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Bill Bramble '78


I have been delighted to see Bill Bramble, wife Sally, and his amazing nature photography find a comfy new home in Pittsburgh. Bill and Sally have enjoyed settling into their sylvan new digs, and any given day you will find Mr. B deep in the outback of western Pennsylvania digitally recording the lives of fox kits, barred owls, or striped salamanders, all with a glorious artist’s eye. He’s working for the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania and doing good volunteer work with Project Owlnet with the National Aviary. Look for Bill’s work on the ASWP’s website and a nature book for children called “Nature Play Workshop for Families: A Guide to 40-Plus Outdoor Learning Experiences in All Seasons” — his first work printed in a book! Bravo, Bill!

reported by Charlie Herndon '78


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