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Class Notes

George Finney '80

Dr. Rodney Glasgow '97 recently spoke with students, faculty, parents, and members of the community in the middle and upper schools at the Lancaster Country Day School (LCDS) on questions of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • 1980s
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Mitchell Whiteman '94

Mitchell Whiteman, Stewart Kesmodel, and Than'l Badder caught up at October's Baltimore Homecoming event held in the newly re-opened Broadway Market and Choptank Restaurant.

  • 1990s
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Thomas Bias '67

Thomas G. Bias of Flanders, NJ died peacefully at home following a long illness on October 17, 2019, surrounded by his wife, Linda Bryk, and daughter, Fiona Kyle.

  • 1960s
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Lorne Smith '95

Marcus Holman '09 and Lorne Smith '95 teamed up for Team Wimmer at the 2019 Hawaii Lacrosse Tournament. Marcus was named MVP of the Tournament.

  • 1990s
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Taylor Classen '82

Former classmates and teammates at both Gilman and the University of North Carolina, Taylor Classen and Joe Seivold, reconnected recently in Tampa, FL.

  • 1980s
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Henry Hyuk Cha '90

It's been a busy year for the Cha family. Zan and I are extremely blessed and proud to see our kids grow up and move on to their next stages of life.

  • 1990s
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Peter Bogue '94

Peter Bogue, Stewart Kesmodel, and John Kim, all Class of 1994, got together for a round of golf at the Burning Tree Country Club in Greenwich, CT. 

  • 1990s
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Kent Chan '90

My family and I continue to call Manhattan home. Work is at NYU Langone. Play is in Miami. All is well after 29 years.

  • 1990s
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Kurt Erlbeck '82

Members of the class of 1982 – including Tom Waxter, Taylor Classen, Frank Bonsal, Chris Alevizatos, Glenn Lacher, George Doub, Billy Matthews, and Tim Krongard

  • 1980s
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John Wharton '76

Dad lived the last year of his life at Blakehurst in Towson, where my visits on Sunday afternoon afforded brief chats with Angus Finney and Ken Volk, and with younger schoolmates who also provided valuable insights on that transition.

  • 1970s
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Frank Vecella '76

Working in the Southwest and vacationing in the Northeast, Frank Vecella wrote that he and Pam “married off both kids last year.

  • 1970s
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Tom Doyle '76

Still working but securing a warmer habitat for the future, Tom Doyle wrote that it’s “much the same for me here in Baltimore.  The Marble shop, HILGARTNER, is still plugging along, and each year we get to work on more-and-more interesting projects.

  • 1970s
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Bill Spragins '76

Transitioning from one workplace to another, his own, Bill Spragins wrote, “After 32 years my employer FMI and I amicably parted ways on January 1, 2019, and I opened my own entity, Bill Spragins Consulting LLC.

  • 1970s
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Suber Huang '76

Suber Huang’s remarks began with sharing thoughts about our classmates, some who we lost early in life, and others who we haven’t heard from.

  • 1970s
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Frank Rosenberg '76

Traveling for work, family and fun, Frank Rosenberg wrote, “Like Andy, I am still hard at work at Rosemore, the family gig, and am also enjoying my work immensely. Just about two years ago, Rosemore merged the majority of its assets with a publicly-listed, ‘blank check’ cash-only company to create Rosehill Resources. 

  • 1970s
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Bill Matthai '76

Still working while swapping out homes, Bill Matthai responded to Andy with “I guess the Philly suburbs are a better home market than Baltimore, because we are making the downsize step – the big, old house in Merion for a new construction townhome in Narberth, about a mile away. The new house won't be ready for a few months, so we are cooling our heels in a 750 square-foot apartment. Quite the squeeze!”

  • 1970s
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Andy deMuth '76

Steering clear of the “R” word (Retirement), Andy deMuth wrote, “As opposed to many of you, I am still hard at work at Morgan Stanley and enjoy it as much as I ever have. The market has been good which makes the work even better. I am not thinking of retiring anytime soon and there are no grandchildren in the foreseeable future.”

  • 1970s
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Kirk Smith '76

From Houston, Kirk Smith wrote, “I am still conducting. I’m scheduled for work in Prague this summer. I would enjoy more work in the U.S., but alas, no control over that. Some of you know that I am involved in the growing CBD industry. The funds from this are assisting with the distribution of my most recent CD which was recorded in Olomouc.”

  • 1970s
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Dixon Harvey '76

Dixon Harvey and Janet now are grandparents, and he wrote that it “doesn’t get any better, as lots of you know. Our little buddy Dix, who was born March 1, and his folks live in Denver; so any opportunity, and we are there.”

  • 1970s
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Randy Kiefer '76

Not far from Baltimore, Randy Kiefer wrote, “Lynn and I continue to live out in Reisterstown, and I work from home for the American Institute of Physics covering Asia Pacific. Lynn spends time with our granddaughter Taryn 3-4 days a week. Taryn will start kindergarten in the fall, so there will be more free time – maybe. Our daughter Bethany continues working at the Owings Mills branch of the Baltimore County Library, while her husband Jason works for SECU.”

  • 1970s
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David Heubeck '76

David Heubeck’s recent retirement is an inspiration for me!  Perhaps this time next year I will have some news and/or progress on that front.

  • 1970s
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Garrett Waters '76

Garrett Waters wrote from Sunnyvale, California, at his seminary dormitory at America Chinese Evangelical Seminary, that he has “been working on a Master of Biblical Studies for a long time, but, recently, I have not taken courses.

  • 1970s
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Jim Bergunder '76

Retirement can mean just switching from full time at one job to part-time at another, as Jim Bergunder wrote from Rheinfelden, Switzerland, “We are doing well in our now 23rd year living in Switzerland, and this has now become our likely endpoint.

  • 1970s
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Gough Thompson '48

The past year has been one of transition for Irene and me moving to a one-floor condo facing a golf course and Bill Gates' show horse farm on the other side of the golf course.

  • 1940s
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Jared Spahn '91

I am sorry to announce but after twenty-six years of service our Class Secretary, Andrew Stanley, has passed on the baton to someone else. "Stan the Man" kept us up to date and informed for a very long time, and I know that we all appreciate his hard work and dedication.

  • 1990s
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Allen Hsiao '90

Not much new to report career-wise, still keeping busy bridging the medical and IT and informatics worlds in my role as the Chief Apology Officer (apologizing to all the Yale doctors for the extra clicks the EHR; it'll be interesting what we can do with all the data one day though).

  • 1990s
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Duane Holloway '90

Duane Holloway left the New York City area and moved to Pittsburgh in early 2018 to join U. S. Steel as its SVP, General Counsel, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary.

  • 1990s
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John Strickland '48

John Strickland is enjoying life in sunny Florida. He is still flying and commuting to his office in North Carolina about once a month.

  • 1940s
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Mark Fetting '72

All is well with the Fetting-Smith clan...Georgie and I split time between Baltimore and Squam Lake NH. Conor & Kevin in LA, Carey & Steve and Margaret, Francie, and #3 girl (due 4/21) in Balto, Noel & Julie soon to be in London for 2-year assignment.

  • 1970s
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Piper Bond '18

It is bizarre to think that it has been 11 months since I graduated from Gilman, but school and life have been going well so far. I am currently attending college at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA.

  • 2010s
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Hill Michaels '57

Hill continues to work at RCM&D, his same company, for over 50 years! He remains active, playing golf regularly and having regular lunches with FRANK and DICK RIGGS.

  • 1950s
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George Michaels '58

Last April - our 60th reunion - the following gathered for dinner: Dick McCauley, Alex Doyle, Woody Woodward, Alan Yarbro, Jim Stone, Norris Cook and George Michaels.

  • 1950s
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Tom Swinfell '55

Pattsy and I have moved to the Blakehurst retirement community in Towson. Mac Plant and Carey Martien are also residents there so we are in good company.

  • 1950s
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John Lewin '57
JOHN LEWIN and wife, Tolly, continue to be active, supervising major renovations to their house in Bethany while continuing to paint watercolors and oils."A great pastime".
  • 1950s
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Ludlow Keeney '57
LUDLOW KEENEY is fully retired from very successful law practice in the San Diego area. He and his wife, Carol seem to be enjoying it immensely.
  • 1950s
Read More about Ludlow Keeney '57
Bruce Brian '57

BRUCE BRIAN continues to divide time between Priest Lake, Idaho and" The Villages" in central Florida, enjoying the best of both worlds.

  • 1950s
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Bob Dobbins '63
Life has remained pretty stable out here over the past twelve months. That said, we did have two new grandboys and one new grand-puppy recently arrive on the scene, all of whom have injected a very enjoyable sense of energy into our family's otherwise relatively calm existence.
  • 1960s
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Fitzhugh Lee '14

Fitzhugh Lee, a junior at the United States Air Force Academy, was inducted into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, for being in the top 7% academically of his class.

  • 2010s
Read More about Fitzhugh Lee '14
Wylie Rice '14

I graduated from Johns Hopkins University from School of Arts and Sciences in May and will start at AXA Advisors in July.

  • 2010s
Read More about Wylie Rice '14
Steve Thomas '65

STEVE THOMAS is working and going strong! His daughter, Anastasia, works for Tome's law firm and has two children, both of whom attend Calvert School.

  • 1960s
Read More about Steve Thomas '65
Gordy Allen '65

 GORDY ALLEN is still in Portland, Oregon, retired, and doing volunteer tutoring and coaching for disadvantaged children.

  • 1960s
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Tom Webster '65

TOM WEBSTER checks in, reporting that he is retired as well after thirty years with VF Corporation as a Factory Safety/Compliance Auditor, first in Mexico, Central America and South America, then in the US and Canada.

  • 1960s
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Alex Fisher '65

Another email came from ALEX FISHER, who reports he is still working in the investment business with Marquette Associates

  • 1960s
Read More about Alex Fisher '65
Nelson Goldberg '65

I also heard from NELSON GOLDBERG. He and Marcia split their time among Chestertown, Cockeysville, and Providenciales on Turks and Caicos Nelson is still doing surgery since it's fun and help lots of patients. 

  • 1960s
Read More about Nelson Goldberg '65
Jack Turnbull '65

JACK TURNBULL says that he is enjoying retirement as well, with two trips to Europe, one to Switzerland and one to England. Jack

  • 1960s
Read More about Jack Turnbull '65
Fred Whelan '65

FRED WHELAN has retired from teaching four years ago due to declining eyesight, but he finished his last book, a text on democracy.

  • 1960s
Read More about Fred Whelan '65
Geoff LeBoutillier '65

GEOFF LeBOUTILLIER writes from Nova Scotia that he spends most of his time doing political organizing and advocating for stronger measures to save the planet.

  • 1960s
Read More about Geoff LeBoutillier '65
Stan Klinefelter '65

STAN KLINEFELTER retired from Brown Advisory late last year, so he was able to take care of Sarah, who was very ill in December and January.

  • 1960s
Read More about Stan Klinefelter '65
Clay Primrose '65
RIDGE TRIMBLE visited CLAY PRIMROSE in San Miguel de Allenda. Ridge reports Clay is enjoying the life as an expat in Mexico. More from Clay later.
  • 1960s
Read More about Clay Primrose '65
John Helfrich '65
JOHN HELFRICH became a grandfather for the second time. John also spent the entire summer season at the Chautauqua Institution in New York but was back at home to play Santa Claus in his church's Christmas pageant.
  • 1960s
Read More about John Helfrich '65
Bruce Rosenberg '72

Each fall, I volunteer as an English conversation aide for middle and high schoolers in Gyergyoszentmiklos (Transylvania), Romania.

  • 1970s
Read More about Bruce Rosenberg '72
Frank Gluck '57

The highlight event of YOURS TRULY's year was the celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary in the Napa Valley with son, Rob and daughter in law, Ann last October.

  • 1950s
Read More about Frank Gluck '57
Bruce Follmer '52

Your secretary is still in an apartment in Crozet, Virginia, only a few miles from two of his daughters and their families. Other than a weekly Meals on Wheels delivery and calling Bingo at a nearby retirement home once a week, I vegetate.

  • 1950s
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Chipper '52

Bill Blue wrote to say that Chipper has joined Charlie Obrecht, Gatch, Tom Waxter and him in their monthly luncheon get-togethers. He now has a great-grandson, William F. Blue IV.

  • 1950s
Read More about Chipper '52
George Callard '52

Note from George Callard's wife: George has had several strokes in recent years and is currently in a long-term care facility for incurable neurological diagnosis.

  • 1950s
Read More about George Callard '52
Dick Gatchell '52

Dick Gatchell, who has moved to the same retirement home on Joppa Road that Chipper Hoff and wife, Peggy, are now living in.

  • 1950s
Read More about Dick Gatchell '52
Charlie Carroll '72

I (we) am (are) moving back the Mid Atlantic States on May 18, 2019, after 32 years in Chicago and one year in Indianapolis doing my hand surgery fellowship. Bean and I have a home in Delaplane, Va. we moved out of our home in Winnetka in 2017 and I have been in an apartment in Evanston since then and Bean led the charge to Virginia.

  • 1970s
Read More about Charlie Carroll '72
Weimin Li '14

I will be joining the Chinese tech giant Tecent's Investment & M&A team in Bejjing after graduation from U of Chicago in June, 2018.

  • 2010s
Read More about Weimin Li '14
N Craig Cutter '63

I continue as Corporate Director at Maryland Treatment Centers, working remotely part-time in order to extend weekends at our home in Lower Slower Delaware.

  • 1960s
Read More about N Craig Cutter '63
Timothy Holley '77

Taking a turn in my Gilman journey. I have been the Gilman Director of Athletics since 1997 (joining the faculty in 1985).

  • 1970s
Read More about Timothy Holley '77
Butch Khoury '57

There should be a selection RUMINATIONS1. it was the 5th-grade end of the day in the little white cottage and Mr. Goodwin startled us all by bringing a book out and reading aloud to us.

  • 1950s
Read More about Butch Khoury '57
David Norton '86

I am excited to announce I have a book coming out about marketing, analytics and org dynamics called The High Roller Experience. Available on Amazon now and bookstores soon. Click here.

  • 1980s
Read More about David Norton '86
Del Schmidt '99

Excited to announce the merger of my family business, Chase Fitzgerald & Co with another locally owned firm with multiple generations of roots in the real estate industry, O'Conor & Mooney (they're both Loyola guys but we won't hold it against them.) We are now known as O'Conor Mooney & Fitzgerald.

  • 1990s
Read More about Del Schmidt '99
Charles R. Khoury '57

Still working on the indigent appelate cases in both federal+state courts. Sentences are insanely long, espically for those poor people of color, Great relief to go to Lake Tahoe and see our daughter Caitlin play cello in the symphany there.

  • 1950s
Read More about Charles R. Khoury '57

Read more about your peers in Alumni Buzz!

Lentz Joins Lawrence Law

Michael Lentz '90 has joined Lawrence Law, a Baltimore-based boutique law firm focused on the legal needs of businesses and business people.  At Lawrence Law, Lentz will continue to represent businesses of all sizes, and their owners, officers, and directors, in litigation before federal and state courts and in private arbitrations.  Lentz brings with him 20 years of experience in business and commercial litigation and significant transactional matters. He joins Lawrence Law from a large, mid-Atlantic law firm where he headed its commercial litigation practice.  Lentz received a law degree from Georgetown University Law Center and a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University. He is a member of both the Maryland State and Baltimore County Bar Associations, and has also taught Legal Analysis, Research, and Writing at the University of Baltimore School of Law.  Click here to read the full announcement.

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Will Gee and Balti Virtual Find New Home

Balti Virtual, a Baltimore-based company specializing in augmented and virtual reality and co-founded by Will Gee '95, has outgrown its original 1,200-square-foot office space inside City Garage in Port Covington.  Thankfully, they don't have to move far.  The 15-person company has taken over a new space almost four times the size of its original inside the repurposed bus depot in South Baltimore.  Click here to read the full story.

  • alumni buzz worthy
Emory Empowers Readers to Fight Climate Change in New Book

Dick Emory '59 has recently published a book called Fighting Pollution and Climate Change.  Described as "an adventure story by our nation’s former top enforcement lawyer directly responsible for all EPA federal investigations into pollution crime," this book addresses diverse issues of environmental protection and management, and provides practical ways that individuals and private entities can help and participate.  With 31 years of experience at the EPA, Dick provides readers of any age who care about protecting our natural resources with an insider's guide on how to do so.  Learn more at

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Irwin Joins Kramon & Graham

David B. Irwin '66, a prominent Baltimore litigator known for his work in high-profile criminal and civil matters, joins the firm Kramon & Graham as of counsel. David has handled cases of national and international interest. He represents corporations and professionals in civil and criminal liability matters and testifies regularly as an expert witness, most recently as an expert in the post-conviction of the main subject of the podcast "Serial." David has more than 47 years of experience and plans to continue taking on high-profile clients at Kramon & Graham. "As long as you have the energy to do it, you actually have a lot more to offer now than you did 30 years ago," he shared with The Daily Record. "It's not going back to a big law firm; it's going back to quality legal work and the exciting cases that big law firms have."  Click here to read the full announcement.   

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Levinson's Lessons in Leadership
  • alumni buzz worthy
Duff Writes and Talks about Rowhouses

Charlie Duff '71, whose new book The North Atlantic Cities, takes readers on a tour of 17th century Amsterdam through present-day Dutch, British, Irish, and American cities in the process.  Duff, who is president of Jubilee Baltimore, an organization that has rebuilt hundreds of homes in Baltimore, talks about the history of rowhouses and the challenges that face modern cities with the Baltimore Sun.  Click here to read the full story [note: Sun subscription needed].

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Kousouris Shares Important Veterans Day Message with Upper School Students

Lou Koursouris '93 has enjoyed a long and successful career in commercial real estate.  Before joining Corporate America, however, Lou found great success in an entirely another arena.  He served as a Field Artillery Officer for the United States Army From May 1998 through November 2003 when he was honorably discharged with the rank of Captain. In his five-plus years of active duty service, Lou served as a Platoon Leader, a Battery Executive Officer, and a Battalion Intelligence Officer.  In this last role, he was deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in February 2003.  Over the years, Lou was recognized repeatedly for his efforts earning three Army Commendation medals for meritorious service, as well as the Bronze Star Medal and Meritorious Service Medal for exceptional service. 

Lou returned to Gilman on Wednesday, November 13, to present the annual Veterans Day assembly and to share some of his experiences with current students.  In his inspirational talk, Lou challenged students to:

  • Think about service as putting others ahead of yourself (even though you often get more out of it than you put into it!);
  • Be willing to fail - and fail big! - and to understand that it is okay to be scared;
  • Redefine toughness as a willingness to help lift others, to be inclusive, and to be humble;
  • Practice gratitude, which can give you the perspective needed to fight through tough times.
  • Go beyond thanking veterans for their service by demonstrating your support for a cause that they - or you - hold dear;
  • And to honor veterans not just on Veterans Day but throughout the year.

Afterward, Lou joined students and faculty members in the Gilman Room for a more intimate conversation about military history, service, leadership, and college selection.

  • Alumni News
Hurley's Construction Company Recognized by Fortune

Cheo Hurley '92 and the THG Companies have been recognized by Fortune as one of the 100 Fastest-Growing Inner City Businesses.  Every year, the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City identifies, ranks, and spotlights companies that are experiencing rapid growth—and making a meaningful impact on their cities and communities.  A construction subcontractor, THG specializes in pre-construction setup, interior commercial finishes, and post-construction site breakdown. THG has posted an astonishing 788.43% revenue growth over the last five years.  Click here to read more about the impact THG Companies is making in Baltimore.

  • alumni buzz worthy
Uqdah Leads Transformative East Baltimore Development

Khalil Uqdah '06 and his team at Cross Street Partners will break ground on a project to rebuild and restore 53 currently vacant homes in East Baltimore.  The new project, called Henderson Crossing, will provide affordable residences in an area that has been ignored for decades.  Click here to read more about this transformative project.


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Bond Honored with Governor's Champion of Service Award

Living Classrooms Foundation President and CEO, James Piper Bond '77, was awarded the Maryland Governor's Champion of Service Award. The prestigious award is presented to an organization or individual that embodies the Governor's spirit of service. During his tenure at Living Classrooms, James has championed the implementation of a holistic approach to addressing the interconnected issues of poverty, low educational achievement, crime, and health in Baltimore and Washington, DC.  The 36th Annual Governor's Service Awards Ceremony was hosted on October 21 and recognized 19 honorees in 15 categories for their commitment to strengthening Maryland communities.  Click here to read more about the award and the honorees

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Rogers Appointed to Leading Role at DICE

Mike Rogers '99 has been named General Manager of Partners for North America at DICE, an online platform in which music fans can discover and get tickets for live events.  Mike has previously worked on live event booking and ticketing at Eventbrite, Ticketfly, Nederlander Concerts, and the House of Blues.  Click here to read more.

Martire Named Next Head of Tatnall School

Andy Martire '89 will become the next Head of School at Tatnall, a prestigious PK3-12 independent school in Wilmington, DE, on July 1, 2020. Andy currently serves as the Director of Special Projects at St. Frances Academy and previously served as Headmaster at Kincaid School (Texas) and Calvert School.  Click here to read the full announcement of Andy's hiring.


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Ryan Boyle '00 headed to the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame

US Lacrosse has announced that Ryan Boyle '00 will be inducted into the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame as a truly great player in October 2019. An All-Pro, All-American, and All-Metro attackman throughout his playing career, Boyle won championships and earned accolades at the high school college, professional, and international levels. 

At Gilman, Boyle led the Greyhounds lacrosse team to championships in 1998 and 2000, quarterbacked the football team to championships in 1998 and 1999, and also started at point guard for the basketball team.  He continued his lacrosse career at Princeton University, with the U.S. Men's National Team, and for the MLL's Boston Cannons. He is currently the co-founder and CEO of Trilogy Lacrosse.

Updated as of November 1: Click here to read more about what set Ryan apart during his Hall of Fame career

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  • BUZZ News
Dr. Rodney Glasgow '97 named Head of School at Sandy Springs Friends School

Beginning July 1, 2020, Dr. Rodney Glasgow '97 will succeed Tom Gibian as the Head of School at Sandy Springs Friends School in Potomac, MD. Rodney joins SSFS with nearly 20 years of experience in progressive education, most recently at St. Andrew's Episcopal School where he has served as a division head. Rodney is also a published author and in-demand keynote speaker, offering training in diversity, equity, and conflict resolution to schools around the country - including Gilman. 


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Tucker Concludes MLL Season with Winning Weekend

Ryan Tucker '11, who was recently named Head Lacrosse Coach at Norfolk Academy, had a big weekend as he and his Chesapeake Bayhawks teammates travelled to Colorado for the Major League Lacrosse Final Four.  On Friday night, he scored two goals as Chesapeake beat the Atlanta Blaze 14-13 to advance the championship game.  On Saturday night, he was awarded the league's Corum Players Choice Award, which is voted on by the players themselves and given to the player considered to be the best teammate.  And, in Sunday's Championship Game, he helped Chesapeake defeat the hometown Denver Outlaws 10-9 to bring the Steinfeld Trophy back to Annapolis.  Read more about this award and the Bayhawks' Championship run

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Two alums battle in regional Water Polo match

Will Gildea '19 of Bucknell University and Nick Polydefkis '18 of George Washington University will battle for the win in a regional water polo tournament this Sunday, October 13, at 11 a.m. 

Gildea will also be home for the match against Johns Hopkins University on Saturday, October 12 at 12 p.m.

Update: Will Gildea '19 and the Bucknell Bison triumphed over Nick Polydefkis '18 and the George Washington Colonials in their conference championship water polo game. In doing so, Bucknell will play Harvard at Harvard University on Saturday, November 30 at 12:30 p.m. as the NCAA Championship play in-game.

For more information, please click here

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  • Athletic News
  • Water Polo
Gilman Alumni Reunite as Stanford Tops Northwestern

Karlo "Chidi" Young '30 poses with Dorian Maddox ‘16, Devery Hamilton ‘16, and Thomas Booker ‘18 after the Northwestern-Stanford football game in Stanford, CA on August 31. As a kindergartener, Chidi met Thomas, who was then a senior at Gilman, and, according to his dad, Karlo Young '97, has looked up to him ever since.  On the field, Hamilton helped pave the way for Maddox, who had six carries for 24 yards, and Booker posted two tackles in the 17-7 win.

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Andrius Benokraitis Featured on theCUBE

Andrius Benokraitis '94 talks development, network configuration, automation, and more on the popular tech show, theCUBE, at AnsibleFest 2019.  Andrius is a Senior Principal Product Manager for Network Automation at Ansible by Red Hat in Raleigh-Durham, NC.

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Randy Michels Featured on Authority Hacker Podcast

Randy Michels '94,  co-founder and trademark attorney at Trust Tree Legal, discusses when you should think about registering a trademark, the process of applying for a trademark, and trademark levels and how they can impact your site.  Click here to listen to the full episode.

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Holley Featured on Third Space Podcast

Director of External Relations Tim Holley '77 reflects on equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice in athletics, and how they have evolved over the course of his 40+ year relationship with Gilman.  Click here to listen to the full interview.


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