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Arthur “Tiger” Cromwell '76


Continuing his reacclimation to life stateside, Arthur Cromwell wrote, “After three years in Woodbridge, Virginia, my wife and I are still readjusting to the ol' USA after almost eight years in Venezuela. No bars on our windows and no 12,500-volt fence around the house — still hard to get used to.”

“Good can come out of anything; my wife and I got into the habit of taking a much longer prayer time together each night, which we still continue,” Arthur wrote, in the aftermath of troublesome issues that followed their relocation, and he expressed his gratitude for the chance to spend more time with his family. “Saw my father, 91, and mother, 88, on Easter with a few of my six siblings in Baltimore. Parents [are] doing well for their ages, and still grateful to have them — my condolences to all who lost a parent this past year. My youngest son, Jon, and his wife remain in Catonsville, where they are doing well. He is still at a major electrical supplier. I am hearing about all the gadgets a new hybrid Toyota Rav has. When he told me he bought the car with four miles on the odometer, I had to confess I didn't know what that was like. Elder son Ben and his wife live in Eagle Harbor, Maryland, and he works nearby for T-Mobile.”

Now just four years shy of our 50th reunion, Arthur added, “I have been threatening for years to finally show up at a reunion. Now that the pandemic seems to be winding down, maybe it's finally the time. But at our age, I am afraid I might give somebody a heart attack from the shock after 46 years.”

reported by John Wharton '76


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