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Andy Gantt '53


From remote Wingina, Virginia, Andrew Gantt and Digna, our class tree farmers, revel in the noteworthy accomplishments of their three children while planning another summer trip to their place on Madeline Island, Wisconsin. That is a neat spot! One of The Apostle Islands, it’s located on Lake Superior, an area that was formerly patrolled by the Ojibwe Indians. …it has it all, including a fine eatery,Tom’s Burned Down Café. That will be much less stressful than their last summer vacay touring the Badlands of SDAK. That cheapskate Andy nearly ran out of gas with no decent mirage in sight. Not fun.


Andy Gantt weighed in early from Wingina, Va., the telephone pole capital of the state, where he and wife Digna own a huge timber operation. Wingina is not a big town (check out the website) and Andy is more worried about his next haircut than the current COVID-19 scare.

reported by Pierre Bouscaren '53


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