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Bill Harwood '75


Bill Harwood seems like a Baltimorean because he’s so good at keeping in touch with so many classmates, hometown or otherwise, a class president to his bones. He is, in fact, a longtime Princeton, New Jersey, man, the co-founder and managing partner of New Level Partners which does something beyond me in the insurance industry. He writes: “Of all the downsides to family life during COVID and 2020 (especially missed holiday gatherings and other trips/visits not taken) — two silver linings relate to our two young adult sons…one son and his fiancé living in NYC spent most of the summer with us as refugees out of the city…and our son and girlfriend living in Charlotte decided to move back to the New York area! Partly motivated by his employer needing people to be in the office and partly FOMO, wanting to be closer to the rest of the family to make holidays, etc. easier to manage. Both these situations would definitely not have happened if not for the dislocations and stresses of the pandemic.”

Somehow, in our email back-and-forth, Bill and I got on the subject of Mrs. Perrin’s summer swimming lessons, a culture within a culture in the Baltimore ‘burbs of the ‘70s. Apparently, Bill remembers my sister Cricket fondly from those chlorinated summer daze (her record second appearance in these notes), as I remember Reiley’s sisters. This is extreme “inside baseball,” but I’m betting that somewhere a Gilman alum is muttering to himself right now, “My god, Mrs. Perrin!”

reported by Joe Hooper '75


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