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Bill Hall '80


Single. No kids. Ninety percent retired. NBC decided to fold our division at the end of 2019 and laid off 30-plus of us. During lockdown, I edited some shows at home and realized I wasn’t enjoying it (hadn’t been for more than a year), and when my father died last May, I realized I didn’t have to do it anymore. So now I work on projects that I want to with people I like. I’m very lucky.

Just bought a place on 58th Street so apparently I believe NYC isn’t dead or dying.

Still play music, though the last band I was in dissolved before the lockdown. A number of people have expressed interest in playing when we’re all vaccinated and maybe putting together a band (or two). Can’t say what kind of music, hard rock, classic rock, singer-songwriter... I don’t care so much about the style as long as I get to perform.

Spend a lot of time driving. I’m a member of the ZSCCA, which is for owners of BMW Z cars. I have a 2011 Z4. We go driving all over, mostly on lovely back country roads, sometimes fast (sometimes very fast) and sometimes for sightseeing, groups of as few as three cars to as many as 200 at the annual convention.

And driving, particularly quickly, led me to high-performance driving, specifically Monticello Motor Club about 90 miles northwest of NYC. I’ve been spending a lot of time up there over the past year and a half driving the big track and sometimes the rallycross tracks. First it was BMW M3s and M2s; more recently it’s been race prepped Miatas and Caymans (what they call cage cars because they have a roll cage — every sport has its jargon). I’ve done race schools at MMC, Road Atlanta, BMW M School in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and High Performance driving schools at Lime Rock and New Jersey MotorSports Park. I have no illusions about a career as a racer (I started too late and I don’t know that I have the temperament) but it’s fun to go fast and feel like I’m mostly in control (last summer I ran a couple of laps in a BMW M8 and saw 161 on the backstretch). I tend to drive slower on public roads now because, in part, I know that at least a couple of times a month, I get to go really fast and not have to worry about distracted civilians in other cars. It’s also fun to hang out with serious car guys. My plan is to do track days at interesting and famous tracks all over — even in Europe — and (hopefully) not make a fool out of myself.

So there ya go. I’m not on social media, except for YouTube and Vimeo, but I have a work website,, which has clips from some of the shows and projects I’ve worked on over the years.

Here is some driving: My first day in a Cayman at MMC:

A couple of laps of Road Atlanta in a race-prepped Mustang:


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