Celebrating Gilman’s First Black Alumni

A weekend 50 years in the making took place in October 2018: the commemoration of the first black students to graduate from Gilman in 1968, and a celebration of the more than 480 black alumni who have followed.

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The History of Integration at Gilman

This commemorative video, which premiered at the Recognition Dinner, was created to give historical context to the integration of Gilman School. It features interviews with many of the trailblazers who made it happen.

Welcome Reception

Mentoring and Football

Football Honorary Chairs Simms Wiggins
Wiggins_Simms watch football  game

Recognition Banquet


Integration at Gilman: A Deeper Look

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The Committee

Marcus Simms '95 and Karlo Young '97
Co-Chairs, 50th Anniversary Celebration of Gilman’s First Black Alumni

Eric Bryant ‘88  and Malcolm Ruff ‘02
Co-Chairs, William A. Greene, Jr. Scholarship

We thank our committee for their tireless work on the 50th Anniversary Celebration!