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Andrew Buerger '83

April 2022

My new hobby has been my new podcast, “It’s the Climb,” where I either interview adventurers on unbelievable mountains or people who have overcome tough obstacles, climbing huge figurative mountains.

I’ve hit the road again giving keynote speeches, including a fun trip to Winnipeg, Manitoba. Kids are doing great finishing up their last year at West Towson Elementary. In addition to Jennifer’s psychotherapy practice and my work, we’ve officially become chauffeurs taking the kids to their sporting events.

ICYMI on social media: Derek Reid made the list of Influential Black Professors at Butler University. Haig Kazazian celebrated a decade as CFO at Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta. Jim Harper celebrated his 57th birthday in Italy. David Cosby finally released an “album” of his original music. Look for it on Apple and Spotify. Royal Farms constant expansion is keeping Peter Ratcliffe’s architectural firm pretty busy.

Congrats to David Watts, who was married to Ashley Ingraham on May 14, 2022.


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