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Adam Weisenberg '75


As family is a big theme here, I’m reprising one of my favorite and least conventional family stories – Adam Weisenberg discovering the half-brother he never knew he had, thanks to one of those family ancestry genetic home tests. He gave us the short version in last year’s notes. Now you can listen to Adam, a Boston corporate lawyer, and his brother, an MIT professor, give a fuller account in this NPR interview:

Adam calls it “a literal bromance,” and says, maybe a little ruefully, if his dad had known Dr. Michael Yaffe, he would have been his favorite child. Last year, Adam approvingly quoted an acquaintance who opined that being a grandparent was the one thing in life that wasn’t overrated. So I figure, John, Bo, Sandy (and Adam) are onto something good.

reported by Joe Hooper '75


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