Presenting Gilman Ties

Last year, the Alumni Association Board of Governors renewed the tradition of presenting the graduating seniors with their Gilman ties during their final week on campus. The event provided a great connection between the alumni and the students and was very well-received by all. But, the group's plans to repeat the effort this year were squashed by social distancing concerns. So, since we could not bring the boys to the ties, we took the ties to the boys.

On Tuesday, June 2, members of the Alumni Association Board of Governors, the faculty, and their families — all Gilman alumni themselves — drove to each student's home to make the presentation in an appropriately safe and careful manner. In all, 55 "drivers" delivered Gilman ties to the 124 graduating seniors, racking up hundreds of miles all over the state of Maryland. And while this effort cannot make up for the challenges that these young men have faced this spring, we sincerely hope that it helps them to understand their importance within the Gilman community and the support that they have from the more than 8,000 Gilman alumni.