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Bill Stafford '64


Bill Stafford resides in Exeter, New Hampshire, but states that after seven years, it doesn't really feel like home yet, but New England adventures have certainly helped move them in that direction. “We are about 40 miles north of Boston and about 50 miles southeast of Squam Lake. Daughter Kate and her husband, Peter, continue to enjoy Minneapolis/St. Paul and were kind enough to invite us to a tall ship festival at the western end of Lake Superior (at Two Harbors). The sailing ships were beautiful. Our son Ted and his wife, Cassie, are looking forward to attending the college graduation of their oldest son, Zeb. Zeb hopes to do art for a gaming company, and, yes, he’s that good. As I’ve mentioned before, Bonnie and I would be happy to provide lunch to any traveling this way and hope you won't hesitate to ask!”

reported by John Redwood '64


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