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We are currently accepting Class Notes for the Summer 2022 edition of The Bulletin. Please submit your notes by May 1 for inclusion. Notes submitted after this date will be included in a future edition.

* Notes should be recent, concise, and focused on updates. We reserve the right to edit notes for content and space in the print magazine. Full notes will be posted online.

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Craig Scheir '87

I started a new job in July of 2022 working with old colleagues at an engineering startup company. I love the environment and the commute as well. It’s great working with old friends doing good stuff to help people.

  • 1980s
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Robert Baker '66

Sandy (Springside ’69, Hollins ’73) and I will be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary in August. Our primary residence is in Park City, Utah.

  • 1960s
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Chris West '68

I just won re-election as Maryland State Senator. This four-year term will be my last, and I am not coy about telling people that I will retire in 2026. Anne and I bought a great house in Rehoboth Beach last year, so I will not lack for recreational opportunities when I close up shop in Annapolis in 2026.

  • 1960s
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Karl Miller '78

Karl Miller is a research scientist for the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and associate professor in the University of Florida’s Department of Wildlife Ecology & Conservation.

  • 1970s
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Nick Owsley '93

David Shapiro and Nick Owsley caught up for lunch in Cambridge, Massachusetts with Than'l Badder ’94 in September 2022.

  • 1990s
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Jim Nesbitt '68

Jim Nesbitt, died suddenly on August 20, 2022, at Keswick Multi-Care Center where he had been in a long-term care bed since a fall in 2021.

  • 1960s
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Jake Beverage '94

Jake Beverage and John Ward (and their families) enjoyed some time on the water in Nelson, British Columbia in August 2022. Jake and his family recently moved to the Vancouver area.

  • 1990s
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Peter Bogue '94

Peter Bogue was in Hawaii in August 2022 with his family and connected tonight with classmate Mikey de Lara.

  • 1990s
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John Wharton '65

Last weekend's mail included the summer edition of Gilman’s alumni magazine, with an “in memoriam” page that painfully brought me up to speed on the passing almost a year ago of Temple Grassi.

  • 1960s
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John Kim '94

Brice Baradel '93, John Kim '94, and Billy Gonzalez '92 caught up at a conference hosted by the Association for Corporate Growth in Montauk, New York, in July 2022.

  • 1990s
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Bob Little '62

Members of the class of 1962 caught up for a meal and to share some great old Gilman stories at the Elkridge Club in Baltimore in early June 2022.

  • 1960s
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Conway Ziegler '66

Conway Zeigler provided the impetus for a mini-reunion of our class of 1966 for the reunion weekend last November. Several of us gathered at the Valley Inn for lunch.

  • 1960s
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Rick Green '66

Last fall, Rick Green reported the arrival of his second grandchild. Rick’s son, Yeardley, and wife Chris, welcomed Thomas Yeardley Green, nicknamed TYG, as in “Tigger the Tiger,” a favorite Winnie the Pooh character. TYG joins big sister, Birdie, now aged 3.  

  • 1960s
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Gordy Allen '65

Gordy Allen and Janice welcomed a fourth (and last) grandchild with the arrival of Norah to son Ben and Megan early in 2021.

  • 1960s
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Rick Buck '66

Barbara and I, after 27 months of sidestepping COVID, finally fell victim to it in April. Thankfully, Barb’s case was moderate. Mine was more toward the severe end of the spectrum, bringing all of the symptoms we had heard about, except severe respiratory issues.

  • 1960s
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Ben Legg '66

Retired Judge Ben Legg reports that he and wife Kyle now enjoy the winter months at their place on John’s Island in Vero Beach, Florida, where Kyle managed to become elected president of the island community (a post that Ben likens to being mayor of a small city!)

  • 1960s
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Michael Stanton '66

“Your children, even as adults, continue to occupy a lot of your thoughts and time.” Thus writes Michael Stanton, who along with Maureen, married away daughter Abby last September.

  • 1960s
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Lew Rumford '66

A third grandchild is on the way, due to arrive in mid-May, and Lew is proud of his portable grandparenting capabilities.

  • 1960s
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Dave Irwin '66

Dave Irwin and Kendi are now fully settled into the newly renovated primary home in Bethany Beach, Delaware. Now that the pandemic has waned, Dave has resumed a pattern of weekly commutes back to Towson, where he continues his law practice in association with the Baltimore firm of Kramon & Graham and plays in a weekly tennis match.

  • 1960s
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Amatsia Spigler '82

Amatsia Spigler is chief executive officer at Hakshiva, a nonprofit organization in Beit Shemesh, Israel, dedicated to the belief that every child deserves a loving, supportive presence in their lives and this presence should have the professional support to really make a difference in that child’s life.

  • 1980s
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Van Wolf '62

Not yet completely retired from practicing environmental law but time increasingly consumed with service on the board of Ballet Arizona.

  • 1960s
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Ken Van Durand '62

Limited report from our ambassador in Central Florida: “I continue to enjoy retirement to the max — I was born to be retired!” Notwithstanding his University of Miami alma mater making it to the NCAA basketball Elite Eight, Ken lamented his “worst bracket of the century.” There is always next year!

  • 1960s
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Don Proctor '62

Judith and Don doing well. Two days before Thanksgiving 2021, his last case was resolved (in client’s favor!) so now fully retired from 52 years of law practice (except for some trustee duties). Well done, Don, and welcome to the next phase.

  • 1960s
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John Hart '62

Hard core retired, and probably totally unemployable and unmanageable at this point; I did, however, have a satisfying academic and business career in computer science and software engineering with the usual highs and lows.

  • 1960s
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John Tompkins '75

Just back from our snow-bird trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I had the opportunity to drop by our school the other day for a lacrosse game with our 7-year-old granddaughter.

  • 1970s
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Renny Daly '62

“COVID the first of the year; new hip in January (to match the earlier one on other side), and now the knees are complaining.” Long COVID in February treated with colchicine (usual gout treatment) that helped with no side effects. “Sad when we get to the point that most of what we have to report relates to medical events.”

  • 1960s
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Winston Brundige '62

All the news for me and my family is the pandemic. With age and medical issues putting us at a high risk we have been extra careful ... and have avoided COVID so far.

  • 1960s
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Andy Barnes '62

Sara and Andy continue to enjoy good health “with the usual manageable aging challenges with which we all contend.”

  • 1960s
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Ian Miller '82

Ian Miller continues in his role as chief information officer at the law firm of Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP in New York.

  • 1980s
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Ross McKenrick '75

Hey gang! Today we are in Indian Springs, Nevada, (northeast of Las Vegas in the Desert Wildlife National Refuge and due east of Death Valley, California)

  • 1970s
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Terry Booker '82

Terry Booker is managing partner for Axis Partners in Philadelphia, which specializes in health equity strategy and health industry expertise. Terry’s nephew Thomas Booker ’18 was just drafted by the Houston Texans.

  • 1980s
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Mike Liebson '82

Mike Liebson is now a vice president of marketing at New at Horizon Soft, LLC, focusing on supply chain planning software using machine learning and artificial intelligence in Acton, Massachusetts.

  • 1980s
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Gary Raab '82

Gary Raab continues in his role as vice president of innovation and business development for Flavor Materials International.

  • 1980s
Read More about Gary Raab '82
Patrick Jacob '75

I feel a bit of an imposter as I left Gilman in 1970 so never graduated (though I did graduate from Millfield School in England, just!).

  • 1970s
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Pat O'Shea '75

After a healthcare investment banking and capital markets career of over 25 years taking me through New York (Salomon), Baltimore (Alex. Brown) and finally Richmond (BB&T), I’ve most recently been working on a couple things, most notably a digital health startup back in Baltimore.

  • 1970s
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Joe Wingard '75

I feel really lucky and grateful as we each fight the aging battle. I am the last Wingard at the family manufacturing business in Baltimore that my father started when our class was in first grade.

  • 1970s
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Chris Anderson '99

Chris Anderson’s son, Colin, recently found a Gilman 5A & 5B compositions book from 1992. Chris has since digitized the work for those interested.

  • 1990s
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Charlie Marek '99

Charlie Marek is currently reliving the glory days of Roland Park baseball through his son. Go Toppers and Rangers! He’s also working on his soccer skills with his daughter and hopes to understand the game by the end of the year.

  • 1990s
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Mike Rogers '99

Mike Rogers has been busy with work but is glad concerts are finally back. He recently went to see the Orioles play in LA with Evan Bedford, Kwaisi, and Kenny Kang. Word has it they kept all banter to 2022 standards.

  • 1990s
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Tim Webb '99

Tim Webb recently welcomed Henry James Webb this January. Henry’s older brother (Timmy) and three sisters (Avery, Georgia, and Mason) are doting on him. Mom and Dad are questioning their sanity with five little ones running around…

  • 1990s
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Darryl Jordan '99

Darryl Jordan recently graduated from Teachers College with a doctorate in music. He and his wife, Linda, welcomed their fourth child, Gavin, as they all moved to a new home in East Orange, New Jersey. He is still actively involved in music as a vocal director at the FAME school, LaGuardia High School in NYC and a member of the Broadway Inspirational Voices!

  • 1990s
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David Wright '82

He is now a broadcast journalist with PBS. David, who holds dual citizenship in Canada and the United States, and his wife are now living in Canada.  

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Chris Cebra '82

Dr. Chris Cebra continues in his role as the department chair for clinical sciences; Glen Pfefferkorn and Morris Wendorf Endowed Professor in Camelid Medicine; Professor - Large Animal Medicine at Oregon State University. 

  • 1980s
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Owen Perkins '82

In the thick of the pandemic, the Gilman Class of ’82 celebrated its 50th reunion in grand style — an occasion “Of Primary Importance,” as the old Lower School newspaper founded by John Schmick’s first class read across the banner.

  • 1980s
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Bill Miller '99

In the throes of a midlife crisis, Bill Miller has moved to Sarasota, Florida. He plans to keep the family's place in Baltimore for summers and vacations.

  • 1990s
Read More about Bill Miller '99
Beau Smith '99

With nothing of interest to share personally, I commend Del Schmidt for his service to the Alumni Association. This was his last year on the alumni board. I think he logged more years in this capacity than he did as a 12-year man in his 'student' days.

  • 1990s
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Vincent Hom '82

Vincent Hom is in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he serves as an information Technology Specialist for the Smithsonian Institutions.

  • 1980s
Read More about Vincent Hom '82
Hollyday Compton '82

Hollyday continues in his role as vice president of sales, SecqureOne Inc., which provides cyber security solutions and compliance services while also delivering industry-defining insights and vision to organizations looking to augment and improve their overall cyber security, IT risk, and governance in Norwell, Massachusetts.

  • 1980s
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Brian Doud '82

My wife, Leigh, and I have now been in Mountain Brook, a suburb of Birmingham, Ala., for ten years. I continue in my role as CMO of Thompson Tractor, the exclusive provider of Caterpillar equipment in Alabama and northwest Florida, and Hyundai Forklifts in Georgia.

  • 1980s
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Geary Stonesifer '82

When not dating Brazilian models, Geary Stonesifer continues in his role as president and owner of Mrs. Peters Smokehouse, which specializes in smoking local wild fish on open racks with local hardwoods.

  • 1980s
Read More about Geary Stonesifer '82
Ben Kim '82

Ben Kim continues in his role as deputy chief counsel at The Walt Disney Company where he is the lead attorney for the Disney media and entertainment distribution and Disney streaming technology teams, covering tech for all Disney brands, including ABC, ABC News, Disney+, ESPN, ESPN+, FreeForm, FX, Hulu, Marvel, National Geographic, and Lucas.

  • 1980s
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George Doub '82

Five Gilman alumni — Gerry Brewster ’75, Eben Eck ’83, John Purnell ’76, John Worthington ’81, and captain George Doub ’82 — teamed up on behalf of the Green Spring Valley Hunt Club (GSVHC) to defeat The Metropolitan Club of Washington, DC 3-2 in a backgammon match on February 10. 

  • 1980s
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Wallace Simpson '82

Wallace Simpson is a technical program manager at ServiceNow. Wallace continues with his passion for photography — check out his website wallacesimpsonphotography.com.

  • 1980s
Read More about Wallace Simpson '82
Stephan Miller '82

Stephan Miller continues in his role as senior director of clinical development at SANIFIT, a biopharmaceutical company focused on treatments for calcification disorders.

  • 1980s
Read More about Stephan Miller '82
TR Levin '82

Dr. TR Levin continues in his role as a gastroenterologist with The Permanente Medical Group, Inc where he runs the clinical practice of gastroenterology managing a department of 17 physicians and clinical research in cancer screening and implementing large clinical programs. 

  • 1980s
Read More about TR Levin '82
Alberto Zapata '82

Alberto Zapata continues in his role as senior counsel at the Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C. 

  • 1980s
Read More about Alberto Zapata '82
Randy Wilgis '82

Randy Wilgis is now chief executive officer at Hoowaki, LLC, which specializes in microsurface technologies and friction solutions.

  • 1980s
Read More about Randy Wilgis '82
Joe Seivold '82

Joe Seivold continues in his role as headmaster of Berkeley Prep, Tampa’s premier college preparatory institution.

  • 1980s
Read More about Joe Seivold '82
Wendell Phillips '82

Wendell Phillips is vice chancellor for external affairs and military relations at Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

  • 1980s
Read More about Wendell Phillips '82
John Redwood III '64

Still avoiding downsizing, John Redwood reports that, like some others, he also continues to work a fair amount, as an independent consultant.

  • 1960s
Read More about John Redwood III '64
Doug Eyring '82

After more than 10 years at the Richards Group in Dallas, Doug Eyring is now creative director with Eyko Creative, his own boutique agency in Dallas.

  • 1980s
Read More about Doug Eyring '82
Scott Bowerman '82

Dr. Scott Bowerman continues in his role as an orthopaedic surgeon with Rome Orthopaedic Center in Rome, Georgia. Scott focuses mainly on joint replacement of the hip and knee as well as general orthopaedics.

  • 1980s
Read More about Scott Bowerman '82
Scott Bortz '82

Scott Bortz continues his career as a partner for Tribek Properties in Charlotte, North Carolina, which specializes in ground-up development, property management, brokerage, disposition, and acquisition.

  • 1980s
Read More about Scott Bortz '82
Tom Waxter '82

Tom Waxter remains a partner at the law firm of Goodell DeVries concentrating primarily on product liability defense.

  • 1980s
Read More about Tom Waxter '82
Doug Riley '82

Doug Riley has made a full recovery from the brain surgery he had in 2020 to correct an arteriovenous malformation.

  • 1980s
Read More about Doug Riley '82
Rhett Waldman '82

I contacted Rhett Waldman before the reunion and he let me know he was unable to attend due to family obligations and the end of Passover.

  • 1980s
Read More about Rhett Waldman '82
Mark Peeler '82

Dr. Mark Peeler continues as a vascular surgeon with Cardiology Associates in Annapolis, Maryland, and Chester, Maryland.

  • 1980s
Read More about Mark Peeler '82
Leigh Panlilio '82

Dr. Leigh Panlilio continues in his role as a research fellow at the National Institute on Drug Abuse Intramural Research Program at the National Institutes of Health with concentration in the neuropsychopharmacology of opioids, stimulants, cannabinoids, and nicotine.

  • 1980s
Read More about Leigh Panlilio '82
Wells Obrecht '82

Wells Obrecht continues in his role as president of Obrecht Commercial Real Estate, working every day with David Knipp.

  • 1980s
Read More about Wells Obrecht '82
Nick Kouwenhoven '82

Nick Kouwenhoven continues his role as executive director for the Academy of Lifelong Learning at University of Maryland Baltimore.

  • 1980s
Read More about Nick Kouwenhoven '82
Will Howard '82

Will Howard is a freelance editor working in Baltimore for clients such as Johns Hopkins University, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Sheridan Journal Services.

  • 1980s
Read More about Will Howard '82
David Abrahamson '64

David Abrahamson reports that, inspired by a few classmates, who over the years have found happiness in distant locales, last spring, he and his wife bought a second home in a small village less than an hour north of Lisbon.

  • 1960s
Read More about David Abrahamson '64
John Harrison '82

Dr. John Harrison continues practicing medicine as an internist affiliated with the University of Maryland Rehabilitation & Orthopaedic Institute.

  • 1980s
Read More about John Harrison '82
John Danko '82

John Danko continues with the family business as president and CEO of Danko Arlington, which specializes in military and commercial aluminum and bronze sand castings, 3-D sand, and 3-D plastic printing of rapid prototypes and production parts.

  • 1980s
Read More about John Danko '82
Ken Brown '82

Ken Brown is in Baltimore where he is a performing artist — under the performance name “Analysis” — and a writer, minister, bookseller with more than 20 years of experience in transformational education and ministry, dissemination of information and dynamic performing arts. Ken continues as a bookseller at Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse.

  • 1980s
Read More about Ken Brown '82
Nick Brader '82

Nick Brader continues to run NJB Engineering, concentrating in land planning and site feasibility analysis development with extensive experience in site feasibility studies, and civil engineering projects.

  • 1980s
Read More about Nick Brader '82
Frank Bonsal '82

Frank Bonsal is now Managing Partner at Bonsal Capital, which invests in pre-seed, seed, and early-stage focused companies that target the future of learning and work. Frank’s son, Frank IV, is a Third Former Class of 2025.

  • 1980s
Read More about Frank Bonsal '82
Dirck Bartlett '82

Dirck Bartlett and his wife, Christy, are empty nesters on the Eastern Shore where Dirck continues his work at Ilex Construction.

  • 1980s
Read More about Dirck Bartlett '82
Jeb Saunders '82

Jeb continues his role as special deputy attorney general, North Carolina Department of Justice, Consumer Protection Division where he assists seniors who are victims of fraud and files civil actions against businesses and individuals engaged in unfair and deceptive trade practices.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jeb Saunders '82
John Sanders '82

John Sanders continues in his role as manager of international trade for The David J. Joseph Company managing the international ferrous raw materials marketing and procurement actions of Nucor Steel (a Fortune 150 Company) with specialization in the European and MENA regions. John and Kathy recently moved to Daniel Island, South Carolina, in Charleston.  

  • 1980s
Read More about John Sanders '82
Jay Goldstein '82

Dr. Jay Goldstein continues in his role as a lecturer at the University of Maryland where he lectures on the growth, learning, understanding, and application of psychological skills training for sport and exercise and the stress management for life, the biopsychosocial aspects of children in sports and the management of youth fitness, sports and educational programs.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jay Goldstein '82
Peter Wilson '82

Peter Wilson continues in his role as principal and director of business development at Waldon Studio Architects in Baltimore.  

  • 1980s
Read More about Peter Wilson '82
Edwin Villamater '82

Edwin Villamater continues in his role as chief of the department of anesthesia, Northwest Medical Center in Baltimore and a clinical assistant professor of anesthesia at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

  • 1980s
Read More about Edwin Villamater '82
Tim Robinson '82

Tim Robinson continues in his role as a senior systems engineer at Northrup Grunman. Tim’s son, Talbott, is graduating from UMBC in 2022 and his daughter, Rebecca, attends Columbia.  

  • 1980s
Read More about Tim Robinson '82
Pat O'Brien '82

Pat O’Brien continues his role as owner of Patrick Reid O’Brien Studio, which specializes in custom art and commercial design.

  • 1980s
Read More about Pat O'Brien '82
Tim Naylor '82

Tim Naylor continues as president of Naylor Antiques, which advises clients on appraisals and consultations on specific pieces to acquire or sell.

  • 1980s
Read More about Tim Naylor '82
Simon Najar '82

Simon Najar is a purchasing manager at DTLR where he manages the procurement and contract negotiation for goods and services for 85 door national retail operations.  

  • 1980s
Read More about Simon Najar '82
John Morrel '82

John Morrel continues in his role as principal at Marshall Craft Associates, a high-quality, technically advanced, solutions-based architectural design firm based in Baltimore. 

  • 1980s
Read More about John Morrel '82
Bill Mathews '82

Dr. Bill Mathews has retired from his research work at The Johns Hopkins University. He and Michaela are splitting time between their home in Ruxton and Avalon, New Jersey.  

  • 1980s
Read More about Bill Mathews '82
Glenn Lacher '82

Glenn Lacher is a real estate agent with Long & Foster in Lutherville. At the reunion, Joe Seivold led us in a hearty rendition of “Happy Birthday Lenny Lache” to celebrate Glenn’s 58th!  

  • 1980s
Read More about Glenn Lacher '82
David Knipp '82

David Knipp continues in his role as vice president at Obrecht Commercial Real Estate working every day with Wells Obrecht.

  • 1980s
Read More about David Knipp '82
Tom Hoen '82

Tom Hoen continues in his role as senior vice president of growth technologies at Network for Good, which provides simple and smart fundraising software for nonprofit organizations.

  • 1980s
Read More about Tom Hoen '82
Mitch Ford '82

Mitch Ford continues in his role as senior vice president, financial advisor, and portfolio management director of The Ford Group at Morgan Stanley where he is fortunate to work with his dad and brother Mac ’81.

  • 1980s
Read More about Mitch Ford '82
Van Dorsey '82

Van Dorsey continues in his role of general counsel for the Maryland Insurance Administration. Van’s daughter, Julia, is a member of the women’s soccer and lacrosse teams at UNC.

  • 1980s
Read More about Van Dorsey '82
Jim Cooke '82

Jim Cooke has left Network Media Partners after 25 years and started Wasitacatisaw LLC, a company committed to building a better catamaran.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jim Cooke '82
Aaron Bryant '82

Aaron Bryant continues in his role as curator of photography, visual anthropology, and contemporary history at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Smithsonian Institution.

  • 1980s
Read More about Aaron Bryant '82
Don McPherson '59

Don McPherson and his wife, Ann, are thrilled that their former daughter-in-law, Anna (wife of their deceased son, David), and her three children have returned to the Baltimore area after living in Europe for years.

  • 1950s
Read More about Don McPherson '59
Steve Mason '64

I am fortunate to split my time 49:51 between Baltimore and Naples, Florida, the latter where my vote counts and my taxes don’t.

  • 1960s
Read More about Steve Mason '64
Ford Weiskittel '64

Pretty unexciting here, especially with the pandemic. Our daughter and her family moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, so are now 415 miles away instead of 15.

  • 1960s
Read More about Ford Weiskittel '64
Hershey Sollod '64

Biggest news for me is retiring from my psychiatric practice of more than 45 years. I am very grateful to have had such a fulfilling career.

  • 1960s
Read More about Hershey Sollod '64
David Allan '64

Not much to report in the Allan family. Both my wife, Bonnie, and I are retired. Bonnie is very active in Outward Bound and NAMI, the national alliance of the Mentally Ill, and I, along with several relatives, am working with the Baltimore Community Foundation to fund urban gardens in the city.

  • 1960s
Read More about David Allan '64
Bob Pine '64

We have started to get out and about in spite of COVID. Last summer we rented a house in the Bergerac region in SW France for five weeks enjoying sights, food, and friends.

  • 1960s
Read More about Bob Pine '64
Bob Locke '64

Seeing as I am one of the elder statesmen of our class, I guess it is only fitting that I am in the vanguard to move into a retirement community, Roland Park Place.

  • 1960s
Read More about Bob Locke '64
Fred Kelly '64

Nancy and Fred Kelly are celebrating 46 years of marriage in Savannah in the winter and Boothbay Harbor, Maine, in the summer.

  • 1960s
Read More about Fred Kelly '64
Doug Green '64

I am still working full time, e.g., defending Duke Energy in antitrust litigation in the western district of North Carolina.

  • 1960s
Read More about Doug Green '64
Jim Campbell '64

My travel for the last two years has consisted to two or three lunches in Washington, DC (although this is about to change). I am still working albeit from home), still married to the same woman (Karen), still have the same kids (with no new grandkids).

  • 1960s
Read More about Jim Campbell '64
Josh Gillelan '64

Allison and I, at a mere 27 years, are still in Prince George’s County where the 200-acre farm across the road and down the hill has turned into fields full of McMansions on 1/6-acre lots and the colonial-era road, still only a lane and a half wide when I came here five months after law school, is now a by-passed cul-de-sac in “Country Club Acres” (though we’re free of the burden of “membership” in the homeowners association).

  • 1960s
Read More about Josh Gillelan '64
Mike Austin '76

Mike Austin wrote of what has followed a son’s death and a daughter’s move, along with notes from his social media chats with classmates and changes in his work and health regimen.

  • 1970s
Read More about Mike Austin '76
Laurey Millspaugh '76

Laurey Millspaugh sees “a fun pattern here as we all shift our attention to far-flung children and health. Jinks and I are no exception."

  • 1970s
Read More about Laurey Millspaugh '76
Mark Caplan '76

Mark Caplan was preparing to be on his way to New Orleans for French Quarter Fest, where “Linda and I hope to spend time with Blazer [Catzen] and Kathy. How things do not change."

  • 1970s
Read More about Mark Caplan '76
Sandy Dugan '56

Sandy Dugan writes from Wrenshall, Minnesota, that he, too, hopes to come back for our 70th reunion. He has recently started taking guitar lessons to keep up with his grandson, but he finds it to be a very humbling undertaking! But it’s always good to learn something new at any age, I hear!

  • 1950s
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Ron Nelson '56

In that vein, Ron Nelson reports from Fort Myers, Florida, that he and Cynthia are doing well, and he’s looking forward to our 70th class reunion in 2026! How's that for positive thinking?! His son and daughter live nearby “so it couldn’t be better,” he said.

  • 1950s
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Cooper Graham '56

Cooper Graham reported from Baltimore that he and Pat are fine, both children are fine, and they were planning a trip to England in the spring to visit their daughter …. “Boris Johnson, COVID, and Vladimir Putin permitting,” he said. Sounds good to me!

  • 1950s
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Tom Carroll '56

Tom Carroll stays active in Havre de Grace where he and Winnie have lived for many years. His recent activities include restoring an old Skipjack, the “Martha Lewis,” which is an oyster dredge built in 1955. It will soon be sailing again to show school children about the essential part of history on the Chesapeake Bay.

  • 1950s
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Mike Fisher '56

Mike Fisher continues to split his time between his homes in Black Butte Ranch, Oregon, and Rio Verde, Arizona, and he reminded us that he has lived “out West” for more than 60 years! His health is good overall, but he says that bad knees, bad shoulders and cciatica have slowed him down considerably.

  • 1950s
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Sam Smith '56

Sam Smith says that he is finally seeing the light at the end of his project to identify and catalog the War of 1812 Maryland Participant Burials. All of this data has been sent to the Maryland State Archives and the Maryland Historical Society. He and Judy are doing well and exercising as much as possible,

  • 1950s
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Mert Fowlkes '56

My life continues to be good, with both of our children and all three grandchildren nearby here in Richmond. Sue and I still visit Bermuda regularly (her original home), and I’m still playing with old cars, including a '49 Ford just like the one I had while at Gilman. Good memories!

  • 1950s
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Howard Stick '56

Howard Stick reports (via Christmas card) that he and Alyce are doing well. They enjoyed a sunny vacation in Jamaica recently — their first venture out of the U.S. in two years. 

  • 1950s
Read More about Howard Stick '56
Harry Lord '56

Harry Lord spent a week in a remote region of Yellowstone National Park in January seeking and tracking “remarkable wolf packs reintroduced there nearly two decades ago.”

  • 1950s
Read More about Harry Lord '56
Ambler Moss '56

Another Floridian is Ambler Moss, who reports from Coral Gables that he and Serena are happily settled in a house that they bought in1982, and are fortunate to have two grandchildren nearby. 

  • 1950s
Read More about Ambler Moss '56
Nick Penniman '56

Nick Penniman mentioned that a 70th reunion sounds interesting, and that “88 years is achievable.” Let’s hope he’s right for everybody. He lives in Naples, Florida, where he has been for many years. 

  • 1950s
Read More about Nick Penniman '56
Leland James '56

Leland James reports from his longtime riverfront home in Irvington, Virginia,that life is good, although a few back and leg problems have curtailed some of his traveling. He has three sons and three granddaughters, all spread out from Colorado to New York.

  • 1950s
Read More about Leland James '56
Bill Zeeveld '56

Bill Zeeveld reports from Hendersonville, North Carolina, that he still enjoys his home office engineering consulting business. His most recent noteworthy activities were all medical-related: successful cataract surgery, minor concussion from a fall on black ice, and COVID infection after three vaccination shots. 

  • 1950s
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Ham Davis '76

Our youngest graduates high school this year and is headed to Purdue in the fall. We have a family situation that has my wife, Kiki, in Brooklyn at least once a month.

  • 1970s
Read More about Ham Davis '76
Charlie Moore '76

“Laura, Bryan and I just returned to Baltimore from Florida, by way of Woods Hole for Laura’s mom’s funeral,” Charlie wrote, “in the same small, ancient church in which Laura and I were married 42 years ago, this August.

  • 1970s
Read More about Charlie Moore '76
Arthur “Tiger” Cromwell '76

Continuing his reacclimation to life stateside, Arthur Cromwell wrote, “After three years in Woodbridge, Virginia, my wife and I are still readjusting to the ol' USA after almost eight years in Venezuela. No bars on our windows and no 12,500-volt fence around the house — still hard to get used to.”

  • 1970s
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Phil Scott '76

Phil Scott wrote that he’s “still punching the clock in NYC, but the pandemic has brought an unexpected silver lining in that I was able to work remotely from the Maine coast for a little more than half of the last two years. Now, I’m back to the office, but the summer-in-Maine bug has got me, and Lindsay and I are planning a more permanent address change to our home in Castine next year."

  • 1970s
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Henry Jenkins '76

Henry Jenkins wrote that he was “holed up here in Owings Mills for a bit having just had a minor back operation last week performed by Charles Edwards II ’88, which was a complete success. No heavy lifting and no boogying for a few more weeks. Quite a relief after eight months of not being able to stand up straight comfortably finds me in a much better mood.”

  • 1970s
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Richard Mulligan '76

At the risk of being considered a bit of an interloper, reading all these responses brought back many memories of my time at Gilman, which ended after ninth grade. Through the years I have occasionally seen many of you (The Maryland Xmas lunch comes to mind), and have enjoyed catching up.

  • 1970s
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Henry Thomas '76

Tina and I are doing great, and about to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Still working hard, as I have two daughters getting married this year. We couldn’t convince them to get married on the same day. Our oldest daughter is married and lives in San Francisco. They had our first grandchild a year ago. Sure wish they lived closer.

  • 1970s
Read More about Henry Thomas '76
Sylvester Cox '76

Judy and I traveled to Southern California for a couple of weeks last year to see Lindsey, who moved there in the fall of 2019, a few months prior to the pandemic. From there we spent a few days in the desert, where the temperature rose as high as 114 degrees.

  • 1970s
Read More about Sylvester Cox '76
John Purnell '76

I have not retired either, but am increasingly involved in theater so maybe I should. I am lighting “Rock of Ages” at Annapolis Summer Garden. Then I revert to an on-stage persona playing Mayor Josiah Dobbs in “Bright Star.” As if that is not enough time suck, I am now on the Annapolis Transportation Board. So, I am most definitely not a man of leisure!

  • 1970s
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Sandy Watkins '56

Sandy Watkins broke his long silence and sent an interesting report on his life in Annapolis! He is a retired physician (hematology/oncology) after 49 years of practice. He and Gail have a son and a daughter, and five grandchildren. He currently runs a farm in Rock Hall, Maryland, where he hunts, fishes, and runs his retriever. What a life!

  • 1950s
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John Wharton '76

I continue getting bent out of shape once or twice a week in yoga class, training and participating in volunteer mediation, and taking part in a couple other nonprofit activities culled from what was once a longer list of potential post-retirement pursuits.

  • 1970s
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Frank Vecella '76

The sad news on my end is that my mother passed away last week. The happy news is that my wife, Pam, and I sold our house in Dallas last year — after spending the past 39 years as transplanted Texans — and are now back on the east coast full time. 

  • 1970s
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Bill Spragins '76

Full retirement is not in the plans any time soon, as there are bills still to be paid in California. We got a break last week when gas prices fell to a bargain $5.10 per gallon!

  • 1970s
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Suber Huang '76

Suber Huang provided an update on worldwide and national pandemic statistics, both test-positive cases and deaths, and told of his son’s experience, in a location hit hard by the illness from the onset.

  • 1970s
Read More about Suber Huang '76
Bill Matthai '76

I anticipate working for about another two years. I think the latest I will work is June 2024, maybe an earlier departure. Jan reminds me each day that she goes out to play golf that I could be doing that, too!

  • 1970s
Read More about Bill Matthai '76
Andy DeMuth '76

Andy deMuth thanked “everyone for making our 45th giving effort and reunion another success. When we get back on campus, I don’t feel any older."

  • 1970s
Read More about Andy DeMuth '76
Dixon Harvey '76

Dixon and Jan “celebrate 37 years in June, and she didn’t ditch me during the pandemic. We [also] became vegan when COVID hit, and it has been great for our health. (Truth be told, we are not hard-core, and when we go out, we happily eat whatever is served.)”

  • 1970s
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Joe Healey '56

Joe Healey wrote from New Vernon, New Jersey, where he was on safari from his home at the Maryknoll Society in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • 1950s
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Bobby Thomas '76

Polly and I are starting to scale back our formal work commitments without fully embracing the ‘R’ word, which somehow doesn’t describe what we hope the future looks like when we are not working full time. We’re hoping to downsize to a smaller space sometime soon, but the prospects of decluttering are rather overwhelming!

  • 1970s
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Fritz Baukhages '56

Fritz Baukhages continues to split his time between his home in Luray, Virginia, and his condominium in Southern Pines, N.C., where he and Ann have wintered for many years. " Not much going on except golf and seeing doctors," he said. But it sure beats the alternative!

  • 1950s
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Jim Burgunder '76

Jim Burgunder wrote from Switzerland of “splitting our time between our place in Rheinfelden, currently being renovated, and our place in the mountains next to a school which our sons attended. Anna is now entering her final year at Deloitte before her mandatory age 60 retirement."

  • 1970s
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Nick Richardson '76

Anita and I are both well and still in the working world. While I have no plans to retire, I would have to say that, on any day, I’m one really crappy week from retirement.

  • 1970s
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Keith Christian '76

I’m alive and well in Philly. One more year of police work, then I’m hanging up my handcuff key. I recently had dinner with Chris Lambert and his wife. They were in Philly for the weekend. Can’t wait to get back to Baltimore, I need a real crab cake.

  • 1970s
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Timothy Holley '77

As part of our 45th Reunion celebration, members of the Class of 1977 got together for some golf at Mount Pleasant and some grub at Das Bierhalle on the Friday of Alumni Weekend.

  • 1970s
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Leith Herrmann '64

Susie and I have a few big events ahead. Our son, Will, is getting married in Colorado in July. At age 45, he is not one to rush into things! His bride, Carly, is a gem, and we are immensely happy for both of them. In September, Susie and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary in Maine. Our daughter, Jenny, had been invited to ski at the Special Olympics World Winter Games (not to be confused with Paralympics) last January in Kazan, Russia.

  • 1960s
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Bucky Buck '60

Randi and I are still raising our two grandsons (ages 18 and 15) and have been doing so for nearly eight years.

  • 1960s
Read More about Bucky Buck '60
Kent Mullikin '60

Looking back over the sequestered time of the pandemic, I’ve done a lot of reading — history, biography, fiction…and more mysteries than I care to admit.

  • 1960s
Read More about Kent Mullikin '60
John Rouse '60

Greetings from Rome, Italy. This year, believe it or not, marks my 37th here in Rome, which may be my last since Yasuko and I are planning to return to the States at the end of this year or in 2023, depending on how things go.

  • 1960s
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King Barnes '60

I miss seeing Ritchie Evans and classmates at our bi-monthly class lunches that he used to organize. I am attending lacrosse games at Archbishop Curley’s (Friars) as Wilson IV plays Crease attack there and looks forward to football in the fall.

  • 1960s
Read More about King Barnes '60
Doug Ober '64

I’m still on my journey of recovery from Fran’s death last April, helped by numerous friends here and elsewhere.

  • 1960s
Read More about Doug Ober '64
Jeff Miller '64

Jeff informs us that he does “not have much to say about what I did this year, but some nice things happened to my daughter, Caroline Miller Solomon.”

  • 1960s
Read More about Jeff Miller '64
Bert Keidel '64

Bert Keidel reports that he is “still waiting for final publication of my book on China (the publisher now says March).

  • 1960s
Read More about Bert Keidel '64
Peter Wood '60

Here’s my update, with dubious personal health news up front, as it is for most of us at this stage. After a heart event in June 2021, good doctors gave me two stents, and they added a pacemaker last November.

  • 1960s
Read More about Peter Wood '60
George Sourlis '08

George Sourlis recently moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, where he continues to practice dentistry and has partnered in a local private practice.

  • 2000s
Read More about George Sourlis '08
Brian Lyles '80

Brian Lyles was unable to attend but says he has been keeping busy with marketing and internal corporate communications projects at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other government agencies.

  • 1980s
Read More about Brian Lyles '80
Rick Bowie '08

Rick Bowie was recently hired as offensive coordinator for the Valdosta State Blazers. Valdosta State is aptly nicknamed TitleTown for their Division II national football championships in 2004, 2007, 2012, and 2018.

  • 2000s
Read More about Rick Bowie '08
Danny Johnson '08

Danny Johnson M.D., is moving back to Baltimore this summer for a fellowship in orthopedic trauma at the R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center. 

  • 2000s
Read More about Danny Johnson '08
Jason Frankel '08

Jason Frankel qualified for the Ironman World Championship in which he competed on May 7, 2022 in St. George, Utah.

  • 2000s
Read More about Jason Frankel '08
Paul Danko '80

Paul Danko has now been married for over a year and is the Brady Bunch plus one. I see Paul often at the golf course and he is doing well.

  • 1980s
Read More about Paul Danko '80
Sam Frank '08

Sam Frank is owner and founding partner of Four Twelve Roofing, which was named the fastest growing company in Baltimore by the Baltimore Business Journal.

  • 2000s
Read More about Sam Frank '08
Giff Brooks '08

Lives in San Francisco with his wife, Haesun. He recently joined a startup fintech company named Ness as their head of credit.

  • 2000s
Read More about Giff Brooks '08
Brendan Simmons '08

Brendan and his wife, Heather, moved to Marietta, Georgia, in July 2021 (suburb of Atlanta and her hometown) and welcomed their first child, a girl named Emerson, in April.

  • 2000s
Read More about Brendan Simmons '08
Jamie Wiles '08

Currently lives in Baltimore with his wife and works as a clinical nurse researcher in transplant and oncology infectious diseases at Hopkins, with a focus on organ transplantation in persons living with HIV.

Read More about Jamie Wiles '08
Scott Goldscher '08

I was recently promoted to Vice President of Sales for Tanteo Tequila — an ultra-premium craft tequila brand that shares distillery ownership with the agave farmers themselves.

  • 2000s
Read More about Scott Goldscher '08
Stan Heuisler '60

Our iconic English teacher and drama director A. J. “Jerry” Downs, age 97 and a half, is here in another section of the Roland Park Place retirement community where I live, and we visit. 

  • 1960s
Read More about Stan Heuisler '60
Jeff Salkin '80

Jeff Salkin did make the lunch and told me his daughter moved to London and, on a recent visit, he was able to connect with Alan Livsey. He was happy to report Alan is doing well.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jeff Salkin '80
Damon Roach '77

My wife, the fabulous Sandy Dodson, and I are still living in Federal Hill (read South Baltimore) not far from where I grew up in Locust Point.

  • 1970s
Read More about Damon Roach '77
Tim O’Shea '77

All good with the O’Sheas. Our three adult children are finding their ways, the oldest Andrew in Philadelphia with wife Hannah and grandchild George. Middle child, daughter Tori has evolved from a teacher/coach to a finance/investment professional and seems to be on a good path personally and professionally here in Richmond, Virginia. Youngest son Riley is also in Richmond, will wed in June.

  • 1970s
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Lew Seiler '60

I have just celebrated, if that applies, my 80th birthday, impossible that we are getting to that age but it is happening. My activities include working at Churchill Downs in the capacity of a seasonal employee since 2002, wonderful job and nice coworkers.

  • 1960s
Read More about Lew Seiler '60
Max Robinson '60

I’ve now been retired for 25 months. I had originally planned to work until next year, but decided to let my grandmother have the title; she worked until she was 81.

  • 1960s
Read More about Max Robinson '60
Stuart Gray '77

Katie and I too are empty nesters and living near Gilman, as you will find out if you can attend our reunion.

  • 1970s
Read More about Stuart Gray '77
Bill Dorsey '60

Senescing gently in a house built 350 or so years ago, in the middle of an estate bought from a family who'd owned it for 450 or so years — since the time of the English Civil War — looking out over relatively unspoilt North Norfolk, UK, farmland/countryside...

  • 1960s
Read More about Bill Dorsey '60
John Zouck '60

Judy and I now are permanent residents of New Hampshire, but still spend time at our house in Maryland, for which I seem to have taken on the role of caretaker, having decided to hold on to it for our son John and his wife, Stacey, who live in Vermont.

  • 1960s
Read More about John Zouck '60
Barry Saunders '77

We are empty nesters in our same ’70s house tucked in Chapel Hill woods … lately rebuilding window sills with Bondo and replacing chunks of siding. We are basically borrowing this place from the bugs and moss that really own it.

  • 1970s
Read More about Barry Saunders '77
Peter Wharton '77

A couple of years ago I joined TAG Video Systems, a media technology company based in Tel Aviv as their Chief Strategy and Cloud Officer.

  • 1970s
Read More about Peter Wharton '77
Ed Wyche '77

My wife, Christine, and I both retired last year and we are still trying to figure out the right cadence for our daily lives (most of my ‘figuring’ takes place on the golf course). We live about 30 miles north of Charlotte, North Carolina, in the town of Denver, which is on Lake Norman.

  • 1970s
Read More about Ed Wyche '77
Fred White '77

My wife, Chadijah, and I are preparing to celebrate 40 years of marriage this coming June. We are still here, near Baltimore.

  • 1970s
Read More about Fred White '77
Bob Johns '77

Susan and I are doing well. We were fortunate enough to have all four children, their significant others, and our granddaughter with us in Florida for the Christmas holidays.

  • 1970s
Read More about Bob Johns '77
Tim Lambert '77

My wife, Kate, and I are marking 20 years in Kensington, Maryland, just north of the Washington DC line. COVID saw our two daughters (ages 20 and 23) living with us. Both are well and thriving.

  • 1970s
Read More about Tim Lambert '77
Mark Schuster '77

Jeff and I are enjoying being back in the LA area. We found a place in La Cañada Flintridge, a town next to Pasadena. Our boys are high school seniors. Jacob will be going to Caltech in the fall, and Scott will be going to UC Berkeley.

  • 1970s
Read More about Mark Schuster '77
Jimmy Franklin '80

My family is doing well. My oldest is working in the ER at St Joe’s. My middle daughter is finishing her junior year at Coastal Carolina. My son is finishing his junior year in high school and has straight As.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jimmy Franklin '80
John Eliasberg '77

I've been married to my college sweetheart for 38 years. My daughter is married and is a surgeon and researcher in NYC. My son lives in Brooklyn Heights, works for Big Tech, and enjoys running and travel.

  • 1970s
Read More about John Eliasberg '77
James Wyatt '77

Currently my mom (102 years old) is in hospice, we are all on standby alert, expecting the inevitable outcome, and trying to conduct normal day-to-day routines.

  • 1970s
Read More about James Wyatt '77
Jim Winn '60

On April 22, 2022 Randy Cockey, Ted Knowles, Karl Mech, and I attended the Gilman Forever luncheon at the School.

  • 1960s
Read More about Jim Winn '60
Lee Kowarski '96

It has been nice having things get back to a bit of more normalcy in NYC — going out to restaurants, concerts, plays, etc. (at least when the COVID rates have been low).

  • 1990s
Read More about Lee Kowarski '96
David Woods '54

As for me, no COVID – yet (May 1) and still adjusting to life after losing Evie after 68 of dating and marriage. Thirty-four years ago we sold our four-story Tudor and bought what she called our “wheelchair house,” which it is.

  • 1950s
Read More about David Woods '54
Carlton Seitz '54

Carlton Seitz reported that his heart is ticking in a way that makes his doctors happy after some trouble in September of 2020.

  • 1950s
Read More about Carlton Seitz '54
Dick Fryberger '54

Dick Fryberger may be the most chilled out of all. He reported (in April) that he and Nancy were ready to leave their assisted/independent living digs in, I believe, Cambridge and join their friends and neighbors in beautiful Chocorua, New Hampshire.

  • 1950s
Read More about Dick Fryberger '54
Larry Wagner '54

Larry Wagner walks with a cane, but still gets to his boat so he can head out into the Gulf of Mexico to catch whatever is biting.

  • 1950s
Read More about Larry Wagner '54
Scott Sullivan '54

Scott Sullivan, who is also the corresponding secretary for the Yale class of 1958, reports that he stays pretty much close to home.

  • 1950s
Read More about Scott Sullivan '54
Greg Friedman '90

Greg Friedman is already transitioning into a more peaceful chapter of his life. He and his wife, Meg, are getting ready to send their youngest off to college.

  • 1990s
Read More about Greg Friedman '90
Matt Horwitz '90

Matt Horwitz is still loving his return to Baltimore. Like many of us, he’s approaching the big “Five Oh,” and he’ll do so in style with Jen, his wife of five years.

  • 1990s
Read More about Matt Horwitz '90
Willy Moore '81

Work is going gangbusters at Southway Builders. We were just honored with a Project of the Year award for a City affordable housing building, and we were just listed #7 on the Baltimore Business Journal’s list of contractors in Baltimore with the most work in the city.

  • 1980s
Read More about Willy Moore '81
Andrew Brooks '74

On behalf of the Class of 1974, I am proud to congratulate our classmate Andrew M. Brooks as the incoming President of the Board of Trustees of Gilman School.

  • 1970s
Read More about Andrew Brooks '74
Peter Bowe '74

Peter Bowe writes he and Barbara have moved from the Baltimore Inner Harbor to Annapolis on the water, which should provide inspiration for him as publisher of DredgeWire.

  • 1970s
Read More about Peter Bowe '74
Doug Nelson '74

Doug Nelson and Clinton Daly became grandfathers again to a baby boy, John Riggs Nelson. Clinton continues as President of the Board of Trustees for the Maryland Center for History & Culture.

  • 1970s
Read More about Doug Nelson '74
Andy Felser '74

Andrew Felser reports he has unretired as an attorney, and moonlights acting as a film noir police detective in “The Interrogators.”

  • 1970s
Read More about Andy Felser '74
Jock Whittlesey '74

Jock Whittlesey and wife Monique are living in a book-filled apartment in Jupiter, Florida, where they enjoy an ocean swim or a beach walk nearly every day.

  • 1970s
Read More about Jock Whittlesey '74
Sam Knowles '90

He’s very appreciative of a great life with his wife and kids in northern Virginia and references the Joe Walsh song, “Life’s Been Good”: “I can't complain but sometimes I still do.”

  • 1990s
Read More about Sam Knowles '90
Gary Carr '54

Gary Carr says he isn’t doing much but breaking his back carrying pavers to repave their walk. He says he misses the Classes of ’54 and ’55 lunches that Tom Swindell of ’55 put together for many years at the Valley Inn and then the L'Hirondelle Club.

  • 1950s
Read More about Gary Carr '54
Remak Ransay '54

He says the “ponzi scheme” perpetrated by the owners and contractors has been going on virtually non-stop since he moved in more than 40 years ago.

  • 1950s
Read More about Remak Ransay '54
Chad Prather '98

Katie and I continue to work for Metro Nashville Public Schools. I am coordinating a Teacher Leadership Institute focused on equitable teaching, collective efficacy, and the affirmation and sustainability of community cultural wealth.

  • 1990s
Read More about Chad Prather '98
Doug Kaufman '90

Doug Kaufman, Greg Friedman, Eric David, and a couple other friends are heading to Asheville, North Carolina, for a collective birthday party in late September!

  • 1990s
Read More about Doug Kaufman '90
Jack Shaw '90

Jack took advantage of a two-year shutdown by completely renovating and restoring a 200-year-old farmhouse in the Val Ferret of Switzerland.

  • 1990s
Read More about Jack Shaw '90
Chaz Howard '96

Chaz Howard remains the University Chaplain at the University of Pennsylvania and VP for Social Equity and Community. He lives in Philly with his wife and two daughters.

  • 1990s
Read More about Chaz Howard '96
Gus Lewis '57

Gus Lewis reports that he and wife, Debby, are vertical “most of the tome.” They were able to travel to Florida this winter and are planning a river cruise in Europe this Summer.He recently attended the class reunion dinner with Eddie Brown and Sam Hopkins.

  • 1950s
Read More about Gus Lewis '57
John Raiti '96

John Raiti is still in Seattle, where he has two children and teaches in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Washington.

  • 1990s
Read More about John Raiti '96
Kevin Frank '96

Kevin Frank remains in Dallas, Texas, with his wife, Rebecca, and their daughter, Elanor (3). Kevin is an attorney for Atmos Energy and lectures on energy topics at UT-Dallas’s business school.

  • 1990s
Read More about Kevin Frank '96
Tommy Knowles '96

Tommy Knowles continues his work at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where they recently launched an amazing new deep sea exhibition. Tommy lives near there with his wife Meghan and their daughter, Maisie (5).

  • 1990s
Read More about Tommy Knowles '96
Evan Kreitzer '96

Evan Kreitzer remains in the mortgage business and lives in Owings Mills with his wife, Keren, and their two boys and three dogs. He spends his evenings and weekends as a car service for the boys’ club soccer and lacrosse practices/games.

  • 1990s
Read More about Evan Kreitzer '96
Jason Yang '96

Jason Yang remains a butcher in New York City, but changed companies last year to Ends Meat, where his team puts out some amazing stuff that I have been lucky enough to enjoy with Jason and his wife, Lizzy, at their home in Brooklyn.

  • 1990s
Read More about Jason Yang '96
Brett Bandau '96

Brett Brandau, who started working for SMBC (a large Japanese bank) to launch a consumer bank in the U.S., is moving with his wife (Jen), son (Turner), and daughter (Piper) to Orlando, Florida to enjoy the sunshine and be able to go water skiing year-round.

  • 1990s
Read More about Brett Bandau '96
Ross Pearce '74

Ross and wife Holly will be very busy this spring with the National Steeplechase races in Maryland this April, as Ross continues as an official and organizer.

  • 1970s
Read More about Ross Pearce '74
Dave Emala '74

Dave Emala has welcomed three grandchildren into the world, which includes a set of identical twin boys, Hunter and Finney.

  • 1970s
Read More about Dave Emala '74
Henry Blue '74

Henry Blue writes that he is practicing for upcoming golf tournaments in North Carolina, Virginia, and New York, culminating in an International match this October in Canada, the Devonshire Cup.

  • 1970s
Read More about Henry Blue '74
Clinton Daly '74

Doug Nelson and Clinton Daly became grandfathers again to a baby boy, John Riggs Nelson. Clinton continues as President of the Board of Trustees for the Maryland Center for History & Culture.

  • 1970s
Read More about Clinton Daly '74
David Seiler '74

David Seiler continues working in Baltimore for a specialty manufacturing company and has resized his role to Senior Director.

  • 1970s
Read More about David Seiler '74
Dave Rich '74

Dave Rich writes that he and Madelyn continue to carve out a happy existence in Homeland, a neighborhood a brisk walk from the Gilman campus

  • 1970s
Read More about Dave Rich '74
Mike Fisher '74

Mike Fisher writes that he and Honey are enjoying retirement in Delaware and spending time with their four grandchildren.

  • 1970s
Read More about Mike Fisher '74
Will Spencer '98

Will Spencer and family — wife Katie, son Alex (10), and daughter Charlotte (3) — continue to reside in Tabernacle, New Jersey.

  • 1990s
Read More about Will Spencer '98
Sudhir Desai '98

Sofía and I have been honing our non-technology-based skills, in my case welding and distilling, so that even after the economy crumbles we’ll be comfortable.

  • 1990s
Read More about Sudhir Desai '98
Jon Cooper '98

Jon lives in Mt. Washington with his wife, Sarah (BMS, ’98), son Ben (Gilman ’24), daughter Emma (BMS, ’27), and two golden retrievers, Dory and Daisy.

  • 1990s
Read More about Jon Cooper '98
Jonathan Markham '98

Jonathan Markham and crew are larger in number since Jon’s previous update. Anna (now 4) is hanging well with older sibs, James (10) and Alexandra (13).

  • 1990s
Read More about Jonathan Markham '98
Tom Prevas '98

Back in April, Tom twirled real fancy like for the 2022 Alzheimer’s Association Memory Ball Dancing Stars! Tom was among the featured performers, each dancer selected for their leadership and commitment to the fight against memory-related diseases.

  • 1990s
Read More about Tom Prevas '98
Rob DeMuth '83

My life has become some strange combination of Groundhog Day and a Progressive Insurance commercial. Consistency can’t be all bad – Cal Ripken rode it all the way to the Hall of Fame.

  • 1980s
Read More about Rob DeMuth '83
Alan Fleischmann '83

Alan Fleischmann has begun traveling again now that the shadows of the pandemic are lifting. Things are going really well with his firm Laurel Strategies. His hobby has become among SiriusXM’s most popular radio shows: “Leadership Matters.”

  • 1980s
Read More about Alan Fleischmann '83
David Cook '85

David Cook was one of the first to support Billy’s “Bring Johnny Cash to Poland” campaign. When he is not golfing or fishing, David has been winning duckpin bowling tournaments.

  • 1980s
Read More about David Cook '85
Ernie Cornbrooks '63

After two false starts due to COVID restrictions, we managed to pull off the wedding of my youngest daughter, Charlotte. She married one of her Washington & Lee classmates, Alex Newell. We have eight grandchildren: two in Sarasota; three in Baltimore; and three in Bath, England.

  • 1960s
Read More about Ernie Cornbrooks '63
Andrew Buerger '83

My new hobby has been my new podcast, “It’s the Climb,” where I either interview adventurers on unbelievable mountains or people who have overcome tough obstacles, climbing huge figurative mountains.

  • 1980s
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Keith McCants '83

Daughter and fiancé relocated to Dallas area in January. I started a new position at Queens U of Charlotte and should close on a house in the first half of May. CT house should hopefully be sold by then.

  • 1980s
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Haftan Eckholdt '83

I have this recurring COVID-times dream that I am sitting at a table in some new restaurant Tony Foreman built with my husband, John, and Felipe Albuquerque and his wife and children. We are drinking champagne and eating snails and birds and organs, and the deliciousness just keeps coming. Then I wake up. And it is really happening.

  • 1980s
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Jay Schmidt '83

All is well with me. Michelle and I are having a blast raising Lily, who is now 3. My oldest, Henry, is a CPA and lives in Federal Hill. Caroline is a freshman at Ole Miss, and Georgia is a sophomore at McDonogh. I run into many of our classmates on a pretty regular basis, and am still at Franklin Templeton, which used to be Legg Mason.

  • 1980s
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Bob Dobbin '63

Bob Dobbin reports his children and grandchildren are all healthy. The biggest change in his household has been the arrival of a 2-month-old puppy named Mrs. Brown.

  • 1960s
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Bob Dyer '63

Bob Dyer, while usually in town, enjoys a significant amount of travel. It includes visits to his place by the Choptank on the Eastern Shore as well as accompanying Paige on her business trips to high end destinations around the U.S. and occasionally beyond.

  • 1960s
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Tom Farley '63

Carol and Tom Farley’s grandkids from San Diego spent a week with them in Baltimore during a week off from school, albeit without their mother who teaches Spanish there in another school district. 

  • 1960s
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John Zink '63

John Zink retired from his law practice in late 2019, and suspects that being outside taking a lot of walks has served his good health.

  • 1960s
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Bill Paternotte '63

Bill Paternotte, who admits having begun to “ratchet back” his investment career, has had more time to enjoy golf, hiking, and cross country skiing. His fingers are crossed that planned visits to Zimbabwe and Dubai will happen this summer.

  • 1960s
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Joel Cohn '83

All is well. Both kids are in NYC and ‘off the payroll.’ We find ourselves going there what seems like once a month.

  • 1980s
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Andrew Sinwell '83

Writing this as I just watched Coach K’s hopes for a fairytale career-end come to a grinding halt. I care because a) sports fairytales are worth cheering for (but not betting on) and b) I have a junior at Duke. One other daughter is in college at Wake Forest and my twins are juniors in high school.

  • 1980s
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Jake Slagle '63

Yours truly, in addition to a variety of daily fitness programs going back nearly four decades, took advantage of COVID seclusion by writing my memoir, which is nearly complete and should be in print within a year.

  • 1960s
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Robin Baker '63

Robin Baker also has a new granddaughter living five minutes from him and Mary. Robin still works with MetraMetric, which he describes as a “great time.”

  • 1960s
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Nick Schloeder '85

Nick Schloeder coached the Gilman JV baseball squad last spring. The team included the sophomore son of Teddy Winstead, who has been back on the Gilman sidelines with his camera, snapping photos of football and baseball.

  • 1980s
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Jack Nesbitt '63

Not much new, finished my walnut spice box, added a turntable and engine house to my train layout, I still nurse along a few orchids as well as roses and dahlias in the summer. Had a family vacation in New Hampshire last summer and got back to Canada for two weeks.

  • 1960s
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Walker Jones '85

Walker Jones’s daughter recently finished her first year at Grinnell College and his son finished his junior year at St. Mark’s School. In Boston, Walker sees Mitch (Caplan) Rock, Richard Ginsberg, and Dennis McCoy ’84.

  • 1980s
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Jimmy Rouse '63

All is steady with Jimmy Rouse. He continues to spend three hours in the morning working to improve Baltimore’s public transit with the nonprofit Transit Choices.

  • 1960s
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Ben Miller '85

Ben Miller and his family moved to London from Hong Kong in 2014. “I attended two wonderful Gilman alumni gatherings in town a few years ago,” he writes. “I hope they do more.”

  • 1980s
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Ward Coe '63

Ward Coe still practices law, much of it pro bono for worthy causes, at an office in a downtown building that COVID rendered sparsely populated and relatively safe.

  • 1960s
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Ed Supplee '63

Ed Supplee reported, “Feeling like I’ve been living in a cave for two years.” COVID concerns reduced Ed and Sally’s typically extensive travels to a trip to Hawaii, one to Asheville, North Carolina, and a few spots in their home state of California. Ed said his granddaughter Piper is searching for an acting career in Los Angeles.

  • 1960s
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Tom Washburn '85

The pandemic forced Tom Washburn to “retire” from his wine distribution business. He’s been purchasing and renovating rental properties around Baltimore, including a row house in Hampden. “It’s been fun and challenging because of high housing prices, supply constraints, and crazy inflation, among other things,” he writes.

  • 1980s
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Kurt Schultheis '85

Kurt Schultheis got married in August. “Last year we fled the suburbs and moved to Fells Point,” he writes. “I’m on Baltimore Street, two blocks from where Bob Landon’s dad used to live."

  • 1980s
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Raymond Harris '85

Father Raymond Harris serves as a consultant to the National Black Catholic Congress, which represents African American Roman Catholics and affiliated organizations.

  • 1980s
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Billy Logue '85

Billy Logue has been delivering babies in Łódź, Poland. After earning his medical degree last year in Łódź, he has been sampling various medical specialties. In his spare time, Billy has been developing plans to open Poland’s first country music bar.

  • 1980s
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Thayer Simmons '70

I would first like to acknowledge and thank my predecessor, Howie Baetjer, for 50 years of class notes. I seriously doubt that I will be doing this for the next 50 years. He covered our class well, and his notes were always informative. Many of us are now retired and are grandparents, so yes, Howie, this was a good time to retire from the newsroom.

  • 1970s
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John Sinclair '72

Having retired three years ago from the practice of law, I now focus on running the Sheridan Foundation and pursuing my history interests, particularly the American Civil War.

  • 1970s
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Ted Leach '63

Ted Leach is now “fully retired” after eight years of teaching at Quinnipiac’s Frank H. Netter School of Medicine. He now looks forward to more time with family. 

  • 1960s
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David Cross '72

I am still working as an attorney for the California Labor Commissioner, helping workers get paid. I just finished a four weekend run in the musical “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” at the Woodland Opera House, a state historic park near my home in Davis. My Gilman Latin came in handy for a number of the songs.

  • 1970s
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Ken Kang

Because of his empty nest, Ken Kang recently sold his home in Vienna, Virginia, and moved back to North Bethesda, Maryland. “I’m still working at the IMF, focusing this time on the macro impact of digital money and global policies to address the pandemic,” he writes.

  • 1980s
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Steven Comfort '85

Drawing on his experience with digital media, Steve Comfort has launched a new venture called GTM Tech Consulting. During ski race season, he can be found on the slopes cheering his daughter.

  • 1980s
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Ted Gans '59

Ted Gans has found a new lady companion, Valerie Wilson, and has found that there is life after 80, and he has been seeing and traveling extensively with Valerie. They both extend best wishes to the class of ’59.

  • 1950s
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Charlie Offutt '59

Charlie Offutt who spends a long winter in Naples, Florida, and spends some time working with the city government, offers this successful effort of his and a significant change with the City Council.

  • 1950s
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Herb Tinley '59

Herb Tinley and Betty have settled in nicely to their new home in Huntsville, Texas, where they are close to her son, after many years in Florida near Ft. Myers.

  • 1950s
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Frank Pine '59

Frank Pine and his wife, Lorraine, have spent the winter in Baltimore at the Village of Cross Keys. They will spend the summer in the Adirondacks, returning to Baltimore in October.

  • 1950s
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Rick Uhlig '59

Rick Uhlig has a new lady in his life, Midge Menton, whom he has been seeing since last year. Rick’s wife, Susan, passed away in 2020 after a serious stroke in 2018, and Midge’s husband, John, passed away six years ago. Rick and Midge enjoy their time and travels together, most recently a two-week trip to Florida.

  • 1950s
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Chip Markell '59

Bonnie and Chip Markell have enjoyed a year, though somewhat restrained by COVID, marked by frequent visits with family and eight grandkids, the renewal of our annual spring visit to Captiva after missing 2020, our annual summer visit with family to Ocean City, and opportunities to meet with friends. We wish all of ’59 the best of 2022.

  • 1950s
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Walter Reuben '61

Walter Reuben sent a note that he is doing fine and is very busy with his business endeavors, walterfilm.com. It is good to hear from him even in short notes.

  • 1960s
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Frank Morgan '61

Frank Morgan announced last June his opening of a new law office in the fields of trademark, copyright, business, and entertainment.

  • 1960s
Read More about Frank Morgan '61
Ormond Hammond '61

Ormond Hammond is still in Hawaii enjoying the never ending summer. He joined us via Zoom at our 60th reunion dinner and his Facebook page has posts of wonderful Hawaiian scenes.

  • 1960s
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Scott Falkner '61

COVID dominated most of our family’s concerns. Children and grandchildren had the infection, Katie and I were fully vaccinated and did not. I completed therapy for prostate cancer that appears to have been successful.

  • 1960s
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Harry Swope '61

Last December, our daughter, Alexandra, was married at the Hitchin Post during “Cowboy Christmas” in Las Vegas. She now owns two veterinary practices. My son, Forrest, continues at his senior position in information technology at The University of Virginia.

  • 1960s
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T Tall '61

T Tall is still very active in and around the Middlebury, Vermont, area. The pandemic slowed things down for him as they did for all of us, but things are starting to move again.

  • 1960s
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John Stockbridge '61

Another year of COVID has been a challenge. Zoom calls, masks, a change to work and recreation, but a time of good health for our family. Our four adult kids and seven grandchildren have all had another year of well-being.

  • 1960s
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John Snead '61

Mary and I are spending the month of March and early April in Amelia Island, Florida. Oldest grandson, Jack, finishing up his freshman year at the University of Vermont. Looking forward to the resumption of our 1961 class dinners!

  • 1960s
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Tom Salisbury '61

One more year flying by much too quickly. We continued to stay home, as we were ‘lucky’ enough to live in a high COVID-rate county.

  • 1960s
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Mac Passano '61

This June, I will be celebrating two granddaughters’ graduation from RPCS! Emma (Catherine’s oldest) as a senior going to Connecticut College, and Courtney (Tammy’s oldest) from Lower School to Middle School at RPCS. Also in June, my youngest daughter, Sarah, turns 40! Sally Ridgely and I continue to “pound the pavement” while walking three to four miles daily, usually six times a week. Good health and happy times to all!

  • 1960s
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Rick Ober '61

Carol and I spent a great week in November 2021 in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada watching 45+ polar bears. As part of the Princeton Gerrymandering Project, helped staff the New Jersey Legislative Apportionment Commission which adopted the first BIPARTISAN legislative map in its history.

  • 1960s
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Ed Muhlenfeld '61

Ed Muhlenfeld died August 29, 2021. He was a devoted Gilman graduate. After graduating from Princeton and receiving his master’s from Georgetown, he served as a captain in the Army in Vietnam where he earned the Bronze Star.

  • 1960s
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Henry Hopkins '61

Henry Hopkins is still spending time in Florida, Maryland, and Vermont. He was in town enough to host our Friday evening dinner on our 60th Reunion weekend.

  • 1960s
Read More about Henry Hopkins '61
Bill Hardy '61

Bill Hardy and wife Lin are settling into their new home at Broadmead, a CCRC in Hunt Valley, Maryland. It has been a good change and a chance to make many new friends.

  • 1960s
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Jack Emory '62

Not much to report. We are back in Vero Beach for the winter after a hiatus last year because of the pandemic. This is a good winter to be out of Maine. The family is all fine. I will refrain from bragging about our two daughters and grandchildren. My tennis game will be a work in progress until the end.

  • 1960s
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Chris Creed '61

Since I’m retired and living in a CCRC, there’s nothing earthshaking for me to report. I still do a little church work, and we get to our second home at The Sea Ranch (north Sonoma coast) when we can. Over the next year or so we have trips planned to Scandinavia, the Great Lakes and Japan and hope it will be possible to have these adventures.

  • 1960s
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Steve Cordi '61

Steve Cordi reports that Carl Cummings and Elaine and Rick Born have helped him resuscitate his long-dormant bridge-playing skills, and he finds himself in demand as a regular substitute for various octogenarian bridge groups. His wife, Marque, also says he is still dealing on Ebay.

  • 1960s
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Rick Born '61

Rick Born didn’t send any notes in, but he and Elaine manage to keep busy with family and friends. They are regular participants in our Grumpies dinners (when we have them). This past fall they managed a land trip to Italy. Their wine tasting group has just restarted in April.

  • 1960s
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Carl Cummings '61

Carl Cummings had to deal with the unpleasant task of closing his parish’s school, which became unsustainable due to the pandemic. He still had time to shepherd Steve Cordi in his bridge playing. 

  • 1960s
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Pope Barrow '61

Pope Barrow protests that he has nothing of any importance to report and yet he says he is still playing pickleball, swimming, dancing to old time rock and roll, racing his sailboat, growing veggies, and watching grandkids ride horses and play hockey.

  • 1960s
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Sam Hopkins '57

It’s nice to see that Sam Hopkins and wife, Genya, are continuing to enjoy good health and enjoying life. They continue to live in Roland Park and play tennis on a weekly basis.

  • 1950s
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Frank Gluck '57

Despite a few mild impairments and limitations from a stroke I suffered nearly four years ago, I’m still able to enjoy the important things in my life. I have a wife and family, who remain healthy and vibrant, and friends who have meant so much through the isolation created by COVID.

  • 1950s
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Tim Callard '59

Tim and Pam Callard have retired to North Hampton, Massachusetts, to be near family, including four grandkids.

  • 1950s
Read More about Tim Callard '59
Jared Spahn '91

It is hard to believe but we have turned the corner. We have become those old guys we never thought we would be.

  • 1990s
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John Fishman '91

John Fishman has for many years been a chaplain in the VA hospital near his home in California. He continues to inspire us all with his weekly Instagram posting where he shares his personal experiences of the week, provides his own commentary of the current state of world affairs, shares his favorite quote of the week and caps it all off with a l’chaim (a toast) with his favorite “spirit” selection.

  • 1990s
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Gilby Kim '91

Gilby and his family are in Baltimore where Gilby enjoys his change of career from army ranger and professional firefighter to clinical social worker at the Baltimore VA Medical Center. He enjoys hiking with his boys and helping them learn a little bit about his own childhood.

  • 1990s
Read More about Gilby Kim '91
Chang Oh '91

Chang Oh is getting ready to celebrate his 18th anniversary with his wife, Erin. They have two children who will both be in high school next year in Howard County.

  • 1990s
Read More about Chang Oh '91
Matt Riggs '91

If you have a chance please google our classmate, Matt Riggs, and read the beautiful story of his kindness and empathy for a neighbor of his in need.

  • 1990s
Read More about Matt Riggs '91
Bev Compton '55

Bev Compton reports that he fell at home and broke his pelvis, which he was operated on. Soon he will have a hip replacement.

  • 1950s
Read More about Bev Compton '55
Charlie Cole '55

Charlie Cole is now domiciled in Florida but returns to their house in Baltimore County in the spring. He and Barty enjoy croquet and are often Hillsboro Club champions.

  • 1950s
Read More about Charlie Cole '55
Ted McKeldin '55

Things have returned to normal and we have resumed our trips to Florida and New Hampshire. We are also going on a cruise on the Great Lakes in the summer.

  • 1950s
Read More about Ted McKeldin '55
Walter Birge '57

Walter Birge writes that life in the Concord area is quiet but stable. “Susan keeps me on the straight and narrow, and, happily, our son, Jesse, lives near by. Serving on a town committee and as a corporate for our local hospital gives me a sense of worth.” 

  • 1950s
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Michael Blum '71

I've been busy mostly in the theater — my production of Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” ran at Spotlighters on St. Paul Street in January and February, and my production of “Twelfth Night” opens this coming fall (so I’m already working on it). “If music be the food of love, play on!”

  • 1970s
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Steve Thomas '65

Steve Thomas is still working every day at Thomas & Libowitz, P.A. and still living in the house he and Audrey built on Hillstead Drive.

  • 1960s
Read More about Steve Thomas '65
Tom Webster '65

Checking in also is Tom Webster, hoping that all in the class are enjoying good health during all the craziness. Tom is playing golf two to three times a week and traveling to the beach house as often as possible.

  • 1960s
Read More about Tom Webster '65
Dawson Farber '65

Dawson Farber just wasn’t satisfied with having sold his marina business in 2016 and being retired, so he purchased Cape Cod Colonial Tables in Chatham.

  • 1960s
Read More about Dawson Farber '65
Jack Turnbull '65

Jack Turnbull has been on the road, at least as much as the pandemic allows, visiting the Biltmore in Asheville in all its Christmas glory and also checked out the National Gingerbread Competition at the Grove Park Inn.

  • 1960s
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Fred Whelan '65

Fred Whelan, says that it has been a quiet year, with reading, music and a new grandchild (#12)! Fred wonders if, with the wars, politics, and the environment, what life will be like for his latest grandchild, and indeed for all our grandchildren.

  • 1960s
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Clay Primrose '65

Clay Primrose, our class expat, says all is well in San Miguel (de Allende, Mexico). Clay wrapped up a two-year stint as the chief people officer for Nectar Cannabis (largest cannabis outfit in Oregon), while finishing their dream house in San Miguel.

  • 1960s
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Butch Khoury '57

I received some nice news from our part-time classmate, Butch Khoury, a few days ago. On the day I received his news, he was to be married to Eberly Barnes in his home town of Del Mar, California.

  • 1950s
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Evan Redwood '08

My wife, Emily, and I just celebrated our baby’s first birthday on March 27. Our daughter, Ella, is keeping me plenty busy as is Columbia Business School where I am pursuing my MBA in their executive program.

  • 2000s
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Zach Fang '08

To no one’s surprise I pursued a career in politics. Met my wife on Bernie in ’16. More recently I was Andrew Yang’s National Organizing Director and then had a contract helping Hollywood celebrities use their social media effectively for the election.

  • 2000s
Read More about Zach Fang '08
Tinsley Van Durand '65

While dodging tornadoes in Alabama, Tinsley Van Durand, or TVD for short, reports his daughter, Parker, 25, is getting married in June and moving to Nashville, which seems to be a popular spot for people her age.

  • 1960s
Read More about Tinsley Van Durand '65
David Winstead '65

David Winstead is also still working in the legal world and living in Chevy Chase with wife Page. Their younger daughter, Lindsay, is to be married on Squam Lake in New Hampshire in June.

Read More about David Winstead '65
Bruce Danzer '69

For the past five years I’ve been focused on renovations of the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts, including the past 18 months as the on-site architect.

  • 1960s
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Erik Atas '97

Erik Atas and his wife welcomed their first child, Jason, into the world over the holiday season. It was a fun way to end Erik’s first year as a judge in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. 

  • 1990s
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Jim Gieske '57

Jim Gieske and Judi have maintained a high level of health and have been able to keep up with family living in the area. Although their zest for travel has been limited, they were able to take an unforgettable trip to the Galapagos islands.

  • 1950s
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Millard Firebaugh '57

Millard Firebaugh seems to have lots of time and opportunity to spend with his family in the DC area. Health-wise, things seem to be doing well. A big piece of news is that two of his four grandchildren have just gotten their driver’s licenses.

  • 1950s
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Mark Neumann '81

Things are good in the Neumann household and we are enjoying our empty-nesterhood. Our oldest, Paul ’13 is getting married in June to the girl he took to his junior prom. He obviously didn’t take a dip in the harbor as I recall some classmates did at our prom! We continue to spend a lot of time in Bethany Beach (yes, even in the winter) and I can usually be found bartending at The Penguin on weekend mornings.

  • 1980s
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Boo Smith '70

In April 2022, the University of Virginia's men's lacrosse team celebrated the 50th anniversary of its 1972 championship team, the first in school history. Included on that roster — and back for the celebration — were a host of Gilman alumni including: Tom Duquette '69, Scott Howe '71, Bob Proutt '68, Boo Smith '70, John Stalfort '69, and Stuart Webb '68.

  • 1970s
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Jim Cavanaugh '81

Continuing my scholarly work as a professor in the department of physical therapy at the University of New England. Currently I am a co-investigator on a five-year, multi-site clinical trial studying the effect of a physical activity (walking) intervention for persons with Parkinson disease, mediated by mobile-health technology.

  • 1980s
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Tom Finney '81

Well, it is hard to believe that another year has flown by, and I am very grateful to be back in the office with my partners. This is my fourth year with Merrill, and I could not be happier. Without a doubt the greatest satisfaction I experience every day is being a father and seeing what were my young children who have now become young adults.

  • 1980s
Read More about Tom Finney '81
Eddie Brown '57

Life is still good for Eddie Brown, who seems to have nearly completely recovered from a small stroke that occurred a few years ago, and is back playing golf on a regular basis.

  • 1950s
Read More about Eddie Brown '57
Bruce Brian '57

Bruce Brian and wife, Linda, have established permanent residency in Priest Lake, Idaho, after splitting time between there and the Villages in central Florida.

  • 1950s
Read More about Bruce Brian '57
Crossan O'Donovan '57

Aside from a few medical issues which have, for the most part, resolved, Crossan O’Donovan reports that life in his and Brenda’s Raleigh, North Carolina, retirement community is slowly normalizing. 

  • 1950s
Read More about Crossan O'Donovan '57
Pat Mundy '57

A few weeks ago, Pat Mundy contacted me to see if I knew the name of the Carver High School wrestler who beat him in the semi finals of the 175-pound weight class of the MSA interscholastic tourney. He wanted to try to locate him and reminisce about the match.

  • 1950s
Read More about Pat Mundy '57
John Lewin '57

John Lewin, our class Renaissance Man in residence, has added another creative skill to his repertoire. During the COVID pandemic, he and Tolly began to take up painting in earnest. He shared many of them with me, and I must say, they are impressive. I’m including one to share with everyone. Move over, Paul Gauguin! John, Tolly, and their two dogs, Oscar and Ernie, are living full time in Bethany Beach. They hope to take a Baltic cruise this summer.

  • 1950s
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Charlie Price '82

Enjoying being a grandfather. My first daughter gave birth to a boy in August 2021. My second daughter is getting married the same day as our 40th reunion, April 23, 2022. Sorry, walking her down the aisle will take priority. 

  • 1980s
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Nathan Nachlas '72

As for me, fixing noses here in Boca Raton since 1987. My wife, Franny, is a recently retired nurse. We spend as much time as we can with our kids and getting involved with our community.

  • 1970s
Read More about Nathan Nachlas '72
Peter Kwiterovich '87

In January, members of the Class of 1987 gathered at Johnny’s in Roland Park to celebrate the School’s first win at the Haswell M. Franklin ’50 Gilman Duals Wrestling Tournament in 30 years. Pictured left to right are Peter Kwiterovich, Hugh Marbury, Rick Roebuck, Matt Wyskiel, and Louis Angelos.

  • 1980s
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Arthur Glecker '85

I just visited Baltimore for only the second time in two years. This was the first time that my wife and daughter had seen my parents in person in all that time. I made sure to drive by Gilman to see whether it was still there. After these two strange years, it seemed important to question every assumption. Gilman was there, and it looked as impressive and inviting as always.

  • 1980s
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Andy Matthews '15

Members of the Class of 2015, many sporting Ted Lasso-style mustaches, caught up at an Irish Pub in New York in February. Pictured are Peter McIntrye (seated in front) and left-to-right Andy Matthews , Adam Luray, Carlyle Turner, Jimmy Williams, with Graham Duncan in the back.

  • 2010s
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David Portnoy '79

Semi-retired after more than a dozen years as a head of school in Texas and Nevada, “Cousy” has launched his own consulting firm, trained as a legal mediator...

  • 1970s
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Alex Gavis '82

After 25 years working in house at Fidelity Investments, I retired at the end of 2021 to embrace new adventures. My wife, Jane, and I are in the process of downsizing from our home in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and I am taking on teaching several courses at a local law school and also doing a lot of volunteer nonprofit work. My youngest is graduating from NYU/Tisch this spring and our oldest is working in Chicago, so we are truly empty nesters.

  • 1980s
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Rick Snyder '79

Retired from the Navy on August 1, 2021, after 38 years, as a Vice Admiral. Relocated back to Jacksonville Beach, Florida, and starting a new chapter in the consulting business. Welcomed grandchild number four just before retirement.

  • 1970s
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Tom Beck '64

In late January, Thomas Beck ’64, Ted Bedford ’60, David Johnson ’64, and Rob McCormick ’64 caught up with one another at the home of Gary and Missy Gill (RPCS ’76 and sister of T. Beck) in Vero Beach, Florida. 

  • 1960s
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Charlie Carroll '72

Bean and I transitioned to Delaplane, Virginia by May 2019. I retired from a large group orthopedic practice and faculty position at Northwestern University after 31 years.

  • 1970s
Read More about Charlie Carroll '72
Charlie Pope '21

Members of the class of 2021: Charlie Pope, Capp Reynolds, Ben Tewey, Carter Spahn, Heath Otenasek, Cole Emry, Tucker Hebert (front), and Ethan Maddox, who had taken the senior elective, “Perspectives in Modern War,” sat down to catch up and reminisce at Atwater’s in Baltimore with their former teacher Jay Brooks ’10 in December 2021.

  • 2020s
Read More about Charlie Pope '21
Jay Brooks '10

Jay Brooks is in his first year in med school at New York City’s Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, where he is getting his MD and Master’s in Public Health.

  • 2010s
Read More about Jay Brooks '10
Alex Puthumana '14

Gilman alumni gathered in the Mile High City to cheer on the Ravens as they faced the Denver Broncos on October 3, 2021.

  • 2010s
Read More about Alex Puthumana '14
Mike Van der Loos '72

I left Baltimore after my freshman year at JHU, first for the EPFL in Lausanne. I then moved to Silicon Valley and Stanford for a Ph.D., the first 20 years of a research career, a fantastic and enduring marriage, and two great kids who are now professionals in their own right.

  • 1970s
Read More about Mike Van der Loos '72
Nathaniel Badder '94

John Kim came back to Charm City and gathered a crew for dinner in September 2021. John Bond, Brett Rogers, Mitchell Whiteman, Jason Finkelstein, and Than’l Badder joined him at Johnny’s in Roland Park. 

  • 1990s
Read More about Nathaniel Badder '94
Hamilton Easter '64

All is well here in Park City. Barb and I have isolated ourselves and have kept the virus at bay. One exception is that I have continued to volunteer at the local free health clinic.

  • 1960s
Read More about Hamilton Easter '64
Evans Lansing Smith '68

Evans Lansing Smith is Chair and Core Faculty of the Mythological Studies Program at the Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California.

  • 1960s
Read More about Evans Lansing Smith '68
Cheo Hurley '92

Members of the class of 1992 caught up for a day on the boat in Middle River, Maryland. Shown left to right are Victor Carter-Bey, Geoff Berry, Cheo Hurley, Antoine Hutchinson, and Dana Underwood.

  • 1990s
Read More about Cheo Hurley '92
Sung Min Chung '95

Doug Sandler and Sung Min Chung caught up recently at a family party in Hong Kong, where their families have been weathering the pandemic storm together.

  • 1990s
Read More about Sung Min Chung '95
Doug Sandler '95

Doug Sandler and Sung Min Chung caught up recently at a family party in Hong Kong, where their families have been weathering the pandemic storm together. 

  • 1990s
Read More about Doug Sandler '95
Ryan Ripken '12

Former Greyhound baseball teammates Matt Tilley '13, Gavin Sheets '14, and Ryan Ripken '12 caught up recently in Norfolk, Virginia. Gavin’s Charlotte Knights were in town to play Ryan’s Norfolks Tides. The Tides got the better of the Knights that night, but Gavin homered in the loss.

  • 2010s
Read More about Ryan Ripken '12
Matt Tilley '13

Former Greyhound baseball teammates Matt Tilley '13, Gavin Sheets '14, and Ryan Ripken '12 caught up recently in Norfolk, VA. Gavin's Charlotte Knights were in town to play Ryan's Norfolks Tides. The Tides got the better of the Knights that night, but Gavin homered in the loss.

  • 2010s
Read More about Matt Tilley '13
Tom Miller '75

Ah, life in Pandemia! So, the Miller family were early adopters of COVID-19. I was first to contract it, in February 2020.

  • 1990s
Read More about Tom Miller '75
Jun Song '90

I’m in LA with my wife and two daughters, 13 and 16. When I’m not paying taxes, I’m working to pay more taxes

  • 1990s
Read More about Jun Song '90
Neal Smith '90

Neal is back in Baltimore, living in Owings Mills with his wife and 12-year-old son. His son has Neal’s great locks, but longer and cool, but Neal insists his son cannot be cool, because he goes to Friends School!

  • 1990s
Read More about Neal Smith '90
Ryan Rippin '90

Has been with Principal Financial Group for many years and moved over to the firm’s international business unit a couple years ago to lead a digital product team.

  • 1990s
Read More about Ryan Rippin '90
Chip Manekin '71

Rachel and I flew to Israel last June to sit out the pandemic in our Jerusalem apartment, within walking distance of our four children and 12 grandchildren.

  • 1970s
Read More about Chip Manekin '71
Selwyn Ray '75

I had a granddaughter born in Cuba and I worked in the COVID Command Center at Johns Hopkins Bayview where I am director of community relations...

  • 1970s
Read More about Selwyn Ray '75
Joe Howard '75

It is with great angst that I, and we, have already conceded to COVID-19 and have had to postpone our in-person class reunion last year. It finds me in a difficult place in my life and in the world

  • 1970s
Read More about Joe Howard '75
Kevin Kamenetz '75

Another death deserves mention here even though it happened back in May 2018. As the Baltimoreans well remember, Kevin Kamenetz, then Baltimore County Executive, had a fatal heart attack in the middle of a hard-fought primary campaign to become Maryland’s Democratic nominee for governor.

  • 1970s
Read More about Kevin Kamenetz '75
Adam Weisenberg '75

As family is a big theme here, I’m reprising one of my favorite and least conventional family stories – Adam Weisenberg discovering the half-brother he never knew he had, thanks to one of those family ancestry genetic home tests.

  • 1970s
Read More about Adam Weisenberg '75
Hank Young '75

Where to begin? I’m still working. I plan to retire 5/1/22. I’ve got three well-adjusted kids, all doing wonderfully.

  • 1970s
Read More about Hank Young '75
Bill Harwood '75

Bill Harwood seems like a Baltimorean because he’s so good at keeping in touch with so many classmates, hometown or otherwise, a class president to his bones.

  • 1970s
Read More about Bill Harwood '75
Gerry Brewster '75

Gerry Brewster reports from the Maryland COVID front lines, which turns out to be the Maryland Fairgrounds. Gerry, not coincidentally, is the chairman of the board of the Maryland State Fair and Agricultural Society.

  • 1970s
Read More about Gerry Brewster '75
Reiley McDonald '75

Recently, they’ve been spending more time in Florida which, I guess, is what you do during a pandemic if you don’t get a puppy (much of the Upper West Side of Manhattan having opted for the latter option).

  • 1970s
Read More about Reiley McDonald '75
John Colston '75

He is no longer the country squire, the digital don of the Worthington Valley, but has moved back into the Roland Park house, on St. George’s Road, where he and his family lived our last two years at Gilman

  • 1970s
Read More about John Colston '75
Brian Benninghoff '75

Last November, Susan and I went to the Midwest to some battleground states to help out on the election. Our most interesting experience was working in the downtown Chicago precincts handing out food and water to people standing in line to vote, encouraging people to wait it out and keep turnout high.

  • 1970s
Read More about Brian Benninghoff '75
Mackay Wolff '75

MacKay Wolff spends two-thirds of every month in New York City, engaging virtually in local culture, and the remainder in DC contributing to a study of Syrian refugee movements.

  • 1970s
Read More about Mackay Wolff '75
Andy Kaufman '75

Divorce was 2017-2018…..I’m back in the dating pool as we speak (had one first-meeting dinner last evening and another scheduled for tomorrow evening)…

  • 1970s
Read More about Andy Kaufman '75
David Olsen '92

David Olsen just moved to Michigan last summer after completing a one-year graduate program at the Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

  • 1990s
Read More about David Olsen '92
Josh Hrebiniak '97

Remember when classmates Brian Margerum, Andrew Wooten, Matt Garrity, John Steele, Vince Tuohey, and Josh Hrebiniak would drive into Baltimore every day from Annapolis to attend Gilman on a bus? Well, now Josh Hrebiniak lives in that very same bus.

  • 1990s
Read More about Josh Hrebiniak '97
Stu Wyeth '97

Danny Mooney and Stu Wyeth, after years of preparation, are finally launching the Zebra Lacrosse League (ZLL).

  • 1990s
Read More about Stu Wyeth '97
James Bentley '97

James Bentley is running communications for the city's pandemic response and he also took over as director of communications at the Department of Public Works.

  • 1990s
Read More about James Bentley '97
John Allen '97

John Allen is a self proclaimed “girl dad.” He is loving all the close family time with his first and third graders and his oldest daughter, Kya, is a Terp like Dad and dominating her studies at University of Maryland!

  • 1990s
Read More about John Allen '97
David Kim '97

David Kim is still in the heart of downtown Atlanta. He has a gentleman's farm with fruits and veggies, some chickens and even a goat! Chicks are not only hatching on the farm as David and Minjae just had their fourth little one, Emma.

  • 1990s
Read More about David Kim '97
Mike Stanley '97

Mike Stanley is living in Astoria, Queens. He, his wife Dana, and 3-year-old daughter Sara are doing well, especially since Sara is able to be in daycare.

  • 1990s
Read More about Mike Stanley '97
Bobby Moran '97

Bobby Moran and his wife, Becca, have been incredibly lucky over the past year. Just before the pandemic, they bought a house on the water in Arnold, Maryland, just north of Annapolis, and they have thoroughly enjoyed living in the area.

  • 1990s
Read More about Bobby Moran '97
Jay Sullivan '61

Jay Sullivan is the Tiger King of West Palm Beach where he winters and spends the warmer months in Locust Valley, New York.

  • 1960s
Read More about Jay Sullivan '61
Cooper Winston '61

Sue and I are doing fine here in Franklin, Massachusetts. We’ve managed to stay COVID-free and are looking forward to getting back to normal life where we can do short trips, etc.

  • 1960s
Read More about Cooper Winston '61
Dave Andrew '54

The first to respond was Dr. Dave Andrew from Honolulu where he and Bonnie have been in the same house for 30 years. Evie and I visited them a few years ago, and when he says they have a “spectacular view from 400 feet above the Pacific Ocean,” he understates the reality.

  • 1950s
Read More about Dave Andrew '54
Doug Small '61

We belatedly learned that Doug Small passed away on October 11, 2019 after an injury sustained while mountain biking.

  • 1960s
Read More about Doug Small '61
Noah Bengur '97

Noah Bengur retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years and seven successful tours overseas. He is flying for Delta Airlines.

  • 1990s
Read More about Noah Bengur '97
Moby Mudge '61

Looking back a year, the most important thing was to avoid and survive COVID, both physically and mentally, and eventually to receive two jabs of Moderna.

  • 1960s
Read More about Moby Mudge '61
Bob Moss '61

Unfortunately, in November, he was diagnosed with an aggressive and incurable form of brain cancer and succumbed to it on January 2, 2021.

  • 1960s
Read More about Bob Moss '61
Mark Scott '97

The Scott family has been enjoying the challenges of balancing full-time employment with full-time homeschooling for our two children, Dylan (9) and Bronwen (7).

  • 1990s
Read More about Mark Scott '97
Jordan Angell '97

Jordan Angell continues to be a glowing light in the Baltimore community. He connects people he meets each and every day and builds bonds that will last a lifetime, not to be confused with what he does at his day job where he quite literally cuts ties.

  • 1990s
Read More about Jordan Angell '97
John Gerhardt '61

Time is certainly hurrying by. COVID-19 and health issues are keeping me pretty much locked up. Sadly, Mo (his son), is under 24-hour care for his breathing issues.

  • 1960s
Read More about John Gerhardt '61
Jim Garrett '61

Jim Garrett reports the main thing is that Edie and I have remained healthy throughout the past many months of the pandemic. During the 2020-2021 academic year, my connection to Gilman deepened in two different ways.

  • 1960s
Read More about Jim Garrett '61
Ben Stevens '97

Ben Stevens still lives in Maryland with his wife (Megan), three kids (Greyson, 9, Olivia, 6, and Tucker, 4) and their 135-pound Bernese “puppy” named Putter.

  • 1990s
Read More about Ben Stevens '97
John Schmick '97

John Schmick continues to enjoy working in the Upper School at Gilman. His wife, Kate, is a learning specialist in the Lower School, where his two sons are in pre-k and third grade.

  • 1990s
Read More about John Schmick '97
Bryson Christhilf '61

Bryson Christhilf is like many of us. He says he can't think of a single notable thing that happened this year other than getting his COVID shots in February in Florida. It was the high point of the last 12 months. Next year will have to be better.

  • 1960s
Read More about Bryson Christhilf '61
Andrew Fairfield '61

Andy attended Gilman in our first and second form years as a five-day boarder before moving to St. Andrews in Delaware and then Trinity College. ... He died February 16, 2020.

  • 1960s
Read More about Andrew Fairfield '61
Jim Keesey '54

Jim Keesey admits that chess games with his granddaughter are “taking longer than before” and his ping pong games with his grandson now have a “predetermined outcome.”

  • 1950s
Read More about Jim Keesey '54
Sam Sadtler '54

Oregonite Sam Sadtler reports that his large tree farm is thriving. And he reported they sold their Oregon Coast getaway.

  • 1950s
Read More about Sam Sadtler '54
Dick Hoffman '66

Dick Hoffman retired in June 2019, after 44 years in higher education, in which his last posting was at Salisbury University.

  • 1960s
Read More about Dick Hoffman '66
Chip Leonard '66

Since our 50th, I have continued to work on Defense Institution Building, under the auspices of RAND and the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

  • 1960s
Read More about Chip Leonard '66
Roger Novak '66

Roger Novak reports that he and Kathy were enjoying an early March getaway last year as the full serious nature of COVID became apparent.

  • 1960s
Read More about Roger Novak '66
Joe Moore '66

I am now semi-retired as a graphic designer and have been transitioning to a new career as a printmaker.

  • 1960s
Read More about Joe Moore '66
George Finney '80

Coming on the call two hours and 45 minutes late was none other than George “Mad Fin” Finney. I distinctly remember hearing “Did I do that?” and yes, George, you did.

  • 1980s
Read More about George Finney '80
Chisom Opara '99

Chisom Opara is entering his fourth season with the Minnesota Vikings in the personnel department, and he is moving to Minnesota after the draft to work in the front office.

  • 1990s
Read More about Chisom Opara '99
Jonas Mendoza '99

After exiting the financial services rat race almost a decade ago, Jonas Mendoza became a sommelier based in New York.

  • 1990s
Read More about Jonas Mendoza '99
Jeff Hossfeld '99

Jeff Hossfeld has been grinding along and is now a “senior” project manager at Whiting Turner Contracting Co, which he says “is basically the same job with a new title.”

  • 1990s
Read More about Jeff Hossfeld '99
Jack Dietrich '99

Jack Dietrich and his wife, Ellen, have been busy with their three daughters (6, 4, 2) while growing their children's sunglasses brand, WeeFarers, in Charleston, South Carolina.

  • 1990s
Read More about Jack Dietrich '99
Alan Livsey '80

Alan Livsey sends his best from London but was unable to make the Zoom call since it was past his bedtime. Totally understandable.

  • 1980s
Read More about Alan Livsey '80
David deMuth '80

David deMuth says that after working downtown for the previous 36 years, his office moved to Towson last spring.

  • 1980s
Read More about David deMuth '80
Steph Jackson '80

Steph Jackson returned from London in early 2020 working for T. Rowe Price, and is taking on the role as head of T. Rowe Price Investment Management, a new business unit to launch in 2022.

  • 1980s
Read More about Steph Jackson '80
Mark Licht '80

Mark Licht also joined late. He could not get Karis on the call with him, which was a shame. She is like a classmate.

  • 1980s
Read More about Mark Licht '80
Hunt Brawley '80

My daughter, Maddie, graduated from Duquesne in Pittsburgh and just finished her internship in music therapy at St. Elizabeth's Hospital in D.C.

  • 1980s
Read More about Hunt Brawley '80
Will Griffith '80

A big thank you to Will Griffith for posting for the Zoom call. We know how hard it is to get him off the surfboard. At least he did most of the call poolside in La Jolla, California. I also wanted to thank him for getting me in touch with other classmates

  • 1980s
Read More about Will Griffith '80
Bill Hall '80

Single. No kids. Ninety percent retired. Just bought a place on 58th Street so apparently I believe NYC isn’t dead or dying.

  • 1980s
Read More about Bill Hall '80
Tom Brodie '80

Tom Brodie joined the Zoom call from his apartment. His beautiful bride, Renee, was kind enough to say hi. I see them on Facebook all the time so it was nice to actually say hi. Their daughter is studying law in New York.

  • 1980s
Read More about Tom Brodie '80
Tom Scott '80

Tom Scott also joined wearing the hated New York Yankees hat. We will cut him some slack since his money is in New York with his daughter.

  • 1980s
Read More about Tom Scott '80
John Sheldon '62

Betti and John (who christened Gilman sports teams as “The Greyhounds” in 1961) get the prize because they will have celebrated 55 years of marriage by the time you read this.

  • 1960s
Read More about John Sheldon '62
Rick Buck '62

After 42 years in private practice of allergy and asthma, continuing to stay active (for the brain) in a part-time consultancy with community health centers and (for health) hiking, biking, rowing a small White Hall skiff, cross-country skiing (or as his children call it, uphill skiing) and, for the last year, golf.

  • 1960s
Read More about Rick Buck '62
Bill Shaffer '62

Connie and Bill celebrated 52 years married this past June, 47 years of which were in New Jersey, 41 years of which were, and still are, in Princeton, New Jersey, across the street from Tim Schweizer’s sister and brother-in-law.

  • 1960s
Read More about Bill Shaffer '62
Bucky McAdoo '62

Back on land in Bellingham, Washington, where he took advantage of the COVID lockdown to produce a 576-page guide book, “Profiles of Northwest Fungi.”

  • 1960s
Read More about Bucky McAdoo '62
King Hurlock '62

King lost his 57-year partner, Sherry Doeller (Bryn Mawr), suddenly in the fall 2019 from a virulent form of cancer, leaving two daughters and five grandchildren (ages 16-22).

  • 1960s
Read More about King Hurlock '62
Rick Betts '53

Rick Betts chimes in from sunny Oakland, California, with an observation that, whilst brunching outside with Laura on his birthday, he endured too many people going maskless.

  • 1950s
Read More about Rick Betts '53
Warren Buckler '53

A breath of fresh air arrived with a newsy bit of information from Warren Buckler. He and Pat live in Northwest Indiana where wildlife and wild flowers abound and Lake Michigan is not far away.

  • 1950s
Read More about Warren Buckler '53
Doug Godine '53

Doug Godine and Ellen will tell you lots about their granddaughter at McDonough who was recently featured by The Baltimore Sun as one of the phenoms of high school lacrosse and a sure-fire collegiate star.

  • 1950s
Read More about Doug Godine '53
Kent Flannery '53

Another midwesterner, Professor Kent Flannery, laments in his latest communique that he has to teach his (archeology) classes online.

  • 1950s
Read More about Kent Flannery '53
Bill Eaton '53

Bill Eaton checked into a retirement home in D.C. last February whereupon the dining room closed!? Pandemic you know. He is looking forward to using the exercise room, enjoying the food and camaraderie when “things get back to normal.”

  • 1950s
Read More about Bill Eaton '53
George Urban '53

George “Pope” Urban reports from beautiful Silver Spring, Maryland, that he and Alicia have found considerable respite in their Deep Creek Lake vacation home.

  • 1950s
Read More about George Urban '53
John Seiler '53

John C. Seiler, or “Cotton” as his Cornell pals nicknamed him, and Harriett seem to be getting in their travel needs in spite of pandemic restrictions.

  • 1950s
Read More about John Seiler '53
Harry Thomas '53

Harry Thomas and Karen have taken the bull by the horns. They have decided to leave comfortable Tarrytown, New York, and relocate back to Maryland.

  • 1950s
Read More about Harry Thomas '53
Bill Trimble '53

Bill Trimble reliably sent news from Owings Mills, Maryland, that he and Barbara are comfortably surviving even though The Baltimore Sun Is not.

  • 1950s
Read More about Bill Trimble '53
Andy Gantt '53

From remote Wingina, Virginia, Andrew Gantt and Digna, our class tree farmers, revel in the noteworthy accomplishments of their three children while planning another summer trip to their place on Madeline Island, Wisconsin.

  • 1950s
Read More about Andy Gantt '53
Talbott Huey '53

Talbott Huey writes that he and Abhirada have been relegated to long, but scenic, walks to Lake Roland and the occasional obligatory foray to the grocery store.

  • 1950s
Read More about Talbott Huey '53
Charlie Herndon '78

Neaville and I rode out the pandemic hunkered down in Charm City, welcoming our daughter Shelby home after her graduation from VCU and helping son Charles IV (“Cal”) transfer from East Carolina U to his new home at the University of Maryland in College Park.

  • 1970s
Read More about Charlie Herndon '78
Jack Parrish '78

I heard from one of our class’s MIA members, the esteemed Jack Parrish, who happily writes of 37 years and counting of being a teacher of history in several private middle and high schools, and, he notes, “a few more left in me.”

  • 1970s
Read More about Jack Parrish '78
Kraig Holt '78

Kraig Holt, reports having visited every continent but one — Antarctica — and that’s next on his list once the world opens back up again after COVID.

  • 1970s
Read More about Kraig Holt '78
Tolly Albert '78

Tolly and Wendy are looking forward to traveling again soon, perhaps to Florida to see eldest daughter Annie, who’s a historical preservationist for the Sunshine State and due to marry this November.

  • 1970s
Read More about Tolly Albert '78
Bill Bramble '78

Bill and Sally have enjoyed settling into their sylvan new digs, and any given day you will find Mr. B deep in the outback of western Pennsylvania digitally recording the lives of fox kits, barred owls, or striped salamanders, all with a glorious artist’s eye.

  • 1970s
Read More about Bill Bramble '78
Larry Eisenstein '78

John McDaneil gives major props to Larry Eisenstein for “standing up for what is right at the Baltimore Museum of Art and convincing the director and board of trustees to not sell part of their collection to raise money.”

  • 1970s
Read More about Larry Eisenstein '78
John McDaniel '78

John and Barbara, who say they are “happy enough where we are,” celebrated the recent wedding of one of Barbara’s sons.

  • 1970s
Read More about John McDaniel '78
Marc Paul '78

In regards to Marc Paul, it appears he has succumbed to what is known in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and environs as “the Southern part of Heaven.”

  • 1970s
Read More about Marc Paul '78
Erwin Hosono '78

Speaking of educators, it was great to hear from Erwin Hosono, whose exploits recently selling his house in Palo Alto, California, I’d been following on Facebook.

  • 1970s
Read More about Erwin Hosono '78
Jim Wetzel '78

Jim Wetzel writes from Villanova that it took him six months at least to get used to teaching via simulcast.

  • 1970s
Read More about Jim Wetzel '78
David Bealmear '78

It’s also great to see David Bealmear checking in! He’s doing well in Charlottesville, Virginia, celebrating 30 years working for Bank of America, these days as a portfolio manager for the Private Bank.

  • 1970s
Read More about David Bealmear '78
Patrick Cranley '78

Tina and Patrick Cranley rode out the pandemic in Shanghai and endured at least a year and a half being unable to see their “stateside” family or friends.

  • 1970s
Read More about Patrick Cranley '78
Lou Dibos '78

Dr. Lou Dibos knows a bit about planning for children’s weddings — he’s celebrated nuptials for both his daughters in the past three years since moving to southwest Florida, and he is currently looking forward to his youngest son’s upcoming knot-tying.

  • 1970s
Read More about Lou Dibos '78
Murray deMuth '78

While Murray deMuth spends his regular “retirement” days running up and down the Chesapeake Bay and offshore Ocean City as skipper of TWT Fishing Charters, now in its fourth year, he recently added a new outdoors adventure to his business — taking a group of friends hunting waterfowl in North Dakota and Saskatchewan!

  • 1970s
Read More about Murray deMuth '78
Doug Hoffman '81

Hello classmates! I miss you and can't wait for our next chance to be together. My family and I are well ... I am still a United Methodist pastor, serving now in downtown Hagerstown at John Wesley United Methodist Church (UMC), where I began on July 1.

  • 1980s
Read More about Doug Hoffman '81
Todd Stokes '81

Todd Stokes was interviewed for an article in the Calvert School newsletter, where his life as Calvert’s first African American graduate was celebrated.

  • 1980s
Read More about Todd Stokes '81
Clark MacKenzie '81

Clark MacKenzie shared a terrific photo of himself with his two sons, and remarked that he “worked for eight months (May 2020-January 2021) as a loan specialist (EIDL) for the U.S. Small Business Administration.

  • 1980s
Read More about Clark MacKenzie '81
Andy Rich '81

As with you all, the year of COVID brought us many challenges, but it brought many blessings, so I will focus on them.

  • 1980s
Read More about Andy Rich '81
George Murnaghan '74

Accolades to George Murnaghan and his outstanding outreach ministry efforts with Lex Eat Together, supporting those in need of food, spirit, and camaraderie.

  • 1970s
Read More about George Murnaghan '74
Darin Hall '85

When Darin Hall needed a name for his real estate development company in Cincinnati, “civitas” came to mind.

  • 1980s
Read More about Darin Hall '85
Doug Schmidt '85

Doug Schmidt has two sons at Gilman — Spencer in 11th grade and Bennett in eighth grade — and his daughter, Lila, is a fifth grader at Calvert.

  • 1980s
Read More about Doug Schmidt '85
Bernie Rhee '85

My son, Joey, is still at Calvert, and fortunately every grade there has had in-person classes since the first day of school.

  • 1980s
Read More about Bernie Rhee '85
Leon Sachs '85

Despite the global tumult of 2021, not much has changed in my life. I still have one wife (same one), one daughter, two dogs and four bicycles. I’ve spent the last year on research leave from the University of Kentucky to write a book exploring the ‘theory of the classroom.’

  • 1980s
Read More about Leon Sachs '85
Bill Buchanan '85

Last fall, Bill Buchanan made a solo pandemic trip to Squam Lake in New Hampshire, where he kayaked, enjoyed the solitude, and came within 30 feet of a bear.

  • 1980s
Read More about Bill Buchanan '85
Phil Koh '85

In addition to playing music, Phil led a team that developed a gaming technology called the Goose Enterprises LagMeter, which “can measure and report the total lag time of your gaming system.”

  • 1980s
Read More about Phil Koh '85
Mac Ford '81

In mid-September of 2020, Mac Ford and his wife hosted their daughter Molly’s wedding at their home.

  • 1980s
Read More about Mac Ford '81
Pragathi Katta '85

Pragathi Katta has kept up with classmates and other Gilman folks mainly through Facebook. Back in the spring, as he awaited his second COVID shot, he said he was “already looking forward to getting back on the water.”

  • 1980s
Read More about Pragathi Katta '85
Ben Keenan '85

Ben Keenan and his wife, Natalie, and their two daughters have been in Wilmington, Delaware, for 20 years.

  • 1980s
Read More about Ben Keenan '85
David Sigman '85

After 25 years living in Owings Mills, we are moving in June to the hills of Cockeysville adjacent to Oregon Ridge for a little more isolated country life while still in the midst of Baltimore County.

  • 1980s
Read More about David Sigman '85
Eddie Rosemond '85

The prize for teleworking during the pandemic may go to Eddie Rosemond, who ran his Maryland-based web design company from Senegal.

  • 1980s
Read More about Eddie Rosemond '85
Chip Dates '85

Chip works in business development at the Lucas Group. One of his jobs is to help former members of the military transition into the civilian workforce. When he travels for work, Chip tries to find places to spar.

  • 1980s
Read More about Chip Dates '85
Jim Robins '66

Luckily Barb and I were in Santa Fe, which is base camp, when it became obvious in March 2020 just how serious this virus was. So, we hunkered down and went nowhere.

  • 1960s
Read More about Jim Robins '66
Ken Price '66

I REALLY wish that I could have attended our 50th class reunion to celebrate and catch up with everybody, but there was a little schedule conflict: just a few days later, I flew to Hawaii with my bride-to-be Samy, for our wedding on Shipwreck Beach in Kauai. Hey, priorities

  • 1960s
Read More about Ken Price '66
Gabe Procaccini '89

Gabe Procaccini is an energy lawyer living in Houston, Texas, with his wife, Maria, and also lives part time in Panama. Gabe is a self-described “funcle,” enjoying spending time with his seven nieces and nephews.

  • 1980s
Read More about Gabe Procaccini '89
Lucas Scheps '89

Lucas Scheps is an oncology therapeutic specialist living in Baltimore with his wife, Becky, and their four kids.

  • 1980s
Read More about Lucas Scheps '89
Jonathan Davidson '89

Jon Davidson has been involved in D.C. politics for many a year, and was recently appointed Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs, a key role in the Department of Treasury, by President Biden.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jonathan Davidson '89
Carlton White '89

Carlton White lives in Atlanta with his wife while pursuing further education. He would like everyone to know that he is “holding it down.

  • 1980s
Read More about Carlton White '89
Arnold Turner '89

Arnold Turner is a test engineer at Northrop Grumman, and lives in Severna Park with his wife, Evelyn, and kids, Claire (10) and Patrick (7).

  • 1980s
Read More about Arnold Turner '89
Josh Levinson '89

Josh Levinson and his wife, Kara (first grade teacher at Gilman), own the iconic running specialty company Charm City Run, and live in Towson.

  • 1980s
Read More about Josh Levinson '89
Amahl Foster '89

Amahl Foster is a fire specialist at the Baltimore County Fire Department and lives in Baltimore with his wife, Kendra.

  • 1980s
Read More about Amahl Foster '89
Michael Lee '89

Michael Lee is VP, finance technology at Fannie Mae. Michael currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Hana, daughter, Jordan (8), and son, River (5).

  • 1980s
Read More about Michael Lee '89
Paul Wilson '89

Paul Wilson lives and works in Ft. Lauderdale, and thankfully has managed to dodge COVID while living in wide-open Florida.

  • 1980s
Read More about Paul Wilson '89
Myron Jacobs '89

Myron Jacobs is senior director of finance at United Healthcare, and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with his wife.

  • 1980s
Read More about Myron Jacobs '89
Brad Burgunder '89

Brad Burgunder lives in Baltimore and has a daughter in high school and a son in middle school. He is currently writing his second children’s book.

  • 1980s
Read More about Brad Burgunder '89
Peter Chung '89

Peter Chung has been a pediatrician for the last 20 years at Carroll Children’s Center in Westminster and lives in 21093 with his wife, Pam, daughter, Emily, and son, Eric.

  • 1980s
Read More about Peter Chung '89
Richard Logue '89

Richard Logue is senior VP for Envision Health and lives in Houston, Texas, with his wife, Kim, and daughter, Charli (7).

  • 1980s
Read More about Richard Logue '89
John Snead '89

John Snead is a financial advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors and lives in Williamsburg, Virginia, with his wife, Ginny, (an environmental engineer) and their three sons Jack (18), Will (16), and James (13).

  • 1980s
Read More about John Snead '89
James Hamilton '89

James Hamilton is an associate professor of medicine, director of hepatology, and the associate director of the Division of Gastroenterology at Johns Hopkins.

  • 1980s
Read More about James Hamilton '89
Chris Hooper '89

Chris Hooper is a corporate attorney for Piper Sandler and lives in Denver with his wife, Athena, and two sons, Lachlan (18) and Grady (15), where they all enjoy skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and hiking in the Rockies

  • 1980s
Read More about Chris Hooper '89
David Baltazar '89

David Baltazar lives in Ellicott City with his wife, Rose, and their two sons, Josh (15) and Ryan (13). Dave is a patent attorney with a Washington, D.C., law firm.

  • 1980s
Read More about David Baltazar '89
Michael Ballesteros '89

Michael Ballesteros works at the CDC as an epidemiologist and the associate director for science for a CDC division focusing on injury and suicide prevention.

  • 1980s
Read More about Michael Ballesteros '89
Dave Albright '74

Dave Albright retired from representing the children in Baltimore City who suffered from lead paint poisoning, having represented these children for more than 20 years as a plaintiff's lawyer.

  • 1970s
Read More about Dave Albright '74
Chris Hansen '73

My story arc is short. Returned from Brown to Baltimore for med school (JHU), then Cleveland/Case for residency, then back to Baltimore for fellowship in gastroenterology.

  • 1970s
Read More about Chris Hansen '73
Sandy London '98

Sandy London’s 26th (!) book is coming out from Scholastic this September, the first in a new series for young readers called Battle Dragons.

  • 1990s
Read More about Sandy London '98
Dan Diamond '98

Dan Diamond, after a high-impact run covering health care politics for POLITICO, joined The Washington Post’s Health and Science team in January 2021

  • 1990s
Read More about Dan Diamond '98
Hap Cooper '77

The Coopers are great. On impulse, we bought a house on Nantucket during the depths of COVID and have really loved being up there as much as possible.

  • 1970s
Read More about Hap Cooper '77
A.C. George '74

Our annual holiday luncheon, started by A.C. George and Jamie Murray, continued for a 13th year, and the pandemic merely shifted the event to the Zoom format.

  • 1970s
Read More about A.C. George '74
Marc Zarbin '74

Marc Zarbin reports that his wife, Susan, Nicolas (16), Francesca (14), Isabel (14), and he are well in New Jersey.

  • 1970s
Read More about Marc Zarbin '74
Kimball Byron '74

Kimball Byron is a man of many talents and interests, and his years of work on his home in Baltimore County was showcased on a Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage.

  • 1970s
Read More about Kimball Byron '74
Harry Baetjer '66

I decided after receiving Rick’s communication to go back five years and figure out what had happened since our last reunion and was surprised at all that had happened. So, here goes.

  • 1960s
Read More about Harry Baetjer '66
Bob Leonard '63

Bob passed on May 7, 2020, after spending his entire career as an esteemed professor/researcher at the University of Texas Medical Branch’s department of cell biology and neuroscience.

  • 1960s
Read More about Bob Leonard '63
Gino Freeman '83

Dr. Gino Freeman, let us know that he’s “still in Baltimore, practicing internal medicine, trying to swim better...

  • 1980s
Read More about Gino Freeman '83
David Zura '83

David Zura lives in Dallas with his wife, Susan. He’s the CEO of Global Z Holdings, an “investment firm providing capital and strategic support to enable entrepreneurs and business leaders to realize their vision and dreams.”

  • 1980s
Read More about David Zura '83
Daniel Stuelpnagel '83

I currently have my fifth feature screenplay, a fast-paced drama, in preliminary development with a startup production company based in Los Angeles.

  • 1980s
Read More about Daniel Stuelpnagel '83
John Roe '83

Congrats to John Roe. His latest development project, Union Brothers Furniture in Baltimore City, received the 2021 Maryland Preservation Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation and Sustainable Design.

  • 1980s
Read More about John Roe '83
Gideon Brower '83

I saw and managed to wave to Gideon Brower as I drove past him. He seemed to be walking to MOM’s Organic Market with his wife, Marisa Kurtzman, and…. baby girl, Julia Sidney Brower, born November 6, 2020. They normally live in LA

  • 1980s
Read More about Gideon Brower '83
David Cosby '83

I, at my old age, am working on my doctorate of music education at Boston University, and am still the music department chair at Besant Hill School, a small boarding school in Ojai, California.

  • 1980s
Read More about David Cosby '83
David Nelson '83

Favorite COVID activity: skiing. We rented a mountain house and spent six weeks on the slopes this winter ... a truly once-in-a-lifetime family opportunity we’ll never forget.

  • 1980s
Read More about David Nelson '83
Mark Kaufman '83

Mark Kaufman let us know that he’s “living in Baltimore and running a nonprofit investment fund that targets disinvested parts of Baltimore City.

  • 1980s
Read More about Mark Kaufman '83
David Watts '83

I am engaged to be married to Ashley Ingraham. We are looking forward to a small wedding in 2022 where everyone can gather post COVID and each of our daughters can ‘give us away.’

  • 1980s
Read More about David Watts '83
Griff Evans '83

Griff Evans just celebrated 28 years as the owner of Ecological Restoration and Management, a full-service landscaping firm specializing in the construction and enhancement of native ecosystems.

  • 1980s
Read More about Griff Evans '83
Dave Robinson '63

COVID shut down my training business — in-person training was taboo and virtual is not practical for what I do — so I decided to fully retire.

  • 1960s
Read More about Dave Robinson '63
Rocky Ober '65

He and Scarlett live just outside of Burlington, Vermont. They too have been hunkered down, but also have two grandchildren nearby that they have been waiting to see more of.

  • 1960s
Read More about Rocky Ober '65
Bill Lamb '63

Bill Lamb, once again a resident of San Diego, noted that he and Jenny “are beginning to seriously consider future living options.”

  • 1960s
Read More about Bill Lamb '63
John Claster '63

John Claster reports only that he’s “enjoying life in Florida, finds it nice once again to have a more open daily existence, and is looking forward to things returning to normal sufficiently for him to travel and visit family.”

  • 1960s
Read More about John Claster '63
Mac Lewis '65

Mac Lewis writes that they are surviving the pandemic, kids and grandkids doing well, all young adults fully employed.

  • 1960s
Read More about Mac Lewis '65
John Jenkins '65

John and his wife, Jean, live on Kent Island, and between them, they have three children and five grandchildren. John’s oldest daughter, Libby, married a classmate from the Naval Academy after they graduated in 1997.

  • 1960s
Read More about John Jenkins '65
Mike Ginsburg '93

Mike is vice president and deputy general counsel at CACI, a Fortune 1000 defense contractor, after spending several years in the GC’s office at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

  • 1990s
Read More about Mike Ginsburg '93
Jon Hamman '93

Jon Hamman checks in from southwest Virginia, where he’s in his 16th year as pastor of the Rural Retreat Lutheran Parish.

  • 1990s
Read More about Jon Hamman '93
Michael Saunders '93

After running a transportation company for 16 years, last summer — in the midst of the pandemic — Michael launched Spinning Cups Coffee, a mobile coffee truck and coffee distributor.

  • 1990s
Read More about Michael Saunders '93
Roger Bowie '72

All is fine with retirement in the San Francisco Bay Area. COVID has kept us hiding out at home but we are well. No skiing for me this year but been playing golf. Hope to be back east in the fall.

  • 1970s
Read More about Roger Bowie '72
Stan McCleary '66

Greetings from Oregon! The last five years have not produced profound change, as I still have the same habits, still practice psychology, still surf, and as I write this, am today celebrating the 46th anniversary of my marriage, still, to my lovely wife Louisa.

  • 1960s
Read More about Stan McCleary '66
Marc Dubick '79

Marc Dubick’s youngest son is going to follow his father and brother to the University of Maryland to play lacrosse.

  • 1970s
Read More about Marc Dubick '79
Jim Wilkerson '79

Jim Wilkerson has been battling major health issues. Wilky has had a successful liver transplant. He is doing extremely well. His oldest boy, Jay, is a freshman on the varsity lacrosse team like his dad

  • 1970s
Read More about Jim Wilkerson '79
Guy Davis '79

Guy Davis has been battling major health issues. I spoke with Guy on the phone in November of 2020. He has a brain tumor and his body has reacted well to the treatment. I am hoping to see him this year in Richmond when I visit.

  • 1970s
Read More about Guy Davis '79
George Hess '55

This has been a difficult year for all of us because of all the COVID restrictions, lack of travel, and a very restricted way of life. Black Lives Matter and our need to develop more respect for other people have been concurrent factors.

  • 1950s
Read More about George Hess '55
Stephen Scott '64

I believe that the quantity and quality of responses to your request must set an all-time record! They make a most interesting read which we cannot rival, so we will remain mute this year. We (Betsy and I) do send our best wishes.

  • 1960s
Read More about Stephen Scott '64
Bill Stafford '64

Bonnie and I continue to enjoy our relocation east (2016, Wisconsin to New Hampshire) and the increased opportunities for family visits which it has afforded.

  • 1960s
Read More about Bill Stafford '64
Tom Revell '64

As 2020 closed, we moved from the Las Vegas area to Meridian, Idaho, a suburb of Boise. After 35-plus years of living in Southern California, southern Nevada, and on Maui, we have returned to cold and gray winters; however, the area does not get too much snow.

  • 1960s
Read More about Tom Revell '64
Sandy Martin '64

Not much to report, except wife Beaumont and I both received both shots!! All 11 grandkids doing well with oldest a sophomore at Yale and playing lacrosse (next year). Other grands at Calvert, Odyssey, Garrison Forest, Bryn Mawr. Last one headed to Chapel Hill next year!

  • 1960s
Read More about Sandy Martin '64
Sean Darby '79

Sean Darby had a minor battle with the coronavirus. He is doing well now. Sean’s son, Charlie, graduates from Bucknell this year.

  • 1970s
Read More about Sean Darby '79
Jeff Jones '64

I’m still vertical having survived COVID (so far) retired and just hanging out at home in Pennsylvania currently.

  • 1960s
Read More about Jeff Jones '64
John O’Donovan '79

John O’Donovan and Lisa’s oldest son, Jenks, graduates from Tulane this year and their second son, Henry, goes to Alabama where he spent the entire year studying remotely. They spend much of their leisure time at their home in Bethany Beach, Delaware.

  • 1970s
Read More about John O’Donovan '79
David Johnson '64

David Johnson, with some news of other classmates as well, informs us that he is “fully retired and permanent resident of Vero Beach, FL. Summers in Newport, RI and still trying to keep my balance on 35 ft. sailboat."

  • 1960s
Read More about David Johnson '64
David Willis '79

Dave Willis spends much of his time watching his youngest son play baseball for Georgetown University while running a successful family business.

  • 1970s
Read More about David Willis '79
Will Gorman '73

Several years ago, I returned to the house in which I grew up to take care of my now 94-year-old mother with the assistance of a daytime caregiver.

  • 1970s
Read More about Will Gorman '73
Biff Poggi '79

Biff Poggi is still coaching football and growing boys into men at St. Frances although they have not played any games in more than a year due to the pandemic.

  • 1970s
Read More about Biff Poggi '79
Rick Watts '79

To pass the time during this unusual year, Roberta and Rick Watts have been traveling the United States in their RV.

  • 1970s
Read More about Rick Watts '79
Alex Fisher '65

Alex Fisher continues with the investment business, and also spends lots of time on nonprofit endeavors like the Baltimore Tree Trust, Church of the Good Shepherd, and BMoreAg, which fosters the advancement of modern urban agriculture in Baltimore.

  • 1960s
Read More about Alex Fisher '65
Temple Grassi '65

I also got an email from Temple Grassi that he has added pickleball to his ‘quiver’ of racquet sports, which include tennis, squash, court tennis, and now pickleball.

  • 1960s
Read More about Temple Grassi '65
Michael Ewing '64

Bambi and I are Maryland expats for six months a year in Delray Beach, Florida. I still like my work, but with bricks and mortar retailers almost extinct, the opportunities are few and far between.

  • 1960s
Read More about Michael Ewing '64
Jim Cianos '64

I am still alive, and I am still working as a pharmacist in sunny downtown Brookland Park. Now I am ready to come out and speak about all those wonderful life experiences. I still have my old ACD dictionary.

  • 1960s
Read More about Jim Cianos '64
John Bremermann '73

Following my “career expiration date” in 2017 we (my bride and I) briefly attempted to inhabit one of the sea islands near Beaufort, South Carolina.

  • 1970s
Read More about John Bremermann '73
Bill Hooper '73

So what have I been up to? In no particular order: putting on 117 COVID pounds, and trying to figure out where to hide them (trust me — black sweaters don’t work); trying to unearth the details of the Normandin/Nickel affair, since you schlubs at the Gilman News dropped the ball on that; using my cover/front job in the moving business to gather intel on classmates (blackmail letters to follow); trying to talk Washburne into shooting the sequel: Hermes Charles — Las Vegas!; ...that’s about it

  • 1970s
Read More about Bill Hooper '73
Bob Swindell '51

Only a few of 51 still around. Dan Moore, Rollin Otto, and Bob Swindell are all at Blakehurst in Baltimore County. Bill Burgan is in DC and Lew Barker is in Chevy Chase. Tom Calloway is in Georgia, Tom Offut is in Ohio, and Henderson Dorsey in Florida. If any others still exist please contact me or Gilman.

  • 1950s
Read More about Bob Swindell '51
Dennis Rawlins '61

A photo-bio of my ever-inspiring wife is at dioi.org/bunny.htm, chronicling her from high school “brain” to scholarship-Harvard-grad to one-month NYC model to half century as devoted college librarian.

  • 1960s
Read More about Dennis Rawlins '61
Corbin Marr '61

Corbin Marr spends much of his time as a currier of medical samples around the D.C., Baltimore, and Philadelphia areas. Corbin and Liz continue to enjoy living in D.C., but his recent trips have been to Michigan, not Maryland...

  • 1960s
Read More about Corbin Marr '61
Howard Baetjer '70

As I did last year, I’ll give only a summary and highlights of class news, because almost all news of interest is available on the class list-serve that Bob Cole set up for us months ago...

  • 1970s
Read More about Howard Baetjer '70
Steve Plant '60

Richie’s death is very sad. A really good guy. Jim Constable put it well with “godfather of the class.” Although I was geographically remote, I still really vicariously enjoyed the get-togethers he led, thanks to the group photos. May he rest in peace.

  • 1960s
Read More about Steve Plant '60
Chris Scott '60

Susie and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary on June 20, 2020, almost exactly the same date as the 60th anniversary of my Gilman graduation.

  • 1960s
Read More about Chris Scott '60
Wally Pinkard '69

On my personal front, I am finishing these notes gazing out at the Severn River, where Mary-Ann and I spend a good bit of time on St. Helena Island, the perfect spot for quarantining.

  • 1960s
Read More about Wally Pinkard '69
Tom Whedbee '69

Tom Whedbee continues to labor on behalf of the Maryland Agricultural Resource Council, where he has been board chair for around five years.

  • 1960s
Read More about Tom Whedbee '69
John Stalfort '69

Continuing his distinguished legal career, John Stalfort was recently selected as a Fellow of the American College of Bond Counsel, which recognizes leading public finance lawyers throughout the United States and promotes high ethics and professionalism in the practice of public finance law.

  • 1960s
Read More about John Stalfort '69
Woods Bennett '69

Woods Bennett was selected as a Super Lawyer for 2009-2021. I am told that such designation requires an evaluation of numerous criteria and peer recognition

  • 1960s
Read More about Woods Bennett '69
Lee Gaines '69

Lee Gaines has also been enjoying some time down south but he still remains actively involved at the helm of Gaines & Company.

  • 1960s
Read More about Lee Gaines '69
Paul Offitt '69

I am sure that all of you who watch the news have seen Paul Offitt on national television lending his expertise on infectious diseases to inform the public in these unique times.

  • 1960s
Read More about Paul Offitt '69
Aaron Gokaslan '14

Aaron Gokaslan was featured in Wired Magazine for his work on an artificial intelligence language software that was released to the general public.

  • 2010s
Read More about Aaron Gokaslan '14
Gavin Sheets '14

Gavin Sheets was selected to join the Chicago White Sox 40-man roster during spring training at Camelback Ranch in Glendale, Arizona. He is now playing AAA ball for the Charlotte Knights.

  • 2010s
Read More about Gavin Sheets '14
Melvin Keihn '14

Melvin Keihn started his own health, wellness, and fitness brand called Kraft by Keihn. Melvin is now competing in national body-building competitions all over the country.

  • 2010s
Read More about Melvin Keihn '14
Vincent Posterli '14

Vincent Posterli successfully restarted his company that we all know and love, VP Jerky. The company was founded during his time at Gilman and restarted in May of 2020. There are two great flavors available with more on the horizon!

  • 2010s
Read More about Vincent Posterli '14
Taylor Swindell '14

Taylor Swindell proposed to his girlfriend, Francesca Whitehurst, on September 6. The two started dating while attending Gilman and RPCS!

  • 2010s
Read More about Taylor Swindell '14
Trevor Tomlinson '14

Trevor Tomlinson successfully completed his law degrees from the University of Baltimore, and Trevor is now a senior law clerk at the Maryland Environmental Service.

  • 2010s
Read More about Trevor Tomlinson '14
Randy Michels '94

All is well in Nashville! I’m still providing trademark services at my law firm, Trust Tree. We’re one of the top 25 trademark law firms in the country.

  • 1990s
Read More about Randy Michels '94
Philip Kass '72

When I arrived home from Italy on February 19, 2020, I had no idea that this would be my last plane flight to date, or that it would be well over a year and counting until I could return there...

  • 1970s
Read More about Philip Kass '72
Michael Kamtman '73

I’m currently a full-time teaching professor in the department of theatre and dance at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

  • 1970s
Read More about Michael Kamtman '73
David Fitzpatrick '07

David Fitzpatrick and his wife, Meredith, welcomed their first child, James.... a son and future Greyhound! The family also recently relocated to Roland Park and are excited to be back in Baltimore!

  • 2000s
Read More about David Fitzpatrick '07
Carl Combs '76

Carl Combs, living in Ellicott City and still working for IBM, said he likewise felt a sense of being a part of as a member of our class, including as “another kid who happened to run real fast,” and he had a big announcement to make as he joined our conversation, from a bar that sounded even livelier than our online venue.

  • 1970s
Read More about Carl Combs '76
Doug Rice '76

Doug Rice, sporting a recently grown beard, continues doing mortgage work in Annapolis, with two offspring in South Carolina and one still at home, and he continues to enjoy mountain biking and playing squash.

  • 1970s
Read More about Doug Rice '76
Dudley Parr '76

Dudley Parr and his wife continue to operate a non-denominational ministry out of their coffee shop in Cambridge on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

  • 1970s
Read More about Dudley Parr '76
Johnny Boynton '50

Johnny Boynton continues to run the golf programs at Fairhaven where he also sings in the Fairhaven vocal group, just like the good old days at Gilman with the Octet, except his golf game is much better

  • 1950s
Read More about Johnny Boynton '50
Furlong Baldwin '50

Some time ago, I read in the Baltimore Sun that classmate Furlong Baldwin was honored for his many contributions to the business community.

  • 1950s
Read More about Furlong Baldwin '50
Fletcher Lowe '50

Fletcher Lowe advises that he and Mary Fran have now been married for 61-plus years and are currently residing in a continuing care community where the CEO was ahead of the COVID crisis.

  • 1950s
Read More about Fletcher Lowe '50
David Heubeck '76

Dave Heubeck said he has retired from his law career, still living in Baltimore and enjoying North Carolina’s Outer Banks during the summer.

  • 1970s
Read More about David Heubeck '76
Steve Brooks '67

It is my sad duty to report that Steve Brooks — aka “Twig” due to his slender frame — died this past April after a 20-year struggle with COPD.

  • 1960s
Read More about Steve Brooks '67
Erik Kvalsvik '73

After 18-plus years in D.C.: twins Linnea and Henry graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School. Linnea is headed to Oberlin. Henry will take a gap year in Norway and defer either Ithaca or Oregon.

  • 1970s
Read More about Erik Kvalsvik '73
Trevor Hoffberger '09

Trevor Hoffberger married Tory Klein (McDonogh '09, but we’ll let it slide) in a small ceremony on October 10, 2020. They live in Hampden with their dog, Chloe.

  • 2000s
Read More about Trevor Hoffberger '09
Charlie Obrecht '52

I had a nice long chat with Charlie Obrecht, my featured class grad for this year. I believe he’s the only class member still living in the house in which he raised his family. His house on Roland Avenue is so close to the Gilman campus, if he was any closer he’d have to start taking classes again.

  • 1950s
Read More about Charlie Obrecht '52
David Brown '91

Affectionately remembered as Bubba, David and his family currently live in Atlanta where he is the North American CEO of Hays US, one of the world’s largest job recruitment and placement agencies.

  • 1990s
Read More about David Brown '91
Clark MacKenzie '59

Clark MacKenzie has bought a home in Brightwood, the senior community he developed on Falls Road some time ago, and he and Andy are splitting most of their time between there and beautiful Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where they have had a second home for some time.

  • 1950s
Read More about Clark MacKenzie '59
Dick Emory '59

Dick Emory continues to pitch his book, “Fighting Pollution and Climate Change” on his environmental career and he has added a video as well, definitely worth a look.

  • 1950s
Read More about Dick Emory '59
Larry Stifler '59

Larry Stifler’s Maine Mineral and Gem Museum is back open and getting excellent ratings from visitors. The Stiflers have kept busy giving talks, being politically active and being involved in education with their foundation.

  • 1950s
Read More about Larry Stifler '59
Tom Obrecht '73

I am still working in the real estate business; however, thinking about slowing down. Married to my wife, Carol.

  • 1970s
Read More about Tom Obrecht '73
Roger Hankin '73

I am an usher for the Charleston Riverdogs (Low A, was a Yankees affiliate, now Rays). Moved here in 2017 with intent of peri-retirement but still staying busy with longstanding clients despite not seeking any new work.

  • 1970s
Read More about Roger Hankin '73
Todd Galvin '73

Forty-eight years in a nutshell: Graduation from Gilman was followed by college, medical school, and residency, during which time I met and married my wife, Linda, in a small ceremony with family and friends in Cape May, New Jersey.

  • 1970s
Read More about Todd Galvin '73
Henry Myerberg '73

As I write this note my wife, Karen and I are taking a two-week road trip, driving across the country with our daughter’s Australian Shepherd, who loves all hiking trails between LA and our home in New York.

  • 1970s
Read More about Henry Myerberg '73
Bill Isaacs '73

Louise and I are still living in beautiful downtown Butler, Maryland with dog Holly, five chickens, two cats, snake Corny, and lots of firewood split by Paisley Louise — love it.

  • 1970s
Read More about Bill Isaacs '73
Dave Senft '73

I am In Baltimore and still hawking insurance with classmate Guy Warfield at HMS Insurance in Hunt Valley.

  • 1970s
Read More about Dave Senft '73
Lance Miyamoto '73

A year ago, in February, my wife, Donna, and I moved from New Jersey to the Outer Banks in North Carolina to enjoy retirement. My son, Jasen, is living in Brooklyn, waiting for Broadway to reopen so he can return to work.

  • 1970s
Read More about Lance Miyamoto '73
Andy Adelson '59

I was very happy to engage Andy Adelson from Florida to join the event as moderator for our May 2021 luncheon, combined in person and Zoom, with his enjoyable humor and upbeat style.

  • 1950s
Read More about Andy Adelson '59
Steve Parker '73

After graduation, I went to Brown and obtained a B.A. in English Literature, without a doubt inspired by my 5th Form year in English with Roy Barker.

  • 1970s
Read More about Steve Parker '73
Scott Melby '73

Hello from Naples, Florida … aka “God’s Waiting Room” to some. Retired to here and Vermont after 35 years in hotel development, mostly with Marriott. “Retired” but incredibly busy with various real estate projects and getting little done.

  • 1970s
Read More about Scott Melby '73
Ned Hooper '73

I’m recently retired from a 30-year career in orthopedic/hand surgery. UNC, Duke Med, UVa Ortho, Univ Texas hand fellow along the way.

  • 1970s
Read More about Ned Hooper '73
John Magee '73

My life since Gilman: BA in American history from Washington & Lee. MBA from UVA. Eighteen years banking...

  • 1970s
Read More about John Magee '73
Dick Cromwell '73

I live in Newport, Rhode Island, and own Maritime Solutions, a boat dealership and the Freedom Boat Club Franchise for Connecticut and Rhode Island. Three daughters and two grandkids. Still working too much and not fishing enough.

  • 1970s
Read More about Dick Cromwell '73
Court Fulton '73

Married 40 years. Two grown children, both with graduate degrees. I am a lawyer in Charlotte, North Carolina, far too young to think about retirement.

  • 1970s
Read More about Court Fulton '73
Dave Tickner '73

Living in Rockville, Maryland, with my wife, Margaret. My three daughters are now grown up and married – I have four grandkids – three boys and one girl – Connor, Brooks, Augie, and Lila (ranging in age from almost 4 years old to 3 months).

  • 1970s
Read More about Dave Tickner '73
Rob Gettinger '73

Living in Denver for 22 years now and enjoying all that Colorado has to offer. Still work in financing, mergers, and acquisitions for lower middle market companies, thinking of retirement sooner than later.

  • 1970s
Read More about Rob Gettinger '73
Bunky Wehr '73

I retired about two years ago and am living happily in Perth, Western Australia, after a career as a geologist in the energy sector.

  • 1970s
Read More about Bunky Wehr '73
Gina (John) Robinson '73

I retired in 2017, and Mary and I established residency in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, about a year ago (January 2020). That has worked out well as we can do more things outside during COVID.

  • 1970s
Read More about Gina (John) Robinson '73
Tony Talalay '72

Likely most of us have been looking at the same four walls and same screens for most of the past year — my family and I have been fortunate that we have plenty to do, even in quarantine.

  • 1970s
Read More about Tony Talalay '72
Hill Michaels '57

Heard from Hill Michaels that he has moved into the senior living community of Blakehurst in Towson. “Plenty of Gilman folks here.”

  • 1950s
Read More about Hill Michaels '57
Ralph (Merrill) Lincoln '56

Ralph (Merrill) Lincoln writes from New Castle, New Hampshire, that he and Jane are healthy and still enjoying sailing in the Cape Cod area when weather permits.

  • 1950s
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Phil Briscoe '56

Phil Briscoe continues living in Cockeysville with his wife, Liz, where he pursues various hobbies, plus cycling for exercise. He welcomed his fourth grandchild in January — “a handsome little guy.”

  • 1950s
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Guy Dove '56

Guy Dove continues the good life dividing his time between winters in Vero Beach, Florida, and home in Middleburg, Virginia. His health is good, and he continues to be active in a syndicate with race horses in Baltimore.

  • 1950s
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Dave Eaton '56

Dave Eaton and Debby have returned to Baltimore after a hiatus in Singer Island, Florida, and Washington, D.C., and are happily settled back in their old territory. He, Dick Biggs, and yours truly keep in regular contact via Zoom.

  • 1950s
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George Dowell '56

George Dowell writes from home in St. Louis, where he is still practicing psychiatry three days a week, usually remotely.

  • 1950s
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Dave Sowell '56

Dave Sowell reports from Owings Mills that he and Judy are doing well in spite of the COVID-19 limitations. With his children scattered from New York City to Austin, Texas, to Los Angeles, FaceTime has become the base for their family communications.

  • 1950s
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Julian Jones '56

Julian Jones and wife Pat completed a trip to the Galapagos Islands before the travel shutdown, and since then they have enjoyed staying closer to home in Baltimore with family visits to their daughter’s home to babysit their 3-year-old grandson.

  • 1950s
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Tom Pinit '93

After 20 years in the environmental field, I switched careers to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a professional pilot.

  • 1990s
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John Hargrove '72

Retired life continues to work for both Beth and me. The past year was difficult for us as it was for most, but we got through it.

  • 1970s
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John Burghardt '72

I’ve been retired for five years now from my career of 10 years as a miner and mining engineer at Henderson Mine near Berthoud Pass, Colorado, and 28 years managing mining issues nationwide for the National Park Service as a mining engineer/geologist.

  • 1970s
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Gustav Gulmert '18

I’m about to finish my junior year at Georgetown University. No one could have predicted COVID’s impact on my junior and sophomore year, but I’ve done my best to make the most of it.

  • 2010s
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Piper Bond '18

Despite COVID , this past year has not been THAT different from the pre-pandemic times. Last summer (2020) I lived at the beach in Ocean City, Maryland, with my fellow classmates Jeremy Cranston, Sam Cosimano, and Jon Hazlehurst, and I worked for Colton Edmunds’ dad at Will’s Beach Service. Living at the beach was fun, and miraculously, everybody stayed pretty healthy!

  • 2010s
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Emerson Coleman '72

Emerson Coleman is continuing to develop and launch new media projects in his role as SVP for Hearst Television where he created the weekly national political show, “Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien”...

  • 1970s
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Frank Riggs '57

In February, our class lost our top athlete and friend, Frank Riggs. “Number 31”’s athletic prowess and accomplishments were legendary and speak for themselves.

  • 1950s
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Mark Fetting '72

Mark Fetting reports being “so sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. Porter...he was the best as teacher, Circus Director, T-men founder, contractor (he helped build the Auditorium), snow plow man with his jeep. I even think he and Cary Woodward were “Big League” football coaches when Will Baker and I attempted to be quarterbacks. Truly, Mr William H Porter, among the very best of Gilman.”

  • 1970s
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Jack Orrick '72

Jack Orrick has moved to the law firm of Offit Kurman in Bethesda from his prior law firm of Linowes and Blocher where he worked for more than 25 years.

  • 1970s
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Ryan Isaac '94

Ryan Isaac started an email newsletter, “Warning Track Power,” offering an insider’s take on a variety of stories and issues around baseball, some of which aren’t covered by traditional sports media. Check it out and subscribe at warningtrackpower.substack.com.

  • 1990s
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Thomas Coleman '94

I accepted a new director position with Chubb Limited managing outside counsel. It's where I've wanted to be, and doing what I've wanted to do my entire career. 

  • 1990s
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William CC Barnes '58

On Monday, January 18, William Calvin Chesnut Barnes passed away at the age of 80 at a memory care facility in The Villages, Florida.

  • 1950s
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David Heroy '91

David Heroy was in town last summer from Austin, Texas, where he is a science teacher at a private school. His wife, Erica, and his two daughters report that their dog has never been happier than during the current pandemic

  • 1990s
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Jason Jenkins '91

Jason Jenkins is still in Baltimore and when not posting on Facebook about losing his phone, breaking his phone, or his phone being hacked, he is working in property management.

  • 1990s
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Ed Trusty '91

Our class Ph.D., Dr. Ed Trusty, has announced his return to Baltimore from Texas as he has been named the Interim Head of School at St Paul’s. We only ask that Ed not give the Crusaders any coaching advice when playing the Greyhounds.

  • 1990s
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Greg Levin '91

Greg Levin wrote from Charlotte where he is a National Feed Producer for NBC News. I am sure that he is disappointed that he did not get to broadcast his fourth Olympic Games from Tokyo this year.

  • 1990s
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Arun Agrawal '91

Dr. Arun Agrawal wrote to me from Southern California, where besides learning how to microbrew, he and our classmate Dr. Andrew Coyle are on the front lines in the hospitals and we are thankful to both of them.

  • 1990s
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Charlie Neer '91

Charlie Neer was happy to report that while living in Philadelphia he has been organizing “Scotch-o-clock” with his neighbors.

  • 1990s
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Harris Ferrell '91

Harris and his family live in Queens, N.Y., and wrote to remind us all to not touch our faces and make sure to wash our hands.

  • 1990s
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Luke Harlan '91

Luke Harlan wrote that he is enjoying his time with teen boys and feeling extremely fortunate and grateful to be inspiring and empowering others to become the best version of themselves as a transitional business, health and mindset coach.

  • 1990s
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Adam Morgan '86

My weekly re-acquaintance with Gilman over the last seven years has come to a close with the “graduation” of my younger son, Philip, with the class of 2020. My older son, Andrew, graduated in 2017.

  • 1980s
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Dave Rody '85

Dave Rody and his wife, Anna MacCormack, moved to Baltimore from New York with their three children. Their son is in the Gilman Middle School, and their two daughters are in the lower school at Bryn Mawr.

  • 1980s
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Jaan Naktin '85

Jaan Naktin, an infectious disease specialist in Allentown, Pa., shared a video he took at the hospital where he works. Looking down from a second-floor window, the video shows firetrucks and ambulances slowly circling the hospital’s entrance, their lights flashing and sirens wailing.

  • 1980s
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Jeff Grant '85

In March, Jeff Grant and his fiancé, Jennifer, cancelled their plans for a lowkey wedding at a restaurant outside Atlanta and livestreamed the ceremony from home.

  • 1980s
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Bobby Bone '82

It is with great sadness that I report that Bobby Bone passed away at John Hopkins on May 26 after a multi-year battle with dementia.

  • 1980s
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Don Hooker '59

Don Hooker continues to keep a home here on Broadmoor Road and makes an occasional appearance here, but spends a great deal of time in Washington with his longtime companion, Mary. They particularly enjoy theater.

  • 1950s
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Bob Wood '59

Debbie and Bob Wood are in their fifth year of permanent residence at Jackson Hole, where they can continue to see their spectacular view of the Grand Teton range and Woody can enjoy his favorite pastime — fishing — though that has been put off by the pandemic.

  • 1950s
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John Edelen '59

John Edelen attended our class lunch last fall all the way from Earlysville, Va., near Charlottesville. It was nice to see him again, after he and Lockette attended our reunion last spring. John is an avid fisherman.

  • 1950s
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John Hilgenberg '59

Eve and John Hilgenberg are enjoying their new home at Blakehurst with its quality of life and excellent activities. John has substantially recovered from a stroke he suffered months ago. He was able to attend the fall lunch. He is enjoying a 1952 MG.

  • 1950s
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Hobie Fowlkes '59

Jennie Lee and Hobie Fowlkes, like many of us, are continuing enjoyment of their six grandchildren. Hobie has also particularlyenjoyed resuming flying his Bonanza airplane after a two-and-a-half-year fix-up job.

  • 1950s
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Van Durrer '87

All is good here — staying safe at home with my wife in Santa Monica, Calif., but as a Skadden restructuring lawyer, I have been very busy. Family is good.

  • 1980s
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Ed Villamater '82

All is well with my family despite the COVID-19 pandemic. My daughter (Emma) just completed her sophomore year at Penn/Wharton and my son (Ethan) completed his sophomore year at Gilman.

  • 1980s
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Joel Getz '82

Joel Getz continues to work as senior associate dean at Yale School of Management. He also serves on a few public boards as well as the board of a new boarding school being developed/opened in Massachusetts.

  • 1980s
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Tim Rumberger '82

Tim Rumberger continues in his role as world languages department chair for Mashpee Public School in Mashpee, Mass.

  • 1980s
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Herb May '82

We are moving to West Palm Beach, Fla., from New York City. We are currently renting a house three blocks down from Geary Stonesifer and will buy later this year.

  • 1980s
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Mike Berkowitz '82

Since 2005, Mike Berkowitz has been a history teacher at the Trinity School in New York, N.Y. He has now added Upper School class dean to his duties. Mike, do you leave “See me now” messages like Mr. Gamper?

  • 1980s
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Bill Slaughter '82

Former classmate Bill Slaughter is working for Weatherby Healthcare of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., as a consultant in pediatric subspecialties.

  • 1980s
Read More about Bill Slaughter '82
Romeo McClarry '82

Romeo McClarry continues in his role as principal consultant and owner of Swing Space, LLC, a technical security company providing services to the residential, business, and federal government communities. He has also added pastor and founder of Haven of Rest Ministries in LaPlata, Md.

  • 1980s
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Jay Brennan '82

My wife, Susan, and I retired two years ago to Oconee County, S.C., about two hours north of Atlanta. I golf poorly three to four days a week.

  • 1980s
Read More about Jay Brennan '82
Rob Yarlott '82

Rob Yarlott continues in his role as vice president of business development with Cryotrans. Rob, his wife, Linda, and sons Jay and Will reside in Ellicott City.

  • 1980s
Read More about Rob Yarlott '82
Brooks Matthews '87

Last year, I stepped down as head lacrosse coach. I spent 2019-2020 focusing on my classes, assisting Greyhound TV, and supporting my daughter during her senior year in high school. Julie and I are so proud of her as she moves on to the University of Delaware where she hopes to study exercise science and nutrition.

  • 1980s
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Andy Fine '87

I am in the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak in Boston. For some reason, Boston has been hit as hard as almost any U.S. city other than NYC. It is a strange time to work in an emergency department.

  • 1980s
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Tommy Horst '85

If you don’t live in Baltimore, one way to survive quarantine is to order steamed crabs from Crisfield, Md., and that’s what Tommy Horst did back in April.

  • 1980s
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Bill Baldwin '77

Safe to say the last 10 years are not what any of us would have wished for as we prep for well-earned, feet-up and kicking-back glide into our golden years.

  • 1970s
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Tom Hoblitzell '81

So my wife, Sheryl, and I are recently back from India where my son Alec was married. Visited the Taj Mahal and got out right before the coronavirus shut everything down.

  • 1980s
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Bill Johnson '70

I continue on multiple daily meds...an antibiotic, an antiviral, a bone strengthener, baby aspirin, as well as two major cancer meds, one orally for two weeks per month and another by monthly infusion (4+ hours in the cancer center).

  • 1970s
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Leonard Frenkil '81

Crazy times we are living through. Paula and I drove to Baltimore on March 20 and will be staying here for the duration of the state of emergency.

  • 1980s
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Bill Thomas '81

Sally and I have moved to Maine full time, a longtime dream of ours. I will be working from home and be in St. Louis once or twice a month when the world comes back to normal. Our daughters are also sheltering in place in Chicago and Denver.

  • 1980s
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Steve Snyder '80

Steve Snyder’s daughter graduated from James Madison this spring. The proud father posted some pictures on Facebook.

  • 1980s
Read More about Steve Snyder '80
Sandy Brown '81

I was in Singapore for SARS, so I had a dry run of sorts. Not something I would have ever recommended, but it has come in handy.

  • 1980s
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Jock McNair '56

Sadly, one response was the news that Jock McNair died in June 2018. Those of us who attended Calvert School were his classmates for 12 years.

  • 1950s
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Guy Hollyday '48

Your secretary, Guy Hollyday, now a great-grandfather, writes a daily poem for his local community and plants a tree or two in nearby Wyman Park

  • 1940s
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Tom Fenton '48

Tom Fenton and Simone are living in New York City, where they have both had ER visits and hospitalizations and are now quarantined in their apartment trying to recover from the coronavirus. Tom deeply regrets the recent death of his older brother, Matt.

  • 1940s
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George Thomsen '48

George Thomsen and his wife, Mary Ellen, are looking forward to a family vacation this summer in Cambridge, Md. Included in the fifteen people on the trip will be Philip Thomsen ‘15, son of Roszel ‘76, who graduates from Harvard this year, and Abigail Thomsen, daughter of Laurence (Lee) ‘85, who is graduating from Macalester College.

  • 1940s
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Bob Rich '48

Bob Rich and his wife, Joan, are involved and Zooming with their families, including eight grandchildren and two greatgrandchildren, with another on the way.

  • 1940s
Read More about Bob Rich '48
Chris Murray '77

As some of you may know, we lost Chris Murray last year to ALS. He handled his illness with incredible courage and grace. He was a great friend and classmate.

  • 1970s
Read More about Chris Murray '77
John Strickland '48

John Strickland is not enjoying stay-at-home, but is happy to be well and living in Florida. He gave up flying last year, but is still living at the airpark and has his old plane still in his hangar, even though it has been sold.

  • 1940s
Read More about John Strickland '48
Dan Long '83

Dan Long is itching to get back to his bees. He lives in Athens, Ga., has undertaken the task of building a house, is becoming a certified Master Beekeeper, and is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his Brushwood Nursery.

  • 1980s
Read More about Dan Long '83
James Smoot '83

James Smoot is an avid tennis player, but he tore his Achilles last year. He’s almost 100 percent and is back on the courts.

  • 1980s
Read More about James Smoot '83
Chris Wilson '83

Dr. Chris Wilson, who lives in Silver Spring, has been married to Tiffany since 2015, and works as a physician with a specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation in a multidisciplinary group.

  • 1980s
Read More about Chris Wilson '83
Willie DeVeas '83

Speaking of touching classmates, I made the big move to Dr. Willie DeVeas. I remember those big claws from the gridiron, but I must say he’s quite agile for a big guy. He’s a fabulous dentist.

  • 1980s
Read More about Willie DeVeas '83
James Howard '83

Hey all! I’ve actually been in Baltimore since March 12. Sadly my mother passed away and I travelled back home to handle her funeral arrangements right before the whole pandemic thing hit.

  • 1980s
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Daniel Berne '77

Betty and I are sequestered in our homes like many others. Both of us are fortunate to be able to work from home.

  • 1970s
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Chuck Baker '97

Chuck Baker quit his job and is now a dedicated online poker player and blackjack enthusiast; he has to play online because casinos have banned him due to card counting and stealing robes.

  • 1990s
Read More about Chuck Baker '97
Will Stewart '97

Will Stewart is excited to announce he is engaged to Jessie Montgomery of Harrisonburg, Va.! She is a graduate of UVA and Fuqua, currently working as a VP of external affairs for a nonprofit.

  • 1990s
Read More about Will Stewart '97
Ben Lucas '97

Ben Lucas is still living the Cali life…typical day includes chai latte, surf, burrito for lunch, surf, yoga class with wife, surf, hang with the family, decide board shorts/tee combo for next day, sleep and repeat!

  • 1990s
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Alec Riepe '97

Alec Riepe during the last year has learned Italian, picked up archery, took online courses in multiple disciplines and read at least one book every week. Just kidding. With two small children he survived by drinking what would normally qualify as excessive, but in 2020 counted as drinking appropriately.

  • 1990s
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Brian Margarine '97

Brian Margarine and his wife, Brooke, with their children, Victoria (11), Parker (10), and Scarlett (7) got a puppy named Jax.

  • 1990s
Read More about Brian Margarine '97
Keith Baker '97

Keith Baker, when not sunbathing in the lower lots at Gilman or working the umbrella rentals in Dewey, can be found wearing a hard hat and a lax penny at his day job.

  • 1990s
Read More about Keith Baker '97
Matt Garrity '97

Matt Garrity has mastered the art of installing car seats in rental cars to enjoy hiking or ski days outside Manhattan.

  • 1990s
Read More about Matt Garrity '97
Brendan Callahan '97

Brendan Callahan’s life in 2019/2020 has been spent chasing around their three kiddos (8, 5, and 2), which was his same response as last year and will be the same next year, but the math on their ages will be different thanks to Mr. Matthew’s skilled teachings!

  • 1990s
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Morgan Salmon '97

Morgan Salmon is living in north Philadelphia (but not born and raised), he works at Amazon going on year two where he spends most of his days, he enjoys chillin’ out, maxin’ relaxin all cool on the beaches of Jamaica when the three young kids (10, 5, 3) aren’t in school.

  • 1990s
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David Chalmers '97

David Chalmers’ mother (and our class mom) Linda Trapp celebrated her final year at Gilman teaching language and coaching cross country; let’s be honest, she was the only good runner in the family.

  • 1990s
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Ken McNish '97

Ken McNish is finishing his 12th and final year at Charlotte Country Day School. This coming year he will be the Upper School athletic director at St. Paul Academy and Summit School in St. Paul, Minn.

  • 1990s
Read More about Ken McNish '97
Trent Stone '97

Trent Stone is working on multiple DIY projects around the house over the last year. He has an almost completely potty-trained and totally rambunctious 2-and-a-half-year-old boy. In June, he will have a little girl to add to the family.

  • 1990s
Read More about Trent Stone '97
Gene de Juan '97

Gene de Juan has been dealing with chronic pelvic pain for eight months and had to take a break from medical school.

  • 1990s
Read More about Gene de Juan '97
Brian Nottingham '97

Brian Nottingham is still in sales and playing lacrosse, bruh. He enjoys being a husband and father to three kids in Parkton, Md. Brian loves coaching his kids and teaching them his quick reflex secrets.

  • 1990s
Read More about Brian Nottingham '97
Alan Woods '97

Alan Woods’ wife, Staci, who is exceptionally gifted, is slowly adding to her business, attempting to conquer the criminal justice system in Maryland.

  • 1990s
Read More about Alan Woods '97
Will Miton '99

Will Miton, wife Raffaella, and son Oliver (now 3 and a half years old) live in northwest Philly, right across from a nice park and near some amazing mountain biking trails.

  • 1990s
Read More about Will Miton '99
Charles Wagandt '99

Lauren and Charles Wagandt’s kids keep getting bigger. Everyone is still alive and employed, which Charles points out is a genuine achievement these days.

  • 1990s
Read More about Charles Wagandt '99
Karan Kamboh '99

Dr. Karan Kamboh is just as sexy as ever, and he recently starred in a YouTube music video called “Brusher Now,” which is worth two minutes and forty-six seconds of your time.

  • 1990s
Read More about Karan Kamboh '99
Shaun Woodland '99

Shaun Woodland is racking up awards for his work on the big screen. He starred in the film “Unarmed Man,” available on Amazon Prime, which won the HBO “Best Feature” competition at the Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival in 2019.

  • 1990s
Read More about Shaun Woodland '99
Craig Bennett '99

Craig Bennett is expecting his second baby in September. He is the dean of the middle school at Calvert and lives in Rodgers Forge, where he is neighbors with Andrew Faraone.

  • 1990s
Read More about Craig Bennett '99
Henry Russell '99

Henry Russell’s second baby is due any day now (the middle of May 2020.) He coaches the football team at St. Frances, which finished with the #1 ranking in Maryland for the third straight year, and #3 in the country, their highest final ranking.

  • 1990s
Read More about Henry Russell '99
Tim Hurley '99

Tim Hurley may have been in the hospital at the same time as Justin Haas, as his third child, Willa, entered the world on April 6.

  • 1990s
Read More about Tim Hurley '99
Justin Haas '99

Justin Haas was a couple weeks ahead of Kittu with his second son, Wesley (older brother Nathan is 5). Justin lives in Silver Spring and works for the Navy, representing sailors and Marines before the Physical Evaluation Board on issues relating to discharge from service due to medical issues.

  • 1990s
Read More about Justin Haas '99
Kittu Rao '99

Kittu Rao’s wife had an emergency C-section in Miami, as baby girl Anisha Rao arrived on 4/15/20. Anisha remained in the NICU for 12 days and is now doing well. 

  • 1990s
Read More about Kittu Rao '99
Apaar Singh '99

Apaar Singh’s mom, Mala, passed on May 5 from complications tied to COVID-19. Touching tributes to her appeared in The Washington Post and elsewhere.

  • 1990s
Read More about Apaar Singh '99
Stuart Rienhoff '77

All good from here in Reisterstown, Md., with the Rienhoffs — lots of projects, open space, and critters out here. Married to Pat for just about 33 years (don’t ask me how she could put up with it).

  • 1970s
Read More about Stuart Rienhoff '77
Bill Blue '77

I’m trying to meet a ‘Cooper Deadline’ which (after 12 years at The Tech with Hap) I know is an oxymoron. Betsy and I are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. Since we’re not going anywhere, I may have to surprise her with something beyond the meal kits in 15 minutes that represent my culinary skills.

  • 1970s
Read More about Bill Blue '77
John Xanders '77

Gentlemen, I guess I started my retirement three months early due to the pandemic. If I survive online teaching I will be retiring from The Tech after 38 years, with wrestling (28 years) and baseball coaching (9 years), I can honestly say that I enjoyed every aspect of my 38!

  • 1970s
Read More about John Xanders '77
Mason Lord '77

I’m living and working in the northwest corner of Connecticut, not far from David O. My wife, Hope, and I bought property in Sharon, Conn., and are building a high performance factory-built home up at the top of the property on a rocky ledge.

  • 1970s
Read More about Mason Lord '77
Ron Shelton '77

Hello everyone — It’s really amazing what my classmates have done! At the moment I am enduring the COVID pandemic just like everyone else.

  • 1970s
Read More about Ron Shelton '77
David Obstler '77

Hello from the War Zone in the New York Metro Area. Does anyone else live in the area? We live in Manhattan , but escaped with the full family at the end of March to Salisbury, Conn., in the Berkshires, two hours north of NYC.

  • 1970s
Read More about David Obstler '77
George Brush '77

As many of you know, Mary Anne and I still live in Grosse Pointe Park, a couple of blocks from Detroit. We’re going on 21 years here. We have three children, who make me a blessed and proud old man.

  • 1970s
Read More about George Brush '77
Jim Wyatt '77

I guess it has been a few years since I’ve been in contact. It’s great to see everyone here doing well. I hope we all survive this current crisis.

  • 1970s
Read More about Jim Wyatt '77
Tom Connor '77

Howdy, folks, and greetings from Wisconsin! Sue and I are now in our 26th year in Milwaukee where we have become Packers, Bucks, Brewers, Marquette, and U Wisconsin Badger fans, there IS a lot of cheese and beer, and we did have some snow flurries on Mother’s Day.

  • 1970s
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Ed Mitzel '77

I moved back from California in November to Baltimore to work for a firm that is now moving its headquarters to Phoenix in only six months...another corporation leaves...so sad.

  • 1970s
Read More about Ed Mitzel '77
Tad Law '77

I recently ended a 16-plus-year career at M&T Bank/Wilmington Trust. Not ready to hang it up; so, looking for the next chapter opportunity.

  • 1970s
Read More about Tad Law '77
Charlie Tipper '77

Life continues to be good in Burlington, Vermont. Nest is empty. Kids all healthy though entirely hobbled by COVID — their many fire-irons cooled way off.

  • 1970s
Read More about Charlie Tipper '77
Marshall Thomsen '77

I’m still teaching physics at Eastern Michigan University, so of course that means I was scrambling a couple of months ago to convert all five of my courses to entirely online experiences.

  • 1970s
Read More about Marshall Thomsen '77
Jim Lynn '74

Jim Lynn proudly announced the birth of his first grandchild, Declan James Feeney, born last November.

  • 1970s
Read More about Jim Lynn '74
Mac Finney '74

Mac Finney continues his essential work keeping us in Baltimore informed, as he files news stories and broadcasts remotely out of his car.

  • 1970s
Read More about Mac Finney '74
Brad Mudge '74

Brad Mudge writes that he is finishing up a yearlong sabbatical from his teaching duties at the University of Colorado, but that progress on his research has stalled a bit around the recent coronavirus shutdown of the university.

  • 1970s
Read More about Brad Mudge '74
Ben Stallman '53

Ben Stallman, still happily living in York, Pa., among family and longtime friends, informs us that his life is full and sweet.

  • 1950s
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Ben Bird '53

Ben Bird wrote in from his Seabrook Island, S.C., paradise that he is short on news, long on health and living the good life with Marsha just waiting for the next Spoleto Festival in Charleston.

  • 1950s
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Cristobal Bonifaz '53

Cristobal Bonifaz has assured us that this is the year that his (I think somewhat autobiographical) novel, "The Curse of Eleuterio Rodriguez," will be published.

  • 1950s
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Tony Carey '53

Speaking of walking the neighborhood, Tony Carey and Ellie are still ensconced at home in their stylish townhouse near the Baltimore Inner Harbor.

  • 1950s
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Ben Proctor '53

Ben Proctor and Sue, avid travelers, have been really slammed by COVID-19. They cancelled an RV excursion to New England and then a cruise to the Greek Isles.

  • 1950s
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Cary Woodward '53

Cary Woodward, our contribution to the Gilman faculty where he distinguished himself for several years, regrets having to forego his customary vacation to Maine with Peggy.

  • 1950s
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Will Gould '87

I’m still living outside D.C. in Northern Virginia and working at a commercial finance company called Midcap Financial. I’ve been staying home since mid-March where my wife, kids, and I are all trying to keep up with work/school remotely.

  • 1980s
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Sylvester Cox '76

Presiding from home, Baltimore City Circuit Judge Sylvester Cox wrote, “COVID 19 has severely hindered the administration of justice, yet we do what we can to preserve the judiciary.”

  • 1970s
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Eb Finney '76

These days, I am counting my blessings more often as we stay sequestered. Reopening our respective towns will not be easy but there is hope now, I believe.

  • 1970s
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Jim Campbell '76

My favorite recollection of the Calvert football team was the ‘Suber Sneak,’ where our massive front line would part the enemy forces, and while the entire blocking force ran to the right in front of Charlie Jenkins, he made a sly handoff to Suber Huang, who would sneak through a gap in the center of the line for a big gain before some huge linebacker flattened him.

  • 1970s
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Tom Doyle '76

Last year I took the plunge, and bought the ‘retirement home’ down in the warmer climes of central Florida. 

  • 1970s
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Kirk Smith '76

Kirk Smith assured us that “I’m still conducting in various locations around the world and looking forward to the world opening up again. I’m also working from home in the CBD industry as well as world travel. As (Leonard) Nimoy used to say, ‘Fascinating.’”

  • 1970s
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Garrett Waters '76

Garrett Waters’ evangelistic forays and recent sermonizing coincide with his “working part time at present, and thus, have some money to pay my necessities.”

  • 1970s
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Scott Graham '76

Also living in Baltimore, Scott Graham wrote that his wife, Beth, is a yoga teacher, their daughter, Maria, is finishing up college, and of the older two children out of school, Duncan lives in San Francisco and is a “techie,” while Rachel is living in Hampden and is a wellness coach.

  • 1970s
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Mark Strohsacker '76

We are still in Philly as well, and I’m still working for GSK Pharma R&D. I’m also hoping to hang in there for three or more years. Hope everyone is doing well during these difficult times!

  • 1970s
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Charlie Steinberg '76

Charlie Steinberg tallied that this spring marked “the 44th anniversary of our Encounter projects — and mine is beginning its 45th year..."

  • 1970s
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Darby Butts '98

After becoming the 1,459th person to spend the winter at the South Pole, Antarctica in 2015/2016, Darby is now the Partner and COO of the largest independent craft brewery in the country of Colombia. He is still a chef and world traveler while he builds his companies in South America and around the world.

  • 1990s
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Charlie Bradford '60

Charlie Bradford and his wife, Sue, in retirement, enjoy living in an old family farmhouse on 40 acres in Marshfield, Mass.

  • 1960s
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Johann Torres '87

Johann Torres is now the senior medical director and chief medical information officer at Miami Beach Community Health Center where he is also an internist and HIV specialist.

  • 1980s
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Cliff Harding '54

Another scholar athlete and class treasurer, Cliff Harding, reported that as a member of the “Octo Generation,” he is acutely aware of life’s changes.

  • 1950s
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Neil Bouscaren '54

Class vice president and classmate voted most popular, Neil Bouscaren, reports that, “Nothing of significance here, still doing a few surveys solo of local fauna and flora for local NGOs.”

  • 1950s
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Charlie O’Donovan '54

Among our scholar athletes (I was neither) is former Class President Charlie O’Donovan, who is living the life of the typical ninth-decader and lamenting the fact that it’s spring, the grass is green, the trees are full, the flowers are blooming, BUT — as of this writing, the golf courses are closed thanks to COVID-19.

  • 1950s
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Todd Crandell '87

My wife, Lisa, and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary this May. We live in Dundalk where we both grew up. She’s quite the Greyhound wrestling fan...

  • 1980s
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Bruce Michelson '66

Next summer, when we finally get through this pandemic, I am supposed to hike the Coast to Coast Path (across northern England) with an old friend from McDonogh ’68...

  • 1960s
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Tripp Burgunder '87

I am a partner at Rimon Law, an international law firm with a new Baltimore office. I still do real estate transactions and real estate litigation.

  • 1980s
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Tim Schenck '87

In 2019, Reverend Tim Schenck of The Episcopal Parish of St. John the Evangelist in Hingham, Mass., published a new book, “Holy Grounds: The Surprising Connection between Coffee and Faith — From Dancing Goats to Satan’s Drink.”

  • 1980s
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Alfie Spear '87

I have been with Walt Disney World for the past 22 years after serving as the assistant general manager for the Stockton Ports Professional Baseball Club. For the last 10 years, I have been the manager of Food and Beverage Concept Development Projects.

  • 1980s
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Juan Alvarez '87

I am still down in sunny Sao Paulo, Brazil. I am the general manager of iCAABS, a consulting firm that helps international companies expand into the Brazilian market.

  • 1980s
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Phil McLean '87

I’m living in Media, Pa., with my wife (20-year anniversary coming up!) and three kids, the oldest a senior in high school. I’m an anesthesiologist at a local community hospital with neuroscience, trauma, and burn center.

  • 1980s
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Jack Cavanaugh '87

I am celebrating ten years at Brown Advisory on July 1 where I am focused on client work and community engagement. I volunteer on five nonprofits and otherwise try to catch every sports event of my two high schoolers — one at Gilman, one at RPCS. All good!

  • 1980s
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David Morales '87

I am a pediatric heart surgeon at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. I have a busy lab doing research on surgical planning in virtual reality, tissue engineering, and artificial hearts.

  • 1980s
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Ned Carroll '87

All is well in Charlotte, N.C. I retired from Bank of America a few years ago. Took some time to fish and do some Habitat builds in El Salvador.

  • 1980s
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Ken Zeitung '87

I live in San Antonio, Texas, with my wife, Debra, and sons, Aidan and Kyan. I am the senior financial officer for USAA Residential Real Estate Services.

  • 1980s
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Ted Fish '87

I have been social distancing since mid-March with my family in Santa Fe. All are well. I opened up my own consulting company last fall — Fish Leadership Consulting — helping schools, universities, and companies to build cultures of leadership (fishleadership.org). Wishing all Gilman community safety and good health!

  • 1980s
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D.B. Hebb '87

I have become an avid saltwater fisherman but am limited by sea sickness. I still strive to be a Redmond Finney first-class citizen and pick up trash when I see it!

  • 1980s
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Bruce Mehlman '87

I am living (and now working) in Bethesda, Md., with my wife and three kids (two of whom were in college before COVID).

  • 1980s
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Craig Powell '87

I am still living in Alexandria and I’m in my 19th year working with the Department of Labor as Director of real estate services for their Job Corps portfolio (I’m a consultant with CBRE but have been on this particular contract since 2002.)

  • 1980s
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Hugh Marbury '87

Hugh Marbury and his wife, Elise, have two high school children in Annapolis, and Hugh is now a partner in the D.C. law office of Cozen O’Connor.

  • 1980s
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Kenzie Marty '87

Kenzie Marty and wife Elizabeth have four children in Rodgers Forge, and his oldest daughter is about to graduate from the University of South Carolina.

  • 1980s
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Rick Roebuck '87

Rick Roebuck and his wife, Jen, are at home with their SMU freshman Ted while their older son Ricky is living off campus until he graduates from the University of Richmond.

  • 1980s
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Matt Wyskiel '87

All is good in the Wyskiel house. Christy is doing her Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures work from our sunroom.

  • 1980s
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Kevin ‘Bubba’ Buerger '87

I moved to Greenspring Valley in January, leaving Roland Park. Jack is graduating from Gilman this year, off to study and play lacrosse at Syracuse next year.

  • 1980s
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Rich Weinstein '87

Pre-COVID-19, I had the good fortune of not only celebrating 100 years of Gilman Wrestling, but also watching my nephew Andy Weinstein ‘20 be crowned the 126lb MIAA champion.

  • 1980s
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Byron Lawson '87

Currently, I am head of school at the Trinity Preparatory School in Winter Park, Fla. It’s been a whirlwind of change as we have experienced the novel coronavirus and its impact on our economy.

  • 1980s
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Jon Guth '87

We are just trying to manage through the pandemic as best we can. Like many of us are probably doing, I’m teleworking from home, still with KPMG, and currently on a rotation with their audit technology office.

  • 1980s
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Randy Reisner '87

I am a vice president with The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company. I have been with W-T for 28 years since graduating with a civil engineering degree.

  • 1980s
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Rob Mockard '87

I started a new position with Honda Motors Trading Division: risk manager for Honda’s North America regional supply chain activity.

  • 1980s
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Tom Annau

I live in San Carlos, Calif., with my wife, Kelly, and two sons, Nate (16) and Xander (13).

  • 1980s
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Doug Godine '87

My wife Corie is doing great after a battle with breast cancer. My oldest transferred to our alma mater, UVA, and is headed there in the fall.

  • 1980s
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Andy Barker '87

I am two years in now as the founding director of the Burlington City & Lake Semester. It’s an immersive program in partnership with Burlington High School that gives a diverse group of 20 juniors and seniors the chance to use the city as their classroom for one semester.

  • 1980s
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Henry Franklin '87

I am a partner in Franklin Financial Group. We work with businesses and individuals all over the country with their employee benefits, insurance, and retirement planning.

  • 1980s
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Kevin Lynch '75

Laura and I are still in Baltimore. She’s working part time for an internist and watching our grandson, Harry, two days a week.

  • 1970s
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Matt Buck '93

Matt Buck enjoyed a very proud moment, in June of 2019, with the graduation of daughter Abby from the school that Matt heads, Calvert Middle School.

  • 1990s
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Neil Harris '65

Neil Harris has completed his first year of retirement with wife Ann, moving from Boston to their place in New London, N.H., where they are enjoying rural life.

  • 1960s
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Jimmy Potter '65

Jimmy Potter recalled the 50th anniversary of his UVA lacrosse championship team. Jimmer was captain and an All-American midfielder on that team.

  • 1960s
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John Helfrich '65

John Helfrich is a grandfather, now for the third time, but is worried that our Class Notes are moving closer to the front.

  • 1960s
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Lucas Randrianarivelo '17

Coming up on three years since closing ceremonies this coming May, and I can still remember sweating through my blue button-down and blazer.

  • 2010s
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Hugh Long '61

Nothing important has happened to me. I am somewhat busy trying to make money to pass on to my wife and children.

  • 1960s
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John Loeb '63

John Loeb writes that despite his and and Anna Belle’s love of New Orleans, they are moving back to Philadelphia to be closer to their son Locke and four grandchildren.

  • 1960s
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N Craig Cutter '63

Craig Cutter had some good news. He is healthy and feels good “except when I look in the mirror or remember that our youngest grandchild graduates from college this spring.”

  • 1960s
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Bill Legg '63

From his winter residence in Florida, Bill Legg mentioned that as president of a golf club in Key Largo he was preparing for a board meeting that would decide whether to close the club to guests and family members just as spring break was about to flood its membership with kids and grandkids.

  • 1960s
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Richard Wasserman '66

Richard Wasserman “Wass” reports that he “timed out” at Venable, after almost 40 years there, in December 2017, and joined the Baltimore-based firm Offit Kurman.

  • 1960s
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Jim Hartle '56

Jim Hartle retired from the University of California-Santa Barbara 15 years ago, but he still goes into the office most days “working hard to understand the beginning of the universe through theoretical physics.”

  • 1950s
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Dick Biggs '56

Dick Biggs provided a very interesting summary of his life since Gilman, covering his education, his career, his family, and his health.

  • 1950s
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Lorne Smith '95

Lorne Smith is living in Lafayette, Calif., outside of San Francisco with wife Ashley and two daughters, Mozelle (7) and June (5). Lorne is working in lacrosse for TRUE Sports building the next great brand of lacrosse gear, while also coaching in town and making his own lacrosse products under the Firethreads brand. Lorne was inducted into the US Lacrosse Baltimore Chapter Hall of Fame a few years ago.

  • 1990s
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Paul Schilpp '95

Paul Schilpp lives in New Canaan, Conn., and works at a private equity firm in town. He has three little ones, ages 9, 8, and 2.

  • 1990s
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Alex Mueller '95

Alex Mueller lives in Boise, Idaho, with his wife, Kari, and two children, Anja (12) and Beck (10). He enjoys coaching baseball and basketball, fly fishing, skiing, and hiking with his dog in the foothills of Idaho. He runs the engineering department for SigningDay and is a freelance software engineer.

  • 1990s
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Mark Abrams '95

Mark Abrams is the chief product officer for Ascend Learning’s nursing education division. He lives in Ellicott City and is married with four boys.

  • 1990s
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Drew Poffel '95

Drew Poffel leads a team at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, based in Rockefeller Center. He works primarily with HNW individuals, families, and small institutions. He’s been living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for the past 10 years.

  • 1990s
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Jay Arnold '95

Jay Arnold has lived in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. for the past 15 years. He left Investment Banking in NYC and headed back to grad school for his MBA at Darden (UVA).

  • 1990s
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Nauman Siddiqi '95

Nauman Siddiqi moved back to Baltimore five years ago. He is an interventional cardiologist and works just down the street from Gilman at Union Memorial. Nauman and his wife, Aiza, have a 7-year-old son, Zidan, who is in first grade at Gilman.

  • 1990s
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Brian Holloway '95

Lieutenant Colonel Brian Holloway is serving in the Army as an engineer. He is currently stationed near Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, working on a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology.

  • 1990s
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Herb Beatson '95

Herb Beatson moved to San Francisco in September of 2018 after 15 years in D.C. to join Sepio Capital as co-CIO and managing director. He is running a hedge fund and real estate private investment fund for the firm. He is currently splitting time between San Francisco and Utah.

  • 1990s
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David Payne '95

David Payne and his wife, Jennifer, live in Baltimore with their sons, Beckett (6) and Xander (3). David is currently the CFO of Tessemae’s and spends his down time volunteering for the football program at Saint Frances Academy.

  • 1990s
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Matt Carbine '95

Matt Carbine works at Calvert Hall. He has a 10-year-old daughter and just finished an MBA at Loyola University Maryland.

  • 1990s
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Andy Snow '95

Andy Snow and his wife, Kim, are celebrating their 15th anniversary and live near Annapolis with their two boys.

  • 1990s
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Peter Bridgman '95

Peter Bridgman is the president of Visionworks, a $1B eyecare company based in San Antonio. He has two little girls, Evy (4) and Charlie (2), and is married to Hilary.

  • 1990s
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James McIntyre '95

James McIntyre lives in Mountain Lakes, N.J., with his wife, Lauren, two boys, Trevor (8) and Grant (7), and daughter Adair (4). He coaches his boys’ lacrosse and works in New York as Sr. MD and COO of Moore Strategic Ventures.

  • 1990s
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Hans Breville '95

Hans Breville is currently working at PwC, advising health care clients on how to transform to best meet market and customer demands.

  • 1990s
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Brandon Thornton '95

Brandon Thornton lives in Baltimore. He just started his 17th year at the Public Defender’s Office. He got married last year.

  • 1990s
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Corey Popham '95

Corey Popham is married with three children and lives in Rumson, N.J. His kids are 14, 13, and 11. Corey works in Manhattan for BTIG, which is an Investment Bank. In his free time, he enjoys coaching his children’s basketball and lacrosse teams.

  • 1990s
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Dan McGill '95

Dan McGill lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife, Nicole, and two girls (Josie, 5 and Dulany, 2). He earned his master’s in real estate from MIT. He works for a value-add focused real estate development firm and skis whenever/wherever the opportunity presents itself.

  • 1990s
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Brett Myerson '95

Brett Myerson lives in Baltimore with his wife, Kelly, daughter, Sophia (9), and son, William (5). He is heading into his fourth year as in-house counsel for Priority 1 Automotive Group.

  • 1990s
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Jason McCormick '95

Jason McCormick lives in Towson with his dog, Mosby. He is managing McCormick’s charitable giving and outreach programs.

  • 1990s
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Robby Kang '95

Robby Kang is an assistant clinical professor in head and neck cancer and facial plastic surgery at City of Hope National Medical Center in Los Angeles. He is also in a part-time touring band called Help The Doctor.

  • 1990s
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Spencer Finney '95

Spencer Finney lives in St. Louis with his wife, Jodie (of 18 years), and four daughters, Margot (12), Sarah Catherine (10), Julia (7), and Josephine (5). He is a partner in a small private equity firm called Sage Capital, where he has worked since 2005.

  • 1990s
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Alex Lopez '95

After fifteen years of living in NYC, Alex Lopez, his wife, and two young daughters have settled down outside of Chicago, where he works as a portfolio manager.

  • 1990s
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Bryan Lopez '95

Bryan Lopez is married to Danielle and has three children, ages 14, 11, and 10 years old. His daughters, Olivia and Lexi, started eighth and fourth grades at RPCS this year. Luke is at Saint James Academy.

  • 1990s
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Bart Kenney '95

Bart Kenney completed medical school, pathology residency, and a GI/hepatobiliary fellowship at Yale. He was an assistant professor at the Yale School of Medicine for several years before eventually taking a job in private practice. He lives with his wife, Alexa, also a physician at Yale, and his daughter, Charlotte (age 4) in Westbrook, Conn.

  • 1990s
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Amani Hemphill '95

Dr. Amani Hemphill lives in Leesburg, Va. He is practicing wound care and plastic surgery. In 2018, he founded Skyline Wound Care PLLC, specializing in skilled nursing wound care in W.Va. Amani is also looking for venture capital.

  • 1990s
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Will Gee '95

Will Gee is living in Fells Point with his wife, Blair, and spends his days creating virtual and augmented reality at Balti Virtual, a company he founded in 2015.

  • 1990s
Read More about Will Gee '95
Travis Brown '95

Travis Brown and Heather live in Pikesville, Md., and are raising three daughters (ages 13, 10, and 7). Travis has a financial advisory practice of 18+ years, and when not at work you can find him in nature, usually biking the local trails.

  • 1990s
Read More about Travis Brown '95
Lewis Applefeld '95

Lewis Applefeld lives with his wife, Pamela, son, and twin girls in Rye, N.Y. Lewis helps manage a private investment fund

  • 1990s
Read More about Lewis Applefeld '95
Jon Jachman '95

Jon Jachman lives in Rye, N.Y. with his wife, Arielle, and children Matt, Blake, and Hannah. He is a portfolio manager at Taconic Capital, where he has spent the past 19 years. In his free time, he enjoys helping coach his children’s soccer and lacrosse teams.

  • 1990s
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Ben Wilson '91

Ben Wilson lives in Greenwich, Conn., with his wife, Courtney, and their three children, and works in New York City at Barclays.

  • 1990s
Read More about Ben Wilson '91
Anand Dutta '95

Anand Dutta is currently a gastroenterologist specializing in biliary and pancreatic disorders working at Wellspan York Hospital in York, Pa. Anand is married to Tara who is a vascular neurologist at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. They live in Hunt Valley, Md., and have three children (Divya, 6, Jyoti, 4, and Sonal, 1.)

  • 1990s
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Karthik Balakrishnan '95

Karthik Balakrishnan is currently an associate professor of pediatric head and neck surgery at the Mayo Clinic, specializing in reconstructing kids’ airways.

  • 1990s
Read More about Karthik Balakrishnan '95
David Biddison '95

David Biddison and Delia live in Newtown Square, Pa., with their son (12) and daughter (8). They have lived in the Philadelphia area for the last 14+ years. David co-owns Traditions of America, a real estate development and homebuilding company.

  • 1990s
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Dylan Slagle '95

Dylan Slagle is currently living in Westminster, Md., with his wife, Julie, and son, Nathan, 8. He has been working as a newspaper photographer for the Carroll County Times and Baltimore Sun Media Group for the past 14 years.

  • 1990s
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Marcus Simms '95

Marcus Simms is still living in Atlanta after 21 years, but still keeping the pulse of Baltimore politics. Marcus recently hosted the Gilman Atlanta Alumni event in January 2020.

  • 1990s
Read More about Marcus Simms '95
Randy Barker '58

I continue to do a bit of doctoring, in retirement from JH Medicine, using the Spanish I began with Alf Townsend at Gilman, to volunteer offering primary care to Baltimore's undocumented immigrants at Esperanza Center.

  • 1950s
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Herb Dresser '58

My wife of 47 years, Robin, passed on in 2017. Our two daughters are living here in Washington State, and we have 3 grandchildren. Some of you remember my brother, Dave. He is living in Blacksburg, VA. (He doesn't have e-mail at present.)

  • 1950s
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Russell Monroe '72

At age 65, having completely read Social Security and Medicare for Dummies, I have alas decided to continue to work, most likely until I drop.

  • 1970s
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Thomas Bias '67

Thomas G. Bias of Flanders, NJ died peacefully at home following a long illness on October 17, 2019, surrounded by his wife, Linda Bryk, and daughter, Fiona Kyle.

  • 1960s
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Henry Hyuk Cha '90

It's been a busy year for the Cha family. Zan and I are extremely blessed and proud to see our kids grow up and move on to their next stages of life.

  • 1990s
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Kent Chan '90

My family and I continue to call Manhattan home. Work is at NYU Langone. Play is in Miami. All is well after 29 years.

  • 1990s
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Kurt Erlbeck '82

Members of the class of 1982 – including Tom Waxter, Taylor Classen, Frank Bonsal, Chris Alevizatos, Glenn Lacher, George Doub, Billy Matthews, and Tim Krongard

  • 1980s
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Randy Kiefer '76

Not far from Baltimore, Randy Kiefer wrote, “Lynn and I continue to live out in Reisterstown, and I work from home for the American Institute of Physics covering Asia Pacific. Lynn spends time with our granddaughter Taryn 3-4 days a week. Taryn will start kindergarten in the fall, so there will be more free time – maybe. Our daughter Bethany continues working at the Owings Mills branch of the Baltimore County Library, while her husband Jason works for SECU.”

  • 1970s
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Jim Bergunder '76

Retirement can mean just switching from full time at one job to part-time at another, as Jim Bergunder wrote from Rheinfelden, Switzerland, “We are doing well in our now 23rd year living in Switzerland, and this has now become our likely endpoint.

  • 1970s
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Allen Hsiao '90

Not much new to report career-wise, still keeping busy bridging the medical and IT and informatics worlds in my role as the Chief Apology Officer (apologizing to all the Yale doctors for the extra clicks the EHR; it'll be interesting what we can do with all the data one day though).

  • 1990s
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Duane Holloway '90

Duane Holloway left the New York City area and moved to Pittsburgh in early 2018 to join U. S. Steel as its SVP, General Counsel, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary.

  • 1990s
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Ludlow Keeney '57

Although I didn’t hear from him this year, I wanted to mention Ludlow Keeney for his effect on our psychic well-being during his time with us at Gilman and afterwards.

  • 1950s
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Sandra Cochran '57

Sandy Cochran and his wife of 56 years, Allie, appear to be making Alexandria, Va., their permanent residence after previously living in eight different locations.

  • 1950s
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Fitzhugh Lee '14

Fitzhugh Lee, a junior at the United States Air Force Academy, was inducted into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, for being in the top 7% academically of his class.

  • 2010s
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Wylie Rice '14

I graduated from Johns Hopkins University from School of Arts and Sciences in May and will start at AXA Advisors in July.

  • 2010s
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Stan Klinefelter '65

STAN KLINEFELTER retired from Brown Advisory late last year, so he was able to take care of Sarah, who was very ill in December and January.

  • 1960s
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Bruce Rosenberg '72

Each fall, I volunteer as an English conversation aide for middle and high schoolers in Gyergyoszentmiklos (Transylvania), Romania.

  • 1970s
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Bruce Follmer '52

Your secretary is still in an apartment in Crozet, Virginia, only a few miles from two of his daughters and their families. Other than a weekly Meals on Wheels delivery and calling Bingo at a nearby retirement home once a week, I vegetate.

  • 1950s
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Chipper '52

Bill Blue wrote to say that Chipper has joined Charlie Obrecht, Gatch, Tom Waxter and him in their monthly luncheon get-togethers. He now has a great-grandson, William F. Blue IV.

  • 1950s
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George Callard '52

Note from George Callard's wife: George has had several strokes in recent years and is currently in a long-term care facility for incurable neurological diagnosis.

  • 1950s
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