French Immersion Trip

Get more information and register here



International Exchange Offerings: Summer 2023





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Global Online Academy (GOA)

Gilman School is part a consortium of ninety leading independent schools from around the world in the Global Online Academy (GOA), a nonprofit organization that provides online courses to diversify and deepen the student learning experience. Gilman is one of a few Maryland schools participating in this program.

Launched in 2011, GOA reimagines learning to empower students and educators to thrive in a globally networked society. Member schools include The Dalton School, Buckingham Browne & Nichols, Cary Academy, Catlin Gabel, Jakarta Intercultural School, and King's Academy (Jordan).

At Gilman, GOA courses are open to rising juniors and seniors. Several Gilman faculty members also teach GOA classes.

View the GOA Course Catalog

A typical GOA course will be comprised of students located across multiple time zones that will collaborate on projects, communicate through discussion boards and video recordings, and have constant access to multimedia course materials. Teachers hold regularly scheduled virtual office hours, ensuring 1:1 instruction.


Joining Global Online Academy is an exciting opportunity both for faculty and students at Gilman to experience new, modern ways of teaching and learning. We benefit from expanded course offerings and teaching networks, while promoting students' global awareness and understanding.

Head of School Henry P. A. Smyth