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Billy Buppert '97


Billy Buppert's oompa loompas were hard at work this year at Ruxton Chocolates gearing up for Valentine’s Day. Nothing says ‘I love you’ during a pandemic like chocolate, booze and more booze! In addition to Billy's German Shepherd, his family also picked up a miniature teacup Great Dane named Clementine.


Billy Buppert loved homeschooling his kids so much in 2020 he decided to pull them out of Calvert to permanently continue their educations at home. Bupps has really loved teaching the boys the art of making fudge like they used to at the Inner Harbor. Those guys used to sing as they made the fudge I recall and no doubt would have made Mrs. Dickies’ choir in Lower School. Unlike yours truly who got cut from choir in both fourth and fifth grades…not bitter at all.

reported by Will Lanahan '97


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