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Brad Sinclair '73


I’m retired from DuPont where I spent most of my career (with a couple M&A side trips) in IT management. I moved out to St. Louis in 1998 and have been here since. I like the midwest location, particularly for road trips out west to visit the Tetons, Rockies, Grand Canyon, etc. I’m still a Birds fan, but the birds are now Cardinal red (my office was three blocks from Busch Stadium). My wife and I have three daughters — one here in St. Louis and the other two up in Chicago. We have two grandkids with hopefully more to come.

I’m not overly ambitious in retirement but I do enjoy working on projects around the home, tinkering with and driving my '75 BMW 2002, and spending too much time on eBay and various other auction sites. My wife and I enjoy our every other year road trip to Florida for spring training, where we try to include an Orioles game schedule permitting.


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