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Bill Hooper '73


How are you? Probably a lot worse for wear after decades of the thankless job you volunteered for (what were you thinking?); hopefully your liquor cabinet is well stocked. Nonetheless, you have opened the door for weirdos like me to jump in with rumor, lies, and fantasy. So here goes — but first, some veritas. Kudos, again, to Guy Warfield and his crew for bringing the Weems scholarship to fruition. Thanks to them, the class of ‘73 leaves more than a burnt out sixth form room as our legacy.

So what have I been up to? In no particular order: putting on 117 COVID pounds, and trying to figure out where to hide them (trust me — black sweaters don’t work); trying to unearth the details of the Normandin/Nickel affair, since you schlubs at the Gilman News dropped the ball on that; using my cover/front job in the moving business to gather intel on classmates (blackmail letters to follow); trying to talk Washburne into shooting the sequel: Hermes Charles — Las Vegas!; ...that’s about it.

I say, for the 50th reunion, we all crash Bunky Wehr’s place in Australia. As long as I don’t get a middle seat...


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