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Bobby Thomas '76


Although my colleagues at my firm don’t allow me to use the ‘R’ word (retirement), I have stepped back quite fully from day-to-day work and get involved only when they ask me to, which is not so often — mostly when they need someone born in the Eisenhower administration to weigh in on a question. But I haven’t yet left the law world completely. I’ve been teaching as an adjunct faculty member at BU Law School for the last 12 years and now with my greater freedom am increasing my involvement there. This is enjoyable work both substantively and from a mentoring perspective. My newest course is Contemporary Issues of Constitutional Law, which seeks to make sense of what the Supreme Court’s been doing (quite a lot, as you know). Working with the next generation gives me hope, despite the magnitude of what they face.

Board work for nonprofits I care about and the senior tennis circuit occupy much of the rest of my time. I hope to encounter Suber, Ken, or Andy some day on the 65+ USTA tournaments — now THAT would be worthy of class notes. Polly and I travel a lot to St. John in the winter and Maine in the summer, using Boston as a base. We feel very lucky to be able to do so and to have real community and friendships in each place. Mostly I’m blessed to greet each day with a wonderful wife, a great family, and enough health to keep on keepin’ on.


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