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Bill Trimble '53


Bill Trimble reliably sent news from Owings Mills, Maryland, that he and Barbara are comfortably surviving even though The Baltimore Sun Is not. He reminisced about former teachers Lipscomb, Barker, and especially Bill Porter (recently deceased) and the original Traveling Men of 1952-3. Mostly staying close to home, Bill, a successful lawyer, learned a trade in his seventies, and volunteered his new welding expertise at Gettysburg to assist with work in the cannon and monument restoration shop at the battlefield … merely an extension of his continuing interest in the Revolutionary, Civil and 1812 Wars. Not to be outdone, Barbara stays busy transforming their home to a gardeners paradise.


Bill Trimble responded from his home of 58 continuous years on the hill in Owings Mills, Md. Although no longer the premier high jumper or schuss-bomber he used to be, Bill still likes a challenge and boarded a rubber boat on the Maine waters just to go to an island picnic. The big problem, which requires the help of young ‘uns, is getting in and out of such a buoyant craft.

reported by Pierre Bouscaren '53


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