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Citron '12 Examines AI and Fashion in 2023 with WWD

Daniel Citron '12 was recently featured in an end-of-year article from Women's Wear Daily (WWD), a fashion-industry trade journal often referred to as the "Bible of fashion," discussing the exponentially growing impact artificial intelligence (AI) had on the industry in 2023. "[2024] will be an unprecedented year of innovation for the industry, and one that starts with building tools that enhance human creativity, not replace it," concluded Citron at the end of the article.

Citron is the CEO of the software company AI.Fashion, which he co-founded with fellow Gilman alumnus John Sinjin Chirikjian '13, the company's CTO. Users upload computer-aided design (CAD) to the platform and select model types, styles, settings, and even poses and expressions, and the software then generates photorealistic fashion photography within a few hours. Ultimately, the software aims to "minimize waste and reduce your environmental impact by utilizing AI-generated imagery ... [and] optimize your resources and create content without the need for physical photoshoots, travel, or additional materials."

Citron discussed AI.Fashion in greater detail with WWD earlier in 2023.

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