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Kesmodel '92 and Team at Juno Bring Innovative Insurance Product to Market

Seeing a critical gap in the market, Hall Kesmodel '92 and his colleagues at Juno spent ten years developing a first-of-its-kind insurance product to offer coverage to parents of children who develop disabilities, become severely ill, or suffer a major injury. For a modest annual fee, often covered by employers, Juno Child Insurance offers up to $500,000 in a lump sum or monthly payments to families impacted by qualifying events. These funds primarily aim to cover the cost of caregivers, allowing both parents to continue to work and progress in their careers.

With financial backing from AIG and other large reinsurance companies, Juno is able to bring coverage to over 1 million employees and their families in their first year on the market. Current clients are Fortune 500 companies offering an employer-paid group insurance benefit, and future markets could include school communities.

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