Spring Entrepreneurship Demo Day 2019

The Spring Entrepreneurship Course came to a climactic end on Wednesday with Demo Day, a "Shark Tank"-style event in which the budding “studentrenpreneurs” pitch their business ideas to a panel of alumni and parent judges.  In the five months of the spring course, the students are led through the process of developing a business to solve a relevant problem and paired with alumni and parent mentors to help steer them through the pitfalls of business building.  

This year, Alan Wang '19 developed Boomerang Lax, a company that will buy, sanitize, and re-sell new and gently used lacrosse equipment as a way to bring down the cost of outfitting young lacrosse players who quickly outgrow equipment. He was teamed with Josh Levinson '89 (Charm City Run) and Justin Shelby P '20, '22 (Artichoke), who helped work through questions about sourcing, pricing, and distribution.  James Schloeder '19 and Adam Smith '20 want to keep athletes safe during practice and games, and created Schloeder & Smith Technologies, whose first product would be a wristband with the ability to measure an athlete's core temperature and broadcast it to a school or university's athletic training staff allowing them to take proactive precautions as necessary. They were paired with Jonathon Cooper '98 (ChargeLogic) and Frank Bonsal, III '82 (Bonsal Capital), who helped address questions about technology, production, and market size.  

In the end, the judges - Charlie Moore '76 (DinnerTime), Alex Jacobs P'23 (Coppermine Fieldhouse), and Will Gee '95 (Balti Virtual) - determined that Boomerang Lax's presentation and business plan were a better bet than Schloeder & Smith Technologies, and Alan was pronounced the winner.